Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Track Of the Day : Bill Conti - "Reflections" (1976)

Bill Conti's "Reflections" comes from his 1976 soundtrack for the film "Rocky". It rips off Kool and the Gang's "Summer Madness" in many different ways, but there are worse songs to steal from. I mean, he could have stolen from a Celine Dion song or something, and then we'd all be in trouble ...


Kosta said...

Hi Simon666
i discovered your blog yesterday while i was searching for the original album title and year of a track (i love too much) i

picked from the Totally Wired vvaa compilation
RENEE GEYER - Two Sides to Every Story (ReadyToDeal'75)
then i shocked when i see all those albums of this totally unknown to me artist...
and i soon started heavy download!
i wanna thank you!! while i'm listening to all those albums cause i'm finding here many other stunning tracks of the same

level of 'Two Sides to Every Story' and higher...
at the beginning i thought the compilation made a mistake 'cause i couldn't believe that this soulful singing is from an

australian white lady...
but i imagine she was a carefull soul music listener since she covered the best overlooked pearls of the genre...(It's Been

a Long Time original from New Birth, Stares & Whispers from Freda Payne....etc...)
also very appreciated the detailed info about the albums realization
thanks again
and i hope u can appreciate here listed some of my own latest vinyl rips i keep both in mp3 192 and LossLess.ape for those who like to encode in a higher or lower bitrate

DIANNE STEINBERG - Universal Child (1977, ABC)
ZULEMA - Mis. Z. (1973, Sussex)
SINS OF SATAN - Thou Shalt Boogie Forever (1976, Buddah)
FOUR TOPS - Nature Planned It (1972, Motown)
EDDIE KENDRICKS - Slick (1978, Tamla)
KOKOMO - Kokomo (1982, Columbia)
JESS RODEN - Stonechaser (1979, Island)

Simon666 said...

Thanks a lot Kosta!
Will definitely grab some of those tomorrow ...
Some more Renee Geyer coming up soon, so stay tuned.

One thing : If it's cool with you, I'd like to add your Jess Roden link to a sideman discography for saxaphonist Harold Vick that I made in this post ?

Kosta said...

"If it's cool with you..."
it's COOOL!!

Kosta said...

excuse me Saimon...
i noticed u goy many Encounter label stuff here in the blog
and i got a rip of 1973 PROFILE album 'Sands Of Time'
(that i like a lot)
where 3 tracks feature skips and jumps
Here's That Rainy Day
People Make The World Go Round
Had A Dream
i wonder if in the future you could be able to post the full lp (192 i wish)
or the 3 tracks i'm lookin for linked in comments.....

Simon666 said...

hi kosta -
In the Sir Edward post there's an Encounter Records discography with links - Vpex donated a full 320 rip of that album.

Kosta said...

Ooops...sorry!..i overlooked the link...thanks to vpex
soon i'll dig those Harold Vick stuff..very curious..

ish said...

thanks for the Conti, Simon. That ROcky soundtrack was a guilty pleasure of my youth that I forgot to bring alongto the digital age. I actually love Gonna Fly Now. Sigh.

Thanks KOsta for the other stuff!

Simon666 said...

need video of you in a tracksuit , running up to the Washington monument pumping your fists into the air!

Ms.BeatJunkie!!! said...

niiiiice...forgot all about this one

Yemaya said...

Thanks Simon, I love this kind of shit - bring on summer! And can I just say to Kosta - OHMYGOD I have been looking for Miss Z for years - it is the only Zulema album I don't have - a thousand thank yous!!!!!!!!

Simon666 said...

hey yemaya -
bring on summer indeed ... i just had ten sun spots zapped off yesterday and look like the elephant man :)

Yemaya said...

eeewwww ... well, slip, slop, slap and all that, I guess... hey, I thought you were a creature of the night ...? How did that happen? omg my code is "squee"!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up. I was wondering which one came first.