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Ahmad Jamal - "Freeflight" (1971) & discography

Effendi - excerpt 

Manhattan Reflections - excerpt 

I talked about this album - Ahmad Jamal's first on which he played the fender rhodes - in the context of the "Steppin Out With A Dream" post the other week, so have a read at that link about where it sits in his career. I was a little disappointed with the quality of the available rip that I'd linked to in the discography, so thought I would upload my own copy.

It's recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival in July 1971. In the tracks "Effendi" and "Manhattan Reflections", Jamal establishes the main themes on acoustic piano then begins to solo on rhodes. He's somewhat enamoured with the instrument's on-board tremelo/LFO (the "pulsing" effect) and you can hear drummer Frank Gant setting complex snare drum patterns against the effect.

The dense, mid-range clouds of rhodes chords allow space for bassist Jamil Suleiman Nasser to improvise in his upper range. Jamal returns to the piano for more percussive sections and theme reprisals. Apart from the two rhodes tracks, there's a nice cover of Herbie Hancock's "Dolphin Dance", and an extended version of one of Jamal's best-known tracks, "Poinciana".

Note that the Jamal blog discography (copied again below) has expanded since that last post, thanks to some uploads by Wallofsound from Inconstant Sol, and also reader Art Simon.



01 'Introduction' (0:53)
02 'Effendi' (11:27
) - McCoy Tyner
03 'Dolphin Dance' (4:48) - Herbie Hancock
04 'Manhattan Reflections' (10:00)
- Ahmad Jamal
05 'Poinciana' (11:28) -
B. Bernier, M. Lliso, N. Simon


Piano, Fender Rhodes - Ahmad Jamal
Bass - Jamil Sulieman
Drums - Frank Gant


Impulse AS-9217
Producers - Ed Michel, Ahmad Jamal

Recording Engineers - Stephen Sulke, Carlos Olms
Recorded in performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival. July 1971


1951-55 "The Legendary Okeh & Epic Sessions" (APE) at / alternative
1951-55 "Poinciana" (compilation) at farofa moderna

1955 "Chamber music of the New Jazz" donated by Green (thanks!)

1958 "Ahmad's Blues" at Musica desde las antipodas
1958 "The Legendary Ahmad Jamal Trio Live" at / alternative
1958-61 "Cross Country Tour" (Argo comp, FLAC) at
CIA Contributions #5
1958 "At the Pershing" Vol 1/2 in comp at
My Jazz World
1958 "At The Pershing/But Not for Me" (APE) at
Your Track Music Club
1958 "At the Pershing / But Not For Me" (MP3) at
Musica En Harmonia group / alternative / alternative
1958 "Live at the Pershing and the Spotlight Club" at Musical Moadom
1959 "Jamal At The Penthouse" (MP3) at
Musica Desde Las Antipodas1959 "Jamal At The Penthouse" (FLAC) at Call It Anything
1961 "Alhambra" at
Musica En Harmonia group
1961 "Ahmad Jamal at the Blackhawk" at
My Jazz World (in comp.)
1962 "Macanudo" at
My Jazz World / alternative / alternative
1963 "Naked City Theme" at
CIA Contributions #3
(both MP3 and FLAC in above thread, two entries)1965 "Rhapsody" (MP3) at My Favourite Sound
1965 "Rhapsody" (FLAC) at CIA Contributions #4
1965 "Extensions" donated by Trevor
1965 "The Roar of theGreaspaint, the Smell of the Crowd" at Sun Ship
1966 "Heatwave" at My My Jazz World
1967 "Alhambra" at Best of Both Worlds
1967 "Cry Young" at Sun Ship
1967 "Standard Eyes" at My My Jazz World
1968 "Tranquility" (FLAC) at
Call It Anything1968 "The Bright, The Blue and The Beautiful" at Sun Ship1969 "At The Top : Poinciana Revisited" at The Musik Lounge1970 "The Awakening" (MP3) at Oufar Khan / alternative
1970 "The Awakening" (FLAC) at Flaclossless or CIA
1971 "Freeflight" in comments here
1971 "Outertimeinnerspace" (MP3) at My Jazz World
1971 "Outertimeinnerspace" (FLAC) at
Call it Anything
1972 "Inspiration" (comp of 65-68 material) at My Jazz World
1973 "Ahmad Jamal 73" at My Jazz World1974 "Jamal Plays Jamal" at Baby Grandpa
1974 "Jamalca" rapidshare or mediafire
1976 "Live At Oil Can Larry's" at
Pharoah's Dance
1976 "Steppin out with a Dream" also on this blog

1978 "One" also on this blog
1979 "Intervals" also on this blog
1980 "Night Song" donated by Trevor
1980 "Genetic Walk" at My Jazz World1980 "Live at Bubba's" (FLAC) at CIA Contributions #4
1985 "Digital Works" at Inconstant Sol
1987 "Crystal" (APE) at / alternative / alternative
1989 "Pittsburgh" (FLAC) at
Call it Anything
1989 "Pittsburgh" at
Musica En Harmonia group
1992 "Blues Alley" at
Musica Desde Las Antipodas1992 "Chicago Revisited : Live at Joe Segal's Jazz Showcase" at CIA1995 "I Remember Duke, Hoagy & Strayhorn" at / alternative
1996 "The Essence, Pt. 1" donated by Art Simon. Thanks!
1998 "Nature : the Essence pt. 3" at Musica En Harmonia group
1998 "Ahmad Jamal With the Assai Quartet" at Inconstant Sol1999 "Live In Germany" (bootleg) at Bogard's Jazztapes
2000 "Ahmad Jamal Trio and George Coleman" (Zurich) at Ubu Roi
2001 "Live at Jazz Baltica" (bootleg) at Kingcake Krypt
2002 "In Search Of Momentum" MP3 at Musica Desde Las Antipodas
2002 "In Search Of Momentum" FLAC at Call It Anything
2003 'Live In Paris" (APE)
at / alternative / alternative
2008 "It's Magic" at Jazz a Gogo / alternative


Ahmad Jamal Samples (4 volumes)
T.R.O.Y. or SL Saico
originals and hip hop flips


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Thanks again.

Simon666 said...

Thanks Jazzjet ... i'll need a special uniform if I have that title :)

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klakadak said...

This is one tremendous post, and your work on this blog is much appreciated. Thanks a lot for all the music!

If I may notice, Jamalca post is missing songs 5 and 6. But this really nothing comparing to what else is available!

Thanks again!

Simon666 said...

Thanks for the comments guys. always appreciate knowing that people are enjoying these.

thanks for pointing that out - will need to keep searching for those two 'Jamaica' tracks. One of them, "Don't Misunderstand", can be found in "Ahmad Jamal Samples Vol 3" here, so will still have to search out the title track "Jamaica".

If anyone has it, an upload would be appreciated :)

Simon666 said...

Ok here you go :

JAMAICA (1974) – just the 2 missing tracks from previous upload :


JAMAICA re-up (full album) :

Rapidshare or Mediafire

Discography also has the full album now

klakadak said...

Great!!! Thanks a lot for all the effort! And if I may point out, not that it is a big deal, but it is JAMALCA. So Jamal - Jamalca.

Simon666 said...

hi klakadak -

Yep, someone pointed that out to me in the other Jamal post ("Stepping Out With a Dream") - amazing that I could misread a title for 20 years , but there you go :)
Anyway, corrected in both threads now ..

Cryogenic said...

Hey if you like this, you should definitely seek "outertimeinnerspace" which is vol. 2 of this show...
2 side-long tracks = epic rhodes. I'll see if I can find a digitized version to post on my fledgling spot,


Simon666 said...

Hi Cyrogenic -
Yeah that's a great album.
If you look down the bottom of this post, you'll find a discography which has links to MP3 and FLAC versions of "outertimeinnerspace".

Simon666 said...

Discography link added :

1960 "Happy Moods" / "Listen to the Ahmad Jamal Quartet" at Call It Anything

Simon666 said...

Discography link added :

1999 "Live In Germany" (bootleg) at Bogard's Jazztapes

Ahmad Jamal, piano
James Cammack, bass
James Johnson, drums

recorded live at Jazzfestival Viersen/ Jazzweek Burghausen, Germany 1999

1. Bellows
2. Acorn
3. Then I´ll Be Tired of You
4. High Fly
5. The Tube
6. Mystifying
7. Spanish Interlude
8. Sun Lililand
9. Ultraviolet

Simon666 said...

discography link added :

Ahmad Jamal - Extensions (Argo 758, 1965)

Bombolino said...

Sublime recording, once again. Many, many thanks for this, and your other efforts to preserve, renew and share these amazing recordings. I'd been looking for this one!

Simon666 said...

Added to discography :

"Inspiration" (1972)
Compilation of 1965-68 material

At My Jazz World :

Simon666 said...

Hi guys,
I’ve posted a new vinyl rip of Ahmad Jamal’s “Intervals” (1979), come check it out.

Sergio said...

Hi, i can't find the link for "Happy Moods", could somene give it to me?

Thanks for the blog!!!!!

Simon666 said...

Hi Sergio -
That one seems to be completely gone, judt did a big search and it's no out there anywhere, so I've taken it off the blog discography.
Howeverrrrr ...
New addition :

Ahmad Jamal - Live at Jazz Baltica (bootleg, 2001)

Sergio said...

Hi again, ok, thanks

Simon666 said...

Hi guys –
New post :
Ahmad Jamal – “One” (1978), donated by Hanimex3000, come get it.

Trevor said...

Another rare goodie for you Simon

Ahmad Jamal - Night Song - Night Song (Motown!) - 1980

Simon666 said...

Thanks for that Trevor :)

peskypesky said...

this is sweet! i love how ahmad sounds on the fender. and it's cool the way he switches back and forth to the piano...

thank you.

prestontw said...


I've got my own blog now

Digging up some rare Jamal

Simon666 said...

Thanks Preston, that album looks interesting, will have to grab it.

All - added to discography :

1968 "The Bright, The Blue and The Beautiful" at Sun Ship

Simon666 said...

Added to discography :

1967 "Alhambra"

Self-Science said...

Thank you very much for the Ahmad Jamal. Mr. Jamal is one bad dude.

Buns O'Plenty said...

great stuff thank you!

Anonymous said...

Please if someone have ahmad jamal night song album flac upload!

DJ KWAK said...

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prestontw said...


More jamal at sunship


Simon666 said...

Thanks prestonw :) have added to the discography and looking forward to listening.

Everyone -

"The Roar of The Greasepaint - The Smell of the Crowd" (1965) and "Cry Young" (1967) have been added, check them out at :

JasonG said...

Fascinating stuff - love the transition between acoustic and rhodes - it's like when Miles would switch to the mute midway through a solo. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for all of this you´ve done here, really appreciated!
This helps alot for finding new good music.

Eyok said...

wow, wonderful music.
never heard about the man, will definitely remember his name from now on. thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot. these blogs are the only hope for music like this

Anonymous said...

Hello, great blog.
rapidshare wav part3 is not working for me.Anyone else who has the same problem?

rockness said...

thanks man!!
great blog!

rockness said...

Part 3 wav's a pity
Please, re upload!!!!

ps this blog is fantastic!

Simon666 said...

Hi rockness and thundergiant,
Could you remind me what tracks are in the WAV downloads 1 and 2 ? Then i'll upload the remainder for #3

rockness said...

OK Thanks!

Part 1:
1 Introduction.wav
2 Effendi.wav
3 Dolphin Dance.wav

Part 2:
4 Manhattan Reflections.wav

Part 3: I guess
05 'Poinciana'

Simon666 said...

OK, I'll have it up Monday or Tuesday.

rockness said...

thank you very much Simon666!

May I ask you if these wav files are mp3 decompressed or the originals wav without tricks?

and, if I can, I would like to know (only for curiosity - I'm an audiophile) what is your setup (TT, cartridge, cables etc) and if have applied noise reduction.

Anyway thanks again! Keep the jazz and vinyl roll on!

Simon666 said...

Hi Rockness -
Nothing special on the turntable/cables end, just using a Numark with an inbuilt pre-amp. Feeding via RCAs into ProTools where I record as WAV. I apply a minimal amount of noise reduction via ClickRepair. Depending on the age and source of the vinyl, I do sometimes apply some minimal equalisation when there's been obvious wear manifesting in particular frequency ranges. I know those are both sometimes contentious processes, but I don't see vinyl wear as being a "natural" process in relation to an artist's intentions. I've worked in music production in various ways for 30 years and lecture in sound at university, so feel that I've got a sense of not overdoing these sort of corrections.

rockness said...

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Simon666 said...

here you go, WAV #3 :

rockness said...


J Reid said...

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freeflight is lost, fucking lost in the space, repost pleeeezzzze!! thanks brother!!

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Any chance you can post a new link for this killer album?? Thanks :)

Simon666 said...

New MP3 and WAV links in the post

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Big Sun said...

thanks for all the info! amazing. and the shares! hope you dont mind me posting a link to the Happy Moods (Listen to Ahmad Jamal Quartet) album. I found it here:

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