Saturday, October 18, 2008

Track of the Day : Yusef Lateef - "Like it Is" (1968)


This is a great Lateef track.

Also check out the Yusef Lateef discography at this post.

Tenor Saxophone, Bamboo Flute, Scratcher - Yusef Lateef
Bass - Cecil McBee
Drums - Roy Brooks
Piano - Hugh Lawson

String Quartet Conductor - William Fischer - check that credit list. Here's more Fischer.


Written by Yusef Lateef
String arrangements by
Yusef Lateef
Recorded at RCA Studios, New York, N.Y., April 23, 1968
Producer - Joel Dorn
Recorded By - Roy Hall


ish said...

That is definitely my favorite Yusef Lateef track. Cool that you're showcasing it!

Simon666 said...

It's beautiful isn't it?

Em P Dee said...

Yep - it is! (Cheers for all your hard work and uploads, Simon.)

culov said...

thanks simon! i was missing a couple of these. im looking forward to checking out 'the diverse lateef' cus detroit is my favorite and they were released in the same year. i didnt know it existed til you put me onto it! thanks

g.raf said...

Thanks for this and the Lee Konitz, Simon.
A couple of my absolute favorites!

katonah said...

this is a real honey.
better than brother john, love theme from spartacus : discuss

johnv said...

Thanks, Simon for the great discography in this post. I had secretly been hoping you would give Yusef the Simon treatment one day! You have really helped me in filling in some of the gaps in my collection. Hats off to you, sir!

Simon666 said...

Hi guys,
I just posted Yusef Lateef’s “African-American Epic Suite for quintet and orchestra” (1993)

Brother John said...

One LP is missing : Suite 16, published in 1970 by Atlantic :

Thank you for all the other links !

mattas said...

thank you for this selection....

Please...perhaps you might be able to help me understand and convey a message.
I've apparently offended one of your fellow bloggers @ "sounds from...."side by not putting in the required comments/thank you when i took links to downloads...after much confusion on my part attempting to figure out the's just occurred to me that i was not doing the word verification whenever i might post a comment...I must admit i didn't attempt to comment very often as it began to feel redundant stating i liked the music and thanks for sharing, and as I don't consider myself much of a critic or the commenting type I've listened without participating in the discussions that go on.

Now, without intending to offend I have done so and ask if you might convey that along for me...i no longer have access to his site to do so myself.

As for your own you want my comment on what ever it is that i listen to in order to maintain my access...?? or do you recognize that i come to this site because i enjoy and appreciate the selections.

thank you.

ish said...

Mattas, I have nothing to do with the blog Sounds from the Edge of the Universe, but those blog owners are trying to sort out some issues with Blogger and have gone private until those can be resolved.

Simon666 said...

Hi brother john -

There's actually quite a few Lateef albums not in this list, but it's just a list of what's available on blogs or forums. I looked pretty hard for all of them, including 'Suite 16', so if you know somewhere it's shared please let us know ..

Hi Mattas -

Yep, as Ish says it's unclear what's happening at that blog at the moment.

In regards to THIS blog - like most bloggers, I'd prefer people to say something rather than nothing. The Lateef album I posted the other day had 92 downloads before anyone made a comment, which gives me a kind of "why bother?" feeling - so a "enjoyed it" or "thanks" is fine, just makes me feel that people are actually out there, i.e. you can see me, I can't see you ...

Greg said...


Sorry mate i don't know who you are so a bit unclear in understanding why you would have offended me?

The reason why the blog is temporarily closed is because some snide person has reported my blog as having 'inappropriate content' that breaks/infringes laws based around artist copyright...

Hopefully you understand now why this is the case and not because someone hasn't commented.


Simon666 said...

All the blog links for "The Gentle Giant" (1972) seem to be dead now. My CD vanished a few years ago, anybody wnat to upload it here or to their blogs ?

Simon666 said...

I just took the Yusef Lateef discography off this post, now it's just on the "African American Epic Suite" post and I don't have to keep updating both :)

Theilf said...

My life is now different and better!

Great blog,