Saturday, May 9, 2009

Herbie Hancock - Live at NDR Studios (1971)

(excerpt : first two minutes)

Herbie Hancock Bootleg #45 for the collection :

Well why not a 2nd post in a day for this blog's anniversary ?
Two hours and four minutes of Herbie Hancock and his Mwandishi band, recorded live on August 4th, 1971 at NDR Studios in Hamburg, Germany as a continuous take.

1970-71 saw a seismic change in Hancock's music - after finishing the "Fat Albert Rotunda" album at the end of 1969; his major recordings during 1970 were the Miles Davis albums "A Tribute to Jack Johnson" and "Live Evil", then his studio album "Mwandishi" was recorded on December 31st, 1970. Quite a way to spend New Year's Eve! This session comes eight months later.

In searching for information about this session, I can only see that it's changed hands between traders as a tape and then a 2 CD set for many years; and that the 50 min section of "Ostinato" has sometimes been sold in some places. My version is a Soulseek find @ 192kbps; and I thought it would be good to release this into the blogosphere.

Hope you enjoy it!
... and more Hancock bootlegs here.

TRACKLIST1. Toys (46:44)
2. Speak like a child (27:13)
3. Ostinato (50:36)


Herbie Hancock - fender rhodes, acoustic piano
Bennie Maupin - tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet
Billy Hart - drums
Buster Williams - bass
Julian Priester - trombone
Eddie Henderson - trumpet, flugelhorn


NDR Studios, Hamburg, Germany, August 4th 1971
Thanks Max for the details.


Other albums linked to here are at San Pasquale Ent., Call It Anything, Oufar Khan, Into the Rhythm.
Please thank them if you click through and download.


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Luis said...

For this date I have in my tape:

1. Toys (46:44)
2. Speak like a child (27:13)
3. Ostinato (50:36)

Duration: 2:04:33

Not checked with your post.

JTF said...

I need to check Soulseek more often.

sitarswami said...

Simon -

Thanks for all the rhodes you've led me down. Here's one for you: Solis Lacus from the Mutant Sounds blogspot.

Simon666 said...

Was just coming back to change the post - yes you're right, don't know why I forgot to check the listing at db.tree in the first place. Timings match exactly for the first-secind changeoverm though hat would have to be the most abstract version of "Speak Like a Child ever :)
Thanks for the info, post edited.

Simon666 said...

... and thanks sitarswami, I'll check that out.

Simon666 said...

Thanks sitarswami, enjoyed that one :)

Weekend Hippie said...

Never enough..... Herbie

Many thanks for your great site, blogwatch, and all your hard work!

MPomy said...

Another great post. Can't wait to give this one a listen!

vesper said...

What a coincidence, I was just reading an old Waxpoetics issue with Kirk de Georgio discussing the Warner years of Herbie Hancock, and I though I would give another listen to the records... when I just see your post! Fantastic

Simon666 said...

Hi Vesper -
After doing the post I gave them a re-listen as well - hadn't listened all the way through for many years - wonderful stuff :)

phunkey said...

Thanks very much for this and all the other wonderful music you've shared here, Simon!

This particular concert was recorded on August 4, 1971. The band only did two tours of Europe, one in July/August 1971, the other in March/April 1972. I hope this information helps...

Simon666 said...

Thanks for your comment Phunky.

Could you possibly point me to a reference on those dates ?

I'm using a combination of dbtree :

and Christian Genzel's discography :

No reference to a 1971 show at NDR Studios there, nor a show on that 1971 date, so would be great to know your reference.

phunkey said...

Hi Simon,

Sure...I called the NDR archives a while ago to ask whether this show was televised as well since many of the Jazz Workshops were broadcasted. They checked their archive and gave August 4, 1971 as the recording date.

As it happens, I met Bennie yesterday and he confirmed that they only played in Europe on the two tours I mentioned above.

Keep up the great work!


Simon666 said...

Well those are two pretty tight references :)
Thanks for your help Max, I'll alter the post accordingly. So it seems this was well after the Mwandishi reocrdings.

Buns O'Plenty said...

quality thx!

Jazzaficionado said...

awesome music! your blog really is the best. there certainly can never be enough rhodes!

i wanted to ask if you had any "pure" rhodes albums? meaning no or hardly any extra instrumentation

i have a few if youre interested:

bruton - electric piano solos

steven halpern - tuning the human instrument

all the best

Simon666 said...

Hi Jazzaficionado -
Cuurious to hear the Bruton one,if you feel like uploading ? Thanks!

Erberken said...

Thank you for this beautiful post. This is my favorite period of Herbie Hancock's music. It's a blend of everything and what is that? Just wonderful. You are appreciated for your shared gifts.

dJR.Cade said...

herbie hancocks insane.

thebeathunters said...

hey dude, still diggin' these ol' rhodes vibes. much props and take care

Christopher said...

Thanks very much.It's always a treat to hear this band

icastico said...

Thought you would enjoy the Rhodes on this one...

Simon666 said...

Thanks for the tip icastico :)

troods said...

Oh Simon, you've really stopped my addictive cravings for Herbie. Thank you a million times.

hulaboy said...

Thanks a lot - really listening forward to this. "Ostinato" was a huge influence on my early composing.

tanmoy said...

Its a rare soul that gives such treasures in the right way..the cd mastering nowadays have taken away all dynamics from the music...your mp3 s sound better than most of mu original CDs..

Best wishes and love from India


Simon666 said...

You're welcome tanmoy, glad you're enjoying it : )

Anonymous said...

fantastic! thanks..

Anonymous said...

This blog will REALLY help me in my new job. You have a new fan here.

Simon666 said...

Welcome Fakeem :)
What's your new job ?

mrivs said...

Never enough Herbie of this era. Thank you!

jimi66 said...

Simon, 1000000 thank you's for this wonderful blog. as a rhodes player my self i absolutely love it.


SlimStew said...

One of my favorite bands ever! They take you on a trip--thanks!

olivier said...

How can i grab this concert recording?

Simon666 said...

Oliver, there's a rapidshare link in the first comment.

nick said...

Thanks for keeping the link active! I'm rediscovering this one and loving every second of it. Cosmic slop, fer sure. Keep up the good work, simon!

Simon666 said...

Thanks for your comments Nick!

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon this blog today, but all the HERBIE Rapidshare links are labeled "ILLEGAL" by Rapidshare, any leads for a Herbie fanatic?

thank you my friends

Wade Cottingham said...

thank you for the re-up! love HH!

ali maltz said...

Hi Great Music thanks

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to keep this music and this blog alive.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to keep these archives alive. What a wonderful contribution to music!