Wednesday, September 24, 2008

weekend fun

I always forget to invite you guys to this, so there you are.

Why sit in those cold northern climates when you can can come to Sydney and enjoy the spring sunshine, sipping on a beer and enjoying funky turntable beats with live keyboards on a Sunday afternoon? Book your ticket now, see you here :)

Also, check out KATONAH's new jazz blog PRIVATE PRESS. Katonah is a well-known generous contributor to many of the great jazz blogs around the sphere, so it's exciting news that he's started his own one.


Reza said...

hey i've been in this place in Surry Hills , only decent place I could find for music at the time, bout' 10 years ago , so are you the dj now ?

el goog said...

Good Poster :)
I wish I go there.


Simon666 said...

Hey Reza-
I'm one of about ten Djs there, and also play keyboards with a few of the others. Sadly still one of the only decent music places - the city is full of electro/techno crap.
We have a good time though - the Sunday session that Makoto and I do has become the home of the Sydney Japanese stoners. So you can come El Goog!

Yemaya said...

Man I live in Sydney and I never even heard about this place until Simon mentioned it ... if I get off work early I'll see if I can scoot on up there ... weather's great at the moment. I finally feel like going out ... and we had an awesome night at the club I DJ at last night, so I'm on a high!

Simon666 said...

Yes it's fantastic weather isn't it? (Let's just make people jealous). Where do you DJ Yemaya ?