Friday, May 9, 2008

never enough rhodes - Compilation #1

'Listen love' - Jon Lucien

'Eurus' - Bayete

Hi! This blog isn't going to be just about the Fender Rhodes electric piano, but it seems like a good place to start.
Here's a compilation of (rather than a "best of") certain tracks that I love, all featuring the Rhodes in some capacity, and sometimes the Wurlitzer. This is mainly 70s jazz, with some latin and brazilian touches as well.

Some of these I've ripped from CD, others I've collected from other great jazz and funk blogs, vinyl will come later - give me a little time to get organised :)

Hope you enjoy this start to my blog.

.... tell me what you think !

This comp is dedicated to some great music bloggers who've given me so much inspiration, and even some of these tracks - so BIG shoutouts to (here we go) : ileoxumare, Orgy In Rhythm, My Jazz World, fourbrothers, Pharoah's Dance, Djalma, El Reza, From the Shed, CinemaFunk, My Favourite Sound, The Growing Bin, MonsieurWillyworld, Funky Disposition, Baby grandpa, El Goog Ja, Eternal Rhythm, Jazz Nekko (come back!),Vinyl4Giants, Soul Spectrum, Rock Savage, and Milk Crate Breaks

click the pic below for more rhodes compilations


E-mile said...

Hi Simon3x6,
finished listening to this comp a few minutes ago, must say I really liked it. You did GOOD!
Succes with the blogposts (really hope you every now and then have the strenght to put out comps like these) and maybe the JazzNekko will get in touch with you......
peace, E-mile

Simon666 said...

hey e-mile, glad you like it, i tried to make it a bit different! And there'll be planety more of these hodes comps, i promise :)
Thanks for dropping by!

Simon666 said...

that was "plenty" not "planety", though who knows, some "planety" comps could be good as well ...

Gianni said...

thanks simon!

Cliff said...

Much success with your blogsite. Rhodes compilations #1 & 2 are gems. preciate your work.

Simon666 said...

Thanks gianni and cliff, glad you're enjoying them. Plenty more of these to come, so stay tuned.

Simon666 said...

Hi guys, comp #3 "The Rhodes In Brazil" is up now here :

Mr. Wone said...

The blogs you linked in this post are the holy grail to the 70's genre of soul, funk and jazz which birthed the bastard children named hip-hop, R&B, and acid jazz.

Tell you what..... if they all stopped posting TODAY, I'd have 10 more blogs up by tomorrow further preserving these artifacts for those such as myself to draw inspiration and a deeper appreciation for the history of sound driven by the spirit of love and power.

Thank you yet again.

Simon666 said...

and thank YOU mr. wone!

Hi guys –
Rhodes Compilation # 4 is now up, go here

Anonymous said...

While I'm at grabbing this cool sounding mix may as be so bold as to direct you to a site you know about - My Jazz World - he's just posted Phil Upchurch's first featuring Donny Hathaway on keyboards. Slap my wrists if this is old news but the link anyway is
Blog on!

Simon666 said...

i had seen that one, but thanks for the recommendation anyway Shuggiemac :)
Hope you're enjoying yourself here!

evilagan said...

Hello Simon, I'm a Fender Rhodes fanatic and I'm so blessed that I have found your wonderful site and I missed a lot. You are doing a wonderful job here keeping the one and only Rhodes sound alive.

I just got here and seeing your rhodes compilation makes my heart beat faster eager to hear those tunes and I believe that comp#1 is a good start. The rapidshare link you provided gets an error page because the link to be copied was cut too short. Since I'm a free user, megaupload is super slow than RS, and there is an alternative to RapidShare called zippyshare which is much faster. Try it at

Thank you for your hard work.

Simon666 said...

hi evilagan ,
The link's all there, just best viewed when the comments are on the webpage itself - so you can click the thread title and you'll see it all there.

Or for this time just get Part A and Part B

Newer posts have alternative Mediafire links.
welcome to the blog & have fun

ermenegildus zegnis said...

Hi, first of all sorry for my bad english.
I've discovered only today your blog and it is what i was looking for, but i don't know where i can begin! Can i ask you what are your favourites rhodes album (and pieces) ever? I like very genre, but i'm interested especially in jazz (jazzrock?), i love things like Filles de Kilimanjaro ort Bitches brew... can you help me?

Simon666 said...

Hi Ermenegildus,
Good that you found the blog :)
I guess some of my favourite rhodes tracks are in these compilations - if you like jazz, Try number 1 (this one), 2, 4 and 6. Of the albums I've posted here, maybe try first of all : George Duke "The Inner Source" and Bill Evans "Symbiosis".
have fun!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Just found your blog! Best blog idea ever: RHODES FOREVER!!! Many many thanks!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

found your blog by chance! absolutely amazing - THIS should be internet as global village. The music makes my day - obrigado,

Anonymous said...

Like the last comment, I found your blog by chance !

I'm a big fan of vintage keys (specially the Rhodes) I will listen what you share (looks great !!)

A big thanks from France.

Merci !

Simon666 said...

Thanks for the comments guys, hope you enjoy looking around. There's another 12 rhodes compilations after this one :)

Leigh D Oliver said...

Thanks again. You can indeed never have enough Rhodes in your life. Keep on.


jwnola said...

Have loved this blog for many years now. Just want you to know I appreciate your efforts. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ! Great stuff.!!!

becks dark said...

Thank you very much