Saturday, April 18, 2009

Boy Katindig - 'Midnight Lady' (1981)

Some great keyboard work on this 1981 instrumental album from Boy Katindig (real name Roland Katindig) from the Philippines, who's on rhodes, mini-moog, string ensemble and wide lapels here. Jazz-funk-fusion with some touches of late-70s Brazil samba, the last of which serves as a link to Bong Peñera, the only other Philippino jazz artist I know. Anyway, this album's more of an electric affair than the Peñera ones, with jazz-fusion at the forefront.

This is a donation by reader Ken, who was sent a vinyl rip by a friend in New York, and then passed it on to me - so a first for the blogosphere. Many thanks Ken!

Here's an excerpted bio from allaboutjazz :

"Jazz Pianist and International Recording Artist Boy Katindig, comes from a well-known clan of musicians who pioneered Latin jazz in Manila. His father is Philippines' jazz legend, Romy Katindig. After playing with a host of successful bands in Manila like “Bits & Pieces” & “Circus”, Boy formed the “Boy Katindig Band” in 1978. In 1978, Boy signed up with A&W Records International and recorded several albums under the Horizon label. "Midnight Lady”, his first album was awarded “Best Instrumental Composition” by the Himig Awards and Gold for the single which preceded it “Don’t Ask My Neighbor”. The album was released in the U.S. by PAUSA, who had fusion jazz pioneers Tom Grant & Alphonse Mouzon in its artist roster. The “Boy Katindig Band”, which spawned out of the ‘Midnight Lady” release, was also voted Best Jazz Group by the Aliw Awards Foundation consecutively for three years."

Best tracks for me are a cover of Rhythm Heritage's "Language Of Love" and Katindig's own title track "Midnight Lady", both uptempo tracks pushed along by the congas. There are a couple of duds - there's really no excuse for Billy Joel, you know - next wave, new wave etc ... it's still Billy Joel to me ...

Skip Scarborough's oft-recorded "Don't Ask My Neighbours" is probably best known as an Emotions song but here more references the Eddie Russ and Raul De Souza versions.

Anyway, check it out!

Katindig released several albums after this one and seems to be still touring around, visit him at MySpace.


01. 'Midnight Lady' (Roland Katindig) - 5:06
02. 'Don't Ask My Neighbours' (Skip Scarborough) - 10:25
03. 'Whatever Happened To the Love?' (Roland Katindig) - 7:43
04. 'Just the Way You Are' (Billy Joel) - 5:49
05. 'Agua de Beber' (Jobim, Demoraes) - 3:46
06. 'Language Of Love' (M.Price / D.Walsh) - 11:20


Boy Katindig - rhodes, clavinet, mini-moog, string ensemble
Teddy Vano - guitar
Jerry "Paco" Gamboa - bass
Cesar "Bachu" Yumping - drums
Jun Viray - drums
Panting Katindig - percussion
Danny Boogie - percussion


Pausa 7137


- Vinyl rip supplied by Ken.
- Covers photoshopped into shape from some angled ebay shots by Simon
- Other album links in this post go to My Jazz World, Quimsy's Mumbo Jumbo, My Favourite Sound, Blog-o-blog, Digs and The Eternal Dance 2. Please drop them some thanks if you visit.



Jazz Monkey said...

I remember this was a bit of a favourite in the UK Jazz Funk scene back in the day...picked it up as an import then and looking forward to hearing it all over again. Thanks Simon

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

totally new for me.
thank you Simon!

Solomon said...

Thank you.

JTF said...

Thanks Ken!

the jazzstronaut said...

Many thanks for this Simon. Please check the "Comments" in the Ana Mazzotti post I left a question for you.

jazzobsessive said...

Thanks Ken & Simon.

Great post-I always had this on my Wish List back when it was released but never did buy/find a copy.

Great to hear at last.

Agree with your Billy Joel comment!

AmBrOsE said...

Thanx simon :-)

fritz the cat said...

looking forward to this. thanks

Robert said...

thanks Simon and Ken!!
Those 2 excerpts rock and I can't wait to listen to this lp...

andy said...

This is a belter, cheers

Arkadin said...

Jazz from the Philippines - terra incognita for me! Will give it a try. Thanks, Simon!

Found "A Samba Song" on Soulseek. Pretty sure it originally came from Quimsy's blog:

Simon666 said...

Thanks Arkadin! Will check it out now .. .
And thanks all for commenting.

Simon666 said...

Hey Arkadin, thanks again - enjoying the Bong Penera. I copied the link over to Quimsy's since there was a desparate line of people (including myself!) wanting a re-up.

Arkadin said...

Gern geschehen, Simon & Glückwunsch zum 666. LaMont-Johnson-Download. Ziemlich diabolisch! ;)

Simon666 said...

Ja bestimmt! Jetzt warte ich auf der Apocalypse :)

avocado kid said...

very groovy! thanks simon.

Black Moses said...

i really love "don't ask my neighbors". big up simon!

Weekend Hippie said...

Cool, another version of "Dont ask my neighbors".

Many thanks for your great site, Blog watch, and all your hard work!

Lorden said...

Thanks very much for uploading this album.

"Whatever Happened to the Love" is a real favourite of mine - but I only had it on tape before.

Sax Mann said...

Woohoo! Pinoy pride! Love this

Hanimex 3000 said...

currently listening. Impressive

TomO said...

Hi Simon, everyone,
I've got a copy of this LP on Pausa and it sounds awful in the mastering - the sound occasionally pans to one side without warning and the drums are recorded so badly. I'm just wondering - was it recorded badly in the first place or are there other presses that sound better? Mine is the Pausa US release from 1982.

Simon666 said...

Hi TomO -
The rip here was supplied by Ken, a reader of this blog, so I haven't been able to compare to the vinyl itself. Killergroove has one :

TomO said...

Hey Simon,
Thanks, I'll check out that song and see if it's any better than my Pausa vinyl (which is clean).

KingsGroove said...

This is indeed truly a great set with the two tracks you mention definite stand outs for me! It is a pity that the recorded quality is somewhat 'muffled' if ever an ablum was in need of a remastered Jap CD release its this one! Thanks for the post truly superb as always!