Sunday, April 15, 2012

Various - "Rhodes In Japan" - comp. 16

White Fire - Takaeo Uematsu
  Satsuki - Terumasa Hino
  Green Caterpiller - Masaru Imada
  Cat - Teruo Nakamura

In 2000 I went to Tokyo for the first time, and immediately injured my knee. I hobbled around the city on crutches immersing myself in the amazing range of jazz, funk and soul. It wasn't just the hidden, special 2nd hand vinyl stores that blew me away - even Tower Records had the largest jazz collection I'd ever seen; with racks and racks of Japan-only CD releases of USA albums that could only be found on expensive, scratchy vinyl in their home country.

I'd finally found somewhere that had a large population of people who loved the same music as I do, and even today, my DJ partner and some of my closest music buddies at home are Japanese.

However, at the time I knew nothing of Japanese jazz - it's only in the decade since then that my blog brothers have introduced me to Japanese music of the 1970s, music that soaked up electric Miles and electric Herbie in the jazz diaspora, and that even today continues to develop its idiosyncratic permutations through people like DJ Mitsu, Gagle, Sleep Walker and others. There's far too much beautiful music to fit onto one compilation, so expect more.

This is dedicated to my blogger friends, past and present, who've introduced me to this music and taken me on the type of journey that I hope you experience as well.

Thanks to El Goog Ja, Reza, Greg, Bacoso, Ish, Katonah, Taro Nombei, Vesper, Hoochie, Wara Katsu and many more ..... 

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klf said...

Greetings from Pennsylvania! Thanks for sharing your compilations.

vesper said...

Hi mate! great to see some life here also :) Massive Herbie, of course. DL the Jap mix, tracklist obviously is familiar, see how all these pieces go together in this order :)

This Mutha said...

You're the best!

DJ Mista Reese said...

thanks for sharing, it's always a pleasure downloading your posts.

Wallofsound said...

Looking forward to your mix.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! Fantastic compilation!

E-mile said...

hi Simon! thought you went awol for a bit there.... well, to be honest I thought you "gave the pipe to Maarten" as we say in Dutch.
will send you a PM very soon, good to see you still have the goodies, time, stamina & utter madness to post.
peace, E-mile

Anonymous said...

thank you for great blog sir

Dmitri said...

All the best from New Zealand! Thanks for your incredible job and inspiration, big fan of this place for the last three years.

Simon666 said...

Thanks for comments guys, good to see some old friends here, and new :) Vesper, yes all very hits and memories for you, hope you enjoy :) E-Mile just saw your mail, will get back to you!

jazzobsessive said...

Hi Simon

What a great surprise present you have given us all today.

This looks excellent & I have downloaded straight away to give a good listen to later.

Thanks so much & its great that you are back blogging again-you've definately been missed.

Anonymous said...

Domo arigato!

Reza said...

A post !!!!

Cheers Simon, looking forward to a listen ;)

the jazzstronaut said...

Another superb compilation, cheers Simon.

Gildas said...

Hey hey ! Stamina indeed.
I should have keep some when digging into Masabumi Kikuchi long time ago.

I started with LP But no for me. Amazing tracks. Check "Pumu"

Then the OST A Short Story For Image _ hairpin circus. This is where I first listen to "05 Yellow carcass in the blue", what a lovely song!

Then Poo Sun, Wishes and In Concert (famous cover!)

Then I tried Susto and ...bouhhhh except the one you put here Simon. The rest of the LP is just average.

And BAM''' ! here is the Comp in Japan Comp16!!

Masabumi and Gil Evans !! I thought it would have been just ok. Well it is definitly very nice. Though again, you pointed us the best song of the LP.

The last is the "morceau de choix" : Masabumi Kikuchi with his LP Re-confirmation. You just put an awsome teaser in the compilation.

That's a tease man !!it works.

Now I have to buy it somewhere. 99 eur on ebay. BUt sale is finished. Not available any more at Amazone. Only at cdinJapan for 45 eur...

Nothing on youtube!

It reminds me this weird documentary about Masabumi

All the best to you Simon. Thanks for being here now !


steve.d said...

A really classy mix Simon, nice theme of Japaneese electric jazz,thanks.

becks dark said...

Thank you and thank you

GaryS said...

Magnificent! As ever. Always enjoy your comps and this up there with the best, great work :)

taro nombei said...

Another never enough rhodes comp!
And Japanese too. Fantastic!
And some gems on it indeed.
cheers Simon!

Ian Van Groove said...

Hey Simon, Just road tested this IN Japan no less.
I've always thought that the sound of the Rhodes is made for the road, as it were & this is no exception.
Great selection, only had a few of them already but they sound better here. Just driven around for an hour or so in the rain on a Sunday, perfect! You MUST make more 'Rhodes for the road' comps!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!! I had missed your posts.

-nits- said...

curious about this comp and i'm going to give it a listen.
really great blog. so many different layers and flavors here.

btw, how would i go about being added to your blogwatch? i'll wait for your response before i post the link.

DonHo57 said...

Haven't checked your spot for awhile, and so I am glad to find you still here? Great Japanese comp.

Simon666 said...

Thanks again for the comments, and glad people are enjoying this.
Nits, the blogwatch is just something I set up for myself to track blogs that I personally like or find unique, so I guess it's all about my taste.

-nits- said...

no prob. i guess you can stop by and visit whenever you like. either way, thanx for the tunes.

Niall said...

Cheers Simon, More great Rhodes to add to the already well stocked liberary.....all thanks to your impecable taste....greatly appreciated around these parts(no rising sun just falling rain)
Great to have you back !!

Bacoso said...

Nicely comped - cheers!

Anonymous said...

nice nice nice...

thnx for a rainy saturday of good listenin'

pollux said...

Fender rhodes is really a great invention, every tune is so nice :) thanks a lot Simon !

matt s. said...

Nice looking compilation, thank you! Hard to get japanese jazz (both rare and expensive) so this is a nice treat!

Thanks again

Audio CAMera said...

Really nice material here! Thanks for all your precious posts! Firstclass taste for music!
Greetings from Italy!

Anonymous said...

I discover your return this day

thanks a lot for one of the best music blog

Simon666 said...

Thanks Niall, Bacoso, pollux. Matt S, Audio Camera and others for the comments - bit busy now but hopefully back soon with some more music :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks man, really looking forward to check this one out, Definetly one of the best blogs on the web.

greetings from Holland

Dusty Jeeves said...

Thanks for this Simon. Looks great. BTW do you have an email address I could contact you on? Would like to drop you a quick note. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you active again, Thanks!

Andy said...

great stuff once more,thank you.

Anonymous said...

thanks these comps are always great

Gildas said...

Dear all, may I ask for your help to find Masabumi Kikuchi/Re-Confirmation.

It is now unobtainable at cdjapan (see message below) and could not find it elsewhere as well.

If you have it, I would be grateful that you can share it with the fusion community .


Hi. Thank you for shopping at CDJapan.
We have just received a further update on
availability from the distributor.
They are no longer able to make the item(s) below
available to us at this time.
Masabumi Kikuchi/Re-Confirmation [SHM-CD][SHM-CD]
CDA 1 x 2381 yen 2009/05/27 release

Therefore, the following order consisting of
the item has been cancelled.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you for your patience.

Paco's brother said...

Glad to see you on the Rhodes again!

Anonymous said...

dear simon

blogs like yoursd, made me start my own jazz blog.
maybe you can have alook see, and even mor emaybe add it to your bloglist

its called

kool for katz
and its at:

Anonymous said...

japan rhodes... why not? thanks

Anonymous said...

thanks so much; always love these much as i love learning about the new (to me!) sounds they contain. Yours has been one of my favourite (Canadian spelling!) music blogs for years...! peace,rs

Anonymous said...

what a treat! Thank you so much for this great comp!I just love it...pls give us some more! :-)

katonah said...

Man, really slept on this one Simon, sorry for taking so long to find this gem.

Great to see your you're still in the mix.

best wishes

makuma said...

Thank You Simon! Looking forward to hear this!

E Craig said...

Great Compilation!

Hoochie Coochie man said...

how did I miss this post?!?!?

downloading now...

Thanks Si ;)

Simon666 said...

Thanks for all the comments guys, enjoy :)

Gildas said...

Next in Line: Masabumi Kikuchi/Re-Confirmation

Man, I could not find it either on cd in japan, ebay, amazone, recordmania...or within the solidarity of the funky blogosphere!!

You teased us; you need to give us the food now.

You people are starving !! HELP!


Gildas said...

Someone looking for Masabumi Re-Confirmation ?

A big thanks to Thad who posted the link on Orgy. He can't remember where he picked it up, so all thanks to the original ripper/poster.

Thad is Da man as we used to say !
You make my day!

TO all: check this LP; I heard it is a magnificience from track 1 till the end.

This is the magic of blogosphere!

It reminds me when my now good friend DavySan shared a live show from 1995 featuring Digable Planets and a funky band of players. It was back in 2002 but I still remember the magic of a rare gift


Gildas said...

Once you will have download it use this

PHILIPS/Nippon Phonogram 1970

Recorded Mar/16/1970 at Victor Studio,Tokyo

Piano - Masabumi Kikuchi
Electric Piano - Masahiro Kikuchi
Alto Sax - Kousuke Mine (aka Kohsuke Mine)
Bass, electric bass - Yoshio Ikeda
Drums - Hiroshi Murakami, Keiji Kishida
Producer - Masaharu Honjo

Masabumi Kikuchi (菊地 雅章 Kikuchi Masabumi, born 19 October 1939) is a Japanese jazz pianist and composer born in Tokyo, Japan. Playing piano and rhodes with incredible sensitivity, Masabumi Kikuchi participates in Japan Jazz history along with Sadao Watanabe, Terumasa Hino, Kosuke Mine, Hideo Hichikawa, Hozan Yamamoto...

He also worked with a variety of well known US jazz musicians such as Bill Evans, Lionel Hampton, Sonny Rollins, Woody Herman, Mal Waldron, Joe Henderson, McCoy Tyner, Azzedin Weston, Elvin Jones, Miles Davis, Billy Harper, Al Foster, Badal Roy and Hannibal Peterson.

-Full bio-
Born Oct.19, 1939, in Tokyo. Masabumi Kikuchi also known as ‘Poo’ started the piano lessons and music theory study. After graduating from Tokyo Art College High School, Kikuchi started his professional career leading his own trio. Right after his debut, he played in wide fields by joining Lionel Hampton’s Japan Tour, playing as a featured pianist for the movie “……” (directed by Masahiro Shinoda, script by Shuji Terayama, music by Toru Takemitsu) In 1966, together with Masahiko Togashi (ds), Kikuchi joined the recording of Sadao Watanabe’s “Jazz Bossa”. In 1967, he formed Hino-Kikuchi Quintet, which he led with a trumpeter Terumasa Hino. “Hino-Kikuchi Quintet”, recorded the same year, became a best-seller album. In the meanwhile, Kikuchi had won a scholarship by winning a contest for overseas musicians by downbeat magazine to enroll at Berklee College of Music, and the quintet was performance was interrupted in September the following year. Before going to Berkley, Kikuchi sat in Sonny Rollins’ Japan Tour. At Berkley, he studied composition from William Maloof, music and arrangement from Herb Pomeloy. In 1969, after returning to Japan, he formed his own sextet with 2 pianos and 2 drums, recording “Re-confirmation and …” and “Poo-sun”. In 19** he joined the recording of Hozan Yamamoto(bamboo flute)’s “Silver World” (featuring Kikuchi,p and Gary Peacock, b) as a pianist and composer-arranger. Kikuchi’s collaboration with Peacock started about this time.

1971~1975 The year 1971 found Kikuchi with a lot more chances to perform with the artists of the States such as Mal Waldron (joining his Japan tour and recordings), Joe Henderson (touring Japan and live recordings). Following 1972, Kiukchi went to the States to join Elvin Jones, touring New Port Jazz Festival, Toronto and many other places in EJ’s group. Also recorded “Hollow Out” with Elvin Jones with L.V.Gelder. After coming back to Japan, he recorded the sound track album for the movie “Hairpin Circus”, which also made a hit album. In July that year, he held a recital inviting Gil Evans for the arrangement (+ Marvin Peterson;trumpet, Billy Harper; tenor saxophone) and recorded “Masabumi Kikuchi with Gil Evans”. This was the very start of the musical bondage of Kikuchi & Evans. Also joined the Japan Tour of Jonny Hartman. In 1973, Kikuchi finally moved his base to New York and re-joined Elvin Jones Group, touring the States and South America. In 1974, Kikuchi joined Sonny Rollins’ concert in Boston. In 1975, with Terumasa Hino, who also moved to N.Y. after him, Kikuchi formed a new group Kochi, touring Japan.

1976~1980 In 1976, Kochi recorded their album “Wishes” with Steve Grossman, Al Foster et al. In 1977 Kikuchi joined Gil Evans Orchestra and joined the tour and recording “Live at the Royal Festival Hall” England. For the following three yearsKikuchi played in Gil Evans Orch. Furthermore, in 1978, with the recommendations by Al Foster and Gil Evans, Kikuchi joined Miles Davis group, in which he rehearsed for one year with Miles, Al Foster, Sam Morrison, T.M.Stevens, Jack De Johnette. (The recording has yet to be released!)

Astral Traveller said...

A Pleasure, as always. Greets from Space.


BennyBen said...

Love your blog. You're doing great job with it. Greetings from Finland.

Black Moses said...

homey, you gotta do a post on Bertrami (R.I.P.) and Azymuth.

big ups.

peskypesky said...

this should be a cool listen. looking forward to blasting it. thank you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thanks :) great stuff arregato

hideo said...


thanks, Simon

Simon666 said...

Thanks hideo, peskypesky, Black Moses, BennyBen, Astral Traveller, and Gildas for comments :)

Anonymous said...

Pure GOLD. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Just picked up on this one late,
always been a big fan of Cat by Teruo Nakamura.

Thank you poster a real treat for friday!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great compilation!

Thad said...

Very nice. Thanks for putting this together!

Simon666 said...

You're welcome Thad, glad you're enjoying it :)

pianoplanet said...


Anonymous said...

What a great music, I love it! Thanks

Anonymous said...

domo arigato gozaimashita!

Danee said...

Oh my god! I've just discovered this blog and I love it so much!!! Gosh!! Please come back ;)