Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jack Van Poll tree-oh - "Hi-Jackin" (1972)

This album has been ripped from a pristine vinyl copy at 320kbps, and donated to this blog by Burning Blue Soul from the fine El Reza blog, so please give BBS a big thanks in the comments!

Dutch pianist Jack Van Poll got his start in the 1950s by backing visiting jazz artists in Holland and Belgium - people such as Don Byas, Ben Webster, Johnny Griffin, Clark Terry, Tony Scott, Ted Curson, and Buddy DeFranco.

Since the late 1960s, he has released a number of piano trio albums , as well as collaborations with a number of singers, including the album "Another Vision" with Mark Murphy in 1992.

In 1984 he founded the "September Jazz Records" label. He joined the Lionel Hampton band on their East Coast Summer tour in 1985, and made his debut in Manhattan with Dee Dee Bridgewater that same year. It's not clear exactly when Van Poll discovered the use of puns in band and album titles, but it seems well imbued by 1972.

"Hi-Jackin", recorded in 1972, appears to be his only album using the fender rhodes. He's joined by Mary Heuat on electric bass and Ruud Pronk on drums. It's a cool, sparse session of rhodes blues comprised of some original tracks and a few standards. Drummer Pronk has a light touch and often goes to brushes in order to give the keyboards some space. Heuat's playing with a pick, so her bass often carries percussive duties as well. Van Poll's working simply with the rhodes dynamics, not digging into the inbuilt FX - his playing style reminds me a little of Clare Fischer's.

A laidback bluesy version of Bill Withers' "Aint No Sunshine" opens the album. Van Poll's original tracks are the best here, as he seems to have written them around the dynamics of the rhodes - "Objizdka" is built around a rolling bassline by Heuat, with all three musicians soloing at different times. "Passage To Prerov", which has appeared on some comps, alternates between Van Poll and Heuat taking leads.

The only odd track out is Heuat's composition "Married Yet", for two acoustic guitars. It sounds a little like Jack agreed to throw in in as a favour ...
"A Box for Leslie"
is a blues-based track written by saxophonist Tony Vos, who played with Van Poll on his first album and also produced this one.

Anyway, chill out with this album and enjoy!


01. "Ain't No Sunshine" (B. Withers)
02. "Objizdka" (J. Van Poll)
03. "Married Yet" (M. Heuat)
04. "Oh Happy Day" (E. Hawkins)
05. "Passage To Prerov" (J. Van Poll)
06. "A Box For Leslie" (T. Vos)
07. "Blue Tait" (J. Van Poll)
08. "Sweet Georgie Fame" (B. Dearie - S. Harris)


Jack Van Poll
- Fender Rhodes Piano
Mary Hehuat
- Fender Bass (acoustic guitar on #3)
Ruud Pronk
- Drums


 Producer - Tony Vos
" Hi-Jackin' "
Jack Van Poll Tree-Oh
Decca 6407 501
Recorded Oct 9-10, 1972
Released 1972


Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

thanks Blue Burning Soul!
thank you!
what great sounds!!!
I love music!
and I love all of you!

ish said...

Thanks Simon, thanks BBS!

Dr. Johnny Fever said...

Thanks BBS!!!
This sounds great Simon, you know I love that Fender Rhodes.

PS. If u get a chance, check out the nice Rhodes piece from Ben Sidran I put up the other day. Pretty sure you'll dig on "Now I live...", the rest not so sure.

-Dr. Fever

katonah said...

love this place. love the music..
it's all so civilized here.

click the mini link while you digest the superbly detailed notes, choose you're prefered download provider, and away you go.

many many thanks to all concerned for this grest post. i've copied a link for gary bias east 101 in case anybody missed it in the comments over at el goog.

Economiewurm said...

Great share, thanks! I only knew the groovy track "Passage to Prerov" which is on a compilation CD called "Dutch rare groove".

Just a minor correction on something that is essentially unimportant to anybody but me. Jack van Poll is Dutch, not Belgian. He was born in Roosendaal a small city near to the Dutch-Belgian border. How do I know? Well, my mother was also born in Roosendaal and used to live only a few houses away from him.

Tobias Funke said...

What a teriffic share and what a terrific site. Been wondering what this one sounds like for years, so many thanks to both of you.

Simon666 said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Jur - thanks for info, correction made.

Katonah - thanks for that lovely piece of spiritual jazz, I really like the Nimbus stuff!

Burning Blue Soul - arrgh I can't believe I got "Burning" and "Blue" the wrong way round in the post, now corrected.
So please thank Burning Blue Soul for this!

avocado kid said...

thanks for another tasty treat!

Jbm said...

thanks Simon looking forward to hearing this one!!

E-milesays said...

BBS & Simon: thanks!
a nice cover of Ain't no sunshine,
and ofcourse the rest is enjoyable too :-)
peace, E-mile

Ian said...

Ooh--this one sounds "icy" as the kids say. Hard to go wrong with minimal rhodsified trios with a little funk in the rhythm section. . .

Thanks, for this one an all your other work.


johnv said...

Thanks for the share BBS, great stuff. And to you Simon, when it comes to information you are like Michael Phelps--really hard to beat. Keep up the great work.

(Yes, I have been watching WAAY to much Olympics)

Elpeleon said...

Rhodes - bass - drums : ouuuuah, j'adore, I love it !!

Baby Grandpa said...

I couldn't help it, Simon, I just had to say it: this gem is perfectly available and for cheap too through His Master's Voice in Japan.

I bought it about a year ago. So as 'lost' as this one may be from a vinyl point of view, as easily it turns out to be available on CD. 1500 Yen is not exactly a shocking amount of money.

For those of you who'd like to lay their hands on that perfectly remastered CD, click here.



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Wes said...

I stumbled on your blog over a year ago and apologize for not chiming in sooner. You're a beautiful man through whom music has passed to enrich my life. Thank you. I particularly enjoy these stripped down trios with rhodes in the foreground, and I think I appreciate it's special atmospheric tone more than the player's technique.