Thursday, June 19, 2008

Daly-Wilson Big Band ft. Marcia Hines (1975)

Many of you enjoyed the other Daly-Wilson Big Band album (see there for the history and scandals), so here's another. Our vocalist this time around on a couple of tracks is Marcia Hines, who went on from here to become one of the biggest pop stars in 1970s Australia. After this album, she recorded his first (and best) solo album "Marcia Shines" in 1975.

There's not as much attention paid to this particular release, as neither Mobb Deep or DJ Shadow have sampled this one - but perhaps you could be the first? To be straight with you, this is not as good an album as the Kerrie Biddell one, with a few seriously bad tracks, but it's got its moments - good Rhodes workout in "Theme From the Rockford Files"; a version of Herbie Hancock's "Chameleon", which features some wah-wah trumpet; and Marcia is good on "Ain't No Mountain High Enough".

The band had just come back from a world tour around this time, interestingly having extensively toured Russia, which was unusual in those days, and having performed at the White House in Washington. Not sure what Nixon (or possibly Ford) made of this ...

Strangely enough, as part of their national tour that year, they visited a number of high schools, including mine, and it inspired me to write some brass parts for my band. Luckily for you, the cassettes of this have long since disintegrated ...

Marcia Hines with the Daly Wilson Big Band, 1975

Thanks again to Micko and the Midoztouch community for this rip.


01 El Boro 
02 Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans 

03 Theme From The Rockford Files 

04 Chameleon 

05 Satin Doll 

06 The Way We Were

07 Ain't No Mountain High Enough 

08 Jimmy Webb Medley: Up Up And Away - Wichita Lineman - MacArthur Park


Trumpets - Don Raverty, Norm Harris, Lary Elam, Warren Clarke & Pat Crichton
Trombones - Ed Wilson, Herbie Cannon, Merv Knott & Peter Scott
Saxaphones - Doug Foskett, Paul Long, John Mitchell & Bob Pritchard
Vocals - Marcia Hines
Drums - Warren Daly
Bass - John Helman
Guitar - Dave Donovan
Keyboards - Ray Alridge


Produced by Warren Daly and Ed Wilson
Recording and Mixing Engineer - Martin Benge
Recorded at EMI Studios Sydney
Marcia Hines appears by arrangement with Wizard Records
Photography - Phillip Mortlock
Art Direction - Ken Smith


k02 said...

Thanks a million.

E-mile said...

hi Simon, this one tops the previous by far! (to me..)
thanks, it also SOUNDS great.
peace, E-mile

Simon666 said...

hey e-mile and k02, glad you're enjoying. Loved the Stevie mix too e-mile!

E-mile said...

hi simon, my fav on that album was come lay some lovin on me, (that orchestration screams for a fat Wu-Tang Clan song or a creepy sci-fi horror flick?!) yep I heard it, that gay has some amazing albums for us :-)
glad you liked the SW-songs btw.
peace, E-mile

E-mile said...

typo, meant guy were I typed gay,
no offense [:-) (need to clean my keyboard sometime, it's sticky as hell - or try to type a bit slower)
peace E-mile

Simon666 said...


Jackson Kid said...

What a great premise for a blog. Thank you for sharing!

Jur said...

Thanks for this one! Although I'm deeply in love with Marcia Hines' voice, my favourites are two instrumentals: "Theme From The Rockford Files" and "Chameleon" (almost as good as Herbie's original).

I appreciate your hard work!


Gianni said...

hey Simon,
you post and I just download.
simply great sharings!
thank you!
peace & love

rickdog said...

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jaguar said...

Hi Great LP.

Loved it.

Many thanks.

thecorrector said...

Thanks, Micko & Simon. Just listening to that first one the other day...

Jazzsoulman said...

Just discovered your blog. Great music choice, especially this one. Love it. Thanks for sharing

Djalma said...

Great, thanks!


r said...

thanks for this.

You know, you must be the only guy in the world who knows this big band version of 'Chameleon', but not Maynard Ferguson's - which every high school and community college band in the US plays on every concert from 1974 until today. You should be thankful that you've managed to avoid that fate so far.

Duh-dot! Duh-dot! Duh-dot! DAAAAA!
kill me please

Simon666 said...

funny :)

Michael said...

I see this band with Marcia Hines in 1975
on tour in Saint-Petersburg
Great concert!
Thank you again

Simon666 said...

Hi guys,
I've now posted the solo album that Marcia Hines did after this Daly Wilson one : "Marcia Shines"(1975) - great funky soul album. Go get it! :)

Simon666 said...

arrggh that was the wrong link :

Marcia Shines is correct

Hanimex 3000 said...

another one here :

klou91 said...

The Marcia shines album was real good ! hope this one will be too.

Henry said...

Simon or anybody do have a copy of Live at the Cellbound, Too Good for a One Night Stand? Just already downloaded the rest of the other albums by that group.

Simon666 said...

Hi henry -
No sorry - that one's a bit hard to find these days. it's "cellblock", not "cellbound" btw ...

Anonymous said...


boogieman said...

Fantastic, 6 years later and the link is stil alive! Thanks mate!