Monday, June 9, 2014

Various - 'Library Rhodes 3' - comp 19

'Feel It' - Siegfried Schwab - excerpt 

'Mais' - Oscar Rocchi - excerpt 

'Mr Funk' - Walter Murphy - excerpt 

'Five Plus Four' - Powerhouse - excerpt 

'False Start' - Powerhouse - excerpt 

'Sun-Kissed' - Roger Webb - excerpt 

Well hello, welcome back, it's been a while.

First thing I want to say is that I've just re-upped the whole damn blog back to 2008, as some kind soul destroyed my previous upload account. Hell for me, but good for you, so feel free to browse all the way back into the previous decade - it's all there ... for now at least.

As always, I love people to comment on the music and say hi, otherwise I may as well just keep it on my computer - so the best way to make me post more than once a year is to chat, and not lurk. This isn't an advertising-run download bonanza site, it's one person sharing music for conversation.

Today's share, Library Rhodes 3,  is a new compilation of library music featuring the ol' electric piano in a series of jazz, funk and bossa style tracks.  The last two volumes of this - Library Rhodes 1 (2010) and Library Rhodes 2 (2011) - were extremely popular, so I hope you enjoy this one as well.

Click the preview players above - they work, but take a few seconds to start.

The music comes from a range of library music labels. There are old favourites like KPM, De Wolfe, Themes International and Amphonic - but also a focus today on Italian library : Fonovideo, Music Scene etc, with a particular focus on composer Oscar Rocchi, both under his own name and his alias 'Chiarosi'. In iTunes, you'll find the names of the source albums for each track in the 'comments' column.

Enjoy it, explore the blog and have fun.
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See you soon.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Re-Up : "The 1st Annual Benefit for the Congressional Black Caucus" (1975)

Re-up of this great live funk and soul album, featuring War, Curtis Mayfield, Kool & The Gang and Gladys Knight & The Pips. WAV and MP3 versions, my rip. Go here for previews, info and download links.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Re-Upped : 17 Herbie Hancock live shows from the 1970s

This is just to let you know that I've re-upped the 17 Herbie Hancock concerts from the 1970s at the Herbie Hancock 53 Live Bootlegs post from 2008.

Several links there have been replaced with lossless WAV versions as well.

Unfortunately I don't have the time to track down all of the post-1981 concert links, which are almost all dead, but contributions would be very welcome.

The Ultrasonic Studios concert from 1973 has had more downloads than anything I've ever posted here, it's a great show.

Anyway check them out.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Various - 'Latin Rhodes 4' (comp. 18)

Los Indios - Mongo Santamaria (preview)

Leyte - Cal Tjader (preview)

A Night In Nazca - Azteca (preview)

Graciela - Stone Alliance (preview)

Hi everyone, welcome to the fourth in a series of latin compilations with featured electric piano.  Lots of funk, jazz and latin rhythms here, hope you enjoy it, and please say hi in the comments.

If you enjoy this, you might want to check Latin Rhodes compilations 1, 2 and 3 - or just check out all 18 of the rhodes compilations.


01 los indios - mongo santamaria
02 tropical jazz - alfonso lovo
03 leyte (live) - cal tjader
04 more - jose manual
05 el mirlo - blue note
06 a night in nazca - azteca
07 encuentro - irakere
08 graciela - stone alliance
09 samba de sausalito - santana
10 la semilia - frank quintero
11 the bull’s problem - gerry weil
12 la contrapartida - hilarion duran
13 african bird - opa
14 puerto padre - emiliano salvador

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Various - 'Brazil Rhodes 4' (Comp. 17)

Hi folks, welcome to 2013 and the latest in a series of seventeen rhodes compilations. As per usual it comes with 70s jazz and brazilian flavours, and plenty of foonky electric piano. Check out the previews below .... 

This compilation is dedicated to the late José Roberto Bertrami, keyboard player from Azymuth, who provides the final track. Thanks as always to my fellow music bloggers. Hope you enjoy this selection, please say hi .... 

Braziliana No. 1 - Manfredo Fest (excerpt) 

Palmeiras - Candeias (excerpt) 

Berimbau - Jayme Marques (excerpt) 

Gafierira Universal - Banda Black Rio (excerpt) 

O Homem - Luis Eca (excerpt) 

01 braziliana no.1 - manfredo fest
02 o homem - luis eca, bebeto, helcio
03 palmeiras- candeias
04 maracatu atomico - gilberto gil
05 route - moacir santos
06 that waltz - hermeto pascoal
07 quero alegria - emilio santiago
08 gafieria universal - banda black rio
09 berimbau - jayme marques
10 guanabara - dom salvador
11 vera cruz - stanley turrentine
12 mais kriola - helio matheus
13 facing east - manfredo fest
14 univac loves you - deodato
15 tema de heloisa - edson frederico
16 avessos - hector costita
17 se todos fossem iguais a voce - jose roberto bertrami

Here or Here 

Please say hi in the comments and chat so that I feel more encouraged to get back into this more regularly. Hope you enjoy the comp!

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters (1974)

4 x Herbie Hancock on Musik Laden, German TV, 1974 Click here for more Herbie Hancock on this blog.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Freddie Hubbard - "Intrepid Fox" (live) - 1973

Twenty minutes of live Freddie Hubbard from 1973. 

Freddie Hubbard - trumpet 
Junior Cook - Tenor Sax 
George Cables - fender rhodes 
Kent Brinkley - bass 
Michael Carvin - drums 

There's a rip of Hubbard's 1975 album Polar AC on this blog a few years back here

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fal Frett - Fal Frett (1976)

First album from the band "Fal Frett" - you may have seen their second album at The Growing Bin last month.

Big thanks to Orangefunk for ripping and donating this album, and please give him some thanks in the comments!

Looked for some history on this album and found some in a Googlebooks excerpt from Brenda F Berrian's book "Awakening Spaces : French Caribbean Popular Song, Music and Culture". Successfully grabbed the text with free OCR software and here we are :

"One of the most talented families on the contemporary Martinician musical arena is the Barnards. The grandfather, Armand, was a violinist, and his sons Gaëtan and Parfait continued the tradition : the former was another violinist and the latter, a keyboard player.

Raised in a household where music totally surrounded them, it was only natural for Parfait's sons Alex, Jacky and Nicol to love playing instruments. Alex, the oldest and a bass player, is the only full-time musician among the brothers since he quit his job at the Hopital de la Meynard. He studied with Edmond Michalon and, as a bass player, joined the jeunesse Etudiante Catholique (Catholic student youth group), to which other aspiring musicians belonged, such as the pianist Paulo Rosine and the flutist Serge Lossen. In 1969, he joined the Merry Lads, which evolved into Malavoi, and he continues to play with the band today. Furthermore, between the two disbandments of Malavoi in the 1970s, Alex took the opportunity to go on tour in Canada with Marius Cultier.

The multiple instrumentalist Jacky, born four years after Alex, commenced playing the piano at age eleven. In 1970, he passed his baccalaureate and left to study law in Paris at the Faculty of Assas. While there he began to perform at Caribbean venues and worked in the recording studios. ln 1975, he returned to Martinique where he played the piano and keyboard in piano bars, especially at the Inn of Monsieur Duban in the town of Riviere Salée.

Nicol, the youngest of the three, born in 1956, familiarized himself with several instruments, but at age fourteen, he seriously studied the bongos and other percussion with Colette Frantz and eventually with Henri Guédon. Since then Nicol has become known as an accomplished percussionist. In 1969, Nicol participated in a jazz concert with his brothers at the Cercle Martiniquais. Afterward, he left to study in Paris, where he became a member of Guédon’s newly composed Cosmos Zouk. 

At age nineteen in 1976, he returned to Martinique and agreed with his brothers, Jacky Alpha, and Bid Monville to create Fal Frett. In 1976, Fanny Augiac proposed that Fal Frett should make its debut before the public at the Centre Martiniquais d’Action Culturelle (CMAC). The band’s first concert repertoire was taken from its first record Fal Frett, which was released by Jacky Nayaradou’s 3A Productions. Afterward, Ralph Thamar and Robin Vautor joined the band, with Jacky Bernard functioning as the leader on the second album In the Wake of the Sunshine. Jacky was responsible for organizing the program so that the music in each set followed harmonic key changes. 

In general, what makes Fal Frett stand out is the band's distinctive sound, which some call jazz fusion. This is in reference to the band’s incorporation of traditional Martinican musical themes and an extension of them along more jazzy lines." 

Fal Frett apparently means "the action of being overcome, gripped or stunned by something".

Fal Frett – Fal Frett
LP 3A [3A 0093] (1976)

Bass - Alex Bernard
Drums - Jacky Alpha
Rhodes - Jacky Bernard
Percussions - Nicol Bernard
Saxophones, Composer - Bid Monville

Tracks 1-5 composed by Jacky Bernard
Track 6 by Bid Monville

1. Fal Frett
2. En Devirant
3. Baza-Bar
4. Untel
5. Picom
6. Biguilla

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

R.I.P José Roberto Bertrami

R.I.P. José Roberto Bertrami (1946-2012)
Keyboardist and leader of Brazilian group Azymuth.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Various - "Rhodes In Japan" - comp. 16

White Fire - Takaeo Uematsu
  Satsuki - Terumasa Hino
  Green Caterpiller - Masaru Imada
  Cat - Teruo Nakamura

In 2000 I went to Tokyo for the first time, and immediately injured my knee. I hobbled around the city on crutches immersing myself in the amazing range of jazz, funk and soul. It wasn't just the hidden, special 2nd hand vinyl stores that blew me away - even Tower Records had the largest jazz collection I'd ever seen; with racks and racks of Japan-only CD releases of USA albums that could only be found on expensive, scratchy vinyl in their home country.

I'd finally found somewhere that had a large population of people who loved the same music as I do, and even today, my DJ partner and some of my closest music buddies at home are Japanese.

However, at the time I knew nothing of Japanese jazz - it's only in the decade since then that my blog brothers have introduced me to Japanese music of the 1970s, music that soaked up electric Miles and electric Herbie in the jazz diaspora, and that even today continues to develop its idiosyncratic permutations through people like DJ Mitsu, Gagle, Sleep Walker and others. There's far too much beautiful music to fit onto one compilation, so expect more.

This is dedicated to my blogger friends, past and present, who've introduced me to this music and taken me on the type of journey that I hope you experience as well.

Thanks to El Goog Ja, Reza, Greg, Bacoso, Ish, Katonah, Taro Nombei, Vesper, Hoochie, Wara Katsu and many more ..... 

More rhodes compilations here