Monday, June 2, 2008

quincy jones and erykah badu


This is still my favourite mash - the Turbomen's 2004 collage of Erykah Badu's "On and On" with Quincy Jones' "Summer In The City", known as the "Summer In Sydney remix". It's somewhere between mash and remix, and it's quite beautiful.

I've included three versions in this download :
- The "Summer in Sydney Remix" (above) is ... err.. the 'original'.
- The "Summer In Sydney Dub" is the same without the vocal - essentially a re-edit of the Jones track.
- The "Summer in Sydney Break" (above) is one that I came across on Soulseek when I originally searched for this. Someone, somewhere added a breakbeat to parts of the first mix, and it works well. (Also slightly better quality than the first mix, which has a little too much "sizzle" on the "s" sounds).

There's one for sale at Discogs (but not with the breakbeat)

This was going to be a quick post before bed ... then I decided to make a cover. So have a listen and enjoy some of whatever Erykah's smoking in the pic above.


Lafayette said...

I've heard this one somewhere before, but I guess I never understood what it was :¬)



Doctor Okeh said...

2 great songs 2 amazing artists , how can you go wrong , gonna check this one out , thx in advance!

SoundGoods said...

Hey Simone,
nice tracks!
The same sample appears on "Nights Introlude" by Nightmares on Wax. Check:


Simon666 said...

thanks for that soundsgood.
There's also the Pharcyde's "Passin' me By".


Simon, thanks for this one...celestial, groovy, jazzy, superb groove!
Keep up!

wiljello said...

look forward to hearing this , thx for the music....

Gianni said...

thanks simon for z-share too!
I love you!
thanks again for all your great shared music!

GII said...

New to the blog, can't wait to check it out


taro nombei said...

This is real nice. I like the 'dub' instrumental.
Thanks for bringing this to my ears... Much appreciated.

about the name: those who know me well, bow and call me nombei-sama ; – ) >

S1KS said...

sounds dope, thanks alot.

Hatch said...

Wow, this is really nice, thanks.

thebeathunters said...

right on, right on...

please feel free to listen to my own takes of quincy's/nightmares on wax versions vs. another fine soul lady, angie stone


and here

sit back, relax and close your eyes

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this - now I really must do some work today - productivity suffers when one discovers sites such as yours! Where did the dream of a four day working week go?
Blog on!

Simon666 said...

thanks shuggiemac, see you back here sometime :)

verystupidhead said...

I have the original Quincy Jones track and this is a lovely meld of the 2 tracks..thanks a bunch !!

Ron Barphat said...

Thanks !

Earl said...

Damn, this is incredible! Thanks for this fabulous mash-up in three versions - and, amazing the link still works several years later. Thanks so much Simon - peace my man!

Anonymous said...

Stretch and Bobbito's NPR podcast brought me here. Thanks!