Sunday, October 6, 2013

Re-Up : "The 1st Annual Benefit for the Congressional Black Caucus" (1975)

Re-up of this great live funk and soul album, featuring War, Curtis Mayfield, Kool & The Gang and Gladys Knight & The Pips. WAV and MP3 versions, my rip. Go here for previews, info and download links.


  1. Thanks Simon. Good idea to re-post some of your old posts.

  2. Thanks for the comment boogieman :) Yes, not really worth doing new posts when it's one comment vs. 180 downloads, better just to share music with local friends.

  3. Cheers for the funky stuff, Simon. I've always been told to accept that lack of comments is part of the blogging experience (!) but f*ck, it sure can be disheartening when you go to all the trouble of ripping and posting and nobody even says thank you.

  4. Sorry for not commenting!
    Love your blog and anything to do with the Mwandishi-era bands.

  5. Many thanks, Simon. Really appreciate the wav version. Maybe go private to reach a truly grateful audience?

  6. Thanks for the comments guys and apologies for complaining - just noting the massive decrease in comments on music blogs over time. I think it's the discussion that I miss - to me it was always the reason to actually rip and put something up, as opposed to just playing the records at home. But I guess with the collapse of the industry people now regard all sources as being the same.

  7. NIce one Simon.
    I don't remember this one from first time around...
    Much appreciated!

  8. You're welcome TN :) Was from quite early in the blog's life ..

  9. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the re-up - much appreciated here as always ...

    Dave Aquarius

  10. Glad you're enjoying it Dave, thanks for the comment :)

  11. Dear Simon:

    Belated thanks from a longtime lurker shamed into commenting. I know I speak for many when I say how much I appreciate what you've done here over the past few years. I have discovered so much great stuff via this blog -- the Hampton Hawes electric albums, the library music, the Japanese comps -- that I will always be grateful.

    If it isn't too self-serving a way to show gratitude, I'd be glad for anyone to have a listen to a project influenced in a lot of ways by things discovered through this blog. It's called Bohemian Tories; not all of it's Rhodes-based ("Bohemian Tory's Rhapsody" is probably the best example of that) but it tries to line up with sixties and seventies soul-jazz, with a couple of eighties nods as well.

    Glad for the chance to share, and sincere thanks again for doing what you do.

  12. Thanks for this great LP. I cleaned up the cover for anyone who is interested.

  13. Oh my gosh... THANK YOU for this one. I have it on vinyl, in a copy looking about like the cover image you posted, and have been wanting a digital copy forever. I'm a Curtis Mayfield freak (Gladys is up there too) so this is a real treat to find this.

    Thanks for posting it, Simon!

  14. Also a belated thank you, but I do appreciate your sharing this album Simon.
    Don Julian

  15. hi simon
    good to see your still active!
    sorry bout bacoso a sad loss!
    can you please get me an invite to
    I used to go there but now private ?


    thank simon

  16. Hi Alex, ileoxumare no longer active, she just hasn't bothered to delete as yet.

  17. Thank you, this is very nice.

  18. Thank You !!!! As usual, you have shared one monster of an album!

    I hope you don't mind that I linked my current post of Sir Edwards - The Power of Feeling to your original post. That way, credit is given to who it is due. I ran across a beautiful copy of the LP just yesterday, and had to share with any followers who are unfamiliar with that album, and your fantastic blog

    Cheers, from Houston, Texas

  19. Hey Ededdeddie,
    Glad you're enjoying this, and thanks for sending people this way :)