Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Nytro" (1977) / "Return to Nytropolis" (1979)

I originally had this post as a re-direct to Baby Grandpa's blog - he did some great new rips of the two funky albums by Nytro, produced by Norman Whitfield in 1977 and 1979, and asked me to write a post for it.

Well that post is gone now,  and I have no idea what I wrote, but here are the rips  :


Some details :

Nytro - 'Nytro' (1977) 


A1Atomic Funk
Written-By – LaMorris PayneRobert Justice, Jr.*
Written-By – Benjamin WilberLa Morris Payne*
A3Foolin' Around
Written-By – Earnest Reed, Jr.*
A4What It Is
Written-By – Earnest Reed, Jr.*
B1Where's The Party
Written-By – LaMorris Payne
Written-By – C. Powell*, E. Reed, Jr.*
B3Give Me One More Chance
Written-By – Nytro
B4Trick Bag
Written-By – E. Reed, Jr.*



Recorded at Sound Factory West Studio 
Mixed at Village Recorders, Warner Bros Recording Studios, Burbank Studio, Sound Factory West 

Nytro - 'Return To Nytropolis' (1979) 


A1Nytro Express
Drums – James GadsonGuitar – Trey StoneWritten-By – Norman Whitfield
A2Return To Nytropolis
Written-By – Norman Whitfield
A3Could This Be The Night
Written-By – Ronald A. Smith
A4High On Disco
Guitar – Trey StoneWritten-By – Norman Whitfield
B1People Of The Country
Harmonica – Mark EngelWritten-By – Earnest Reed, Jr.*
B2Make It
Written-By – LaMorris Payne
B3I've Paid My Dues
Written-By – Kenneth Scott
B4Orbit Of The Sun
Written-By – Earnest Reed, Jr.*

Companies etc



Recorded and mixed at Fort Knox Recording Studio, Los Angeles 

Naturally, these have been added to the Whitfield discography here.


Goofy said...

Wow, these discographies are indispensable. Thanks!!

discoconnection2 said...

Nice to read your post on BG's site. Norma Whitfield certainly made some brilliant records. RIP Norman.
Regards DC

cheeba said...

Hey Simon! Gave thanks over at BG but wanted to leave one here too so that Goofy's comment wasn't so lonely. Cheers for the Nytro horns info!

Simon666 said...

Thanks for the comments guys ;)

Baby Grandpa said...

I totally agree with you Simon!

Now this is what it's all about when bloggers work together!

Thanks again,



ECOH said...

hey dude. Just stumbled across your blog. i couldnt find your email anywhere. I justw anted to say hi. I am back in the studio doing my next record.... Im obsessed with using the fender rhodes on this album. My blog is check me out> ill have to send you the record when its done.. be well.

blake kersey said...

Please re upload!!

Simon666 said...

Hi Blake, new uploads in the post.

Eduardo Diaz said...

Hi Blake :

Excellent LP, friend be possible that you can upload lossless format?, Falc?, Live LP,,,, please, we would be very grateful.


Simon666 said...

Hi Eduardo - as in the post, these rips were done by Baby Grandpa, who asked me to review them for his blog (but later deleted the review). So the format I've uploaded in is the format I received them in.

Eduardo Diaz said...

Ok, my friend had taken hope, but hey, do not you always win in life, will continue to look,,,

Thank you very much for your reply,
regards Simon666

the saucer people said...

I applaud your efforts in updating all the links - a blog with material this unique is a valuable resource and it saddens me to think how many blogs have disappeared with years worth of rips, comments, insights and pathways into areas of sonic exploration previously unknown to the visitor.

I have seen the Nytro albums on various blogs over the years, but never knew they were Norman Whitfield productions so I thought I best check them out - the first album is OK - Atomic Funk is pretty damned groovy, but the real magic is the second album. Not only did I discover where Rose Royce found their inspiration for RR Express, but I discovered five plus minutes of some of the deepest seventies psychedelic funk ever created in the form of 'Return To Nytropolis' - just astounding.

High On Disco is such a tight groove and Orbit Of The Sun gives the likes of Roy Ayers a run for his money in the Afro-cosmic stakes - there is something just so addictive about it and each listen seems to bring something new to the surface.

PS> Does anyone know if the 12 inch long version of Nytro Express is simply Nytro Express and Return To Nytropolis labelled as just the former? The tracks pretty much segue into each other anyway and the 12 inch length of just under 13 minutes fits the times of the 2 tracks perfectly. It would be great to hear the 12 inch version just to check but I can't find it anywhere to listen and confirm.

Many thanks!

Wytse said...

Hey Simon, my musical world is enriching by the day since I discovered your blog. Thank you so much!

Unknown said...

Hey,Frankie lead singer is my brother.Miss him thanks for sharing the funky tunes of Nytro Hi Chris, Morcey & Teddy. said...

your blog is awesome.
check my blog, i think that you will enjoy.

andrew Jones said...

Fantastic blog....I love all of the information that you have found out about and written up about the individual albums.


andrew Jones said...

Much Thanks....I have both albums on vinyl...Great to get these links. Would love to know more about this band...unfortunately not much info online.

Thanks Again for this great blog


Simon666 said...

Thanks for comments Andrew and everyone else, good to know people are still digging down into the blog :)