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Exciting Daly-Wilson Big Band ft. Kerrie Biddell (1972)

Long title hey ?
Well, I was pretty excited when my dad took me to see this funky big band in 1972, the year this album was recorded.

As a ten-year-old, my two major impressions from the show were :

1. I wanted a wah wah pedal. Now. Right now.
But it was to be five long years until I got a wah wah pedal.

2. Singer Kerrie Biddell looked a bit like my mother.
Maybe she was my real mother, and dad was just trying to tell me ? ...

In any case, this is a pretty funky 70s big band, perhaps a little looser and dirtier than the european equivalents of the time.

Best known track is "Dirty Feet" sampled by rapper Mobb Deep in the track "Shook Ones Pt. II". It starts with a breakbeat from sampler heaven, goes into a big brass section then builds into a psych guitar meltdown.

"City Sounds" is like a mini soundtrack, big band soul working it's way into an almost "free" middle section with crazy wah wah and scraped piano strings, plus great work by Kerrie Biddell/"Mom" who brings things back to basics at the end.

"Three for One" is a little like the music from an imaginary 70s detective show, perhaps with shots of the main character joking with pretty girls around the water cooler at the police station, then we cut to the money shot of him taking aim with a fat gun at some bad guys / male competitors ...

The track "In Necessity" was on the "Dusty Fingers 8" compilation - all in all, there are plenty of killer tracks to go around, with only a few crap tracks at the end.


The Daly-Wilson Big Band existed from 1969-1983, formed by trombonist Ed Wilson and drummer Warren Daley. They went broke soon after this album was made, but were rescued by sponsorship from the Benson and Hedges cigarette company in 1973 - so this fiery album was also their last smoke-free one (I'm so sorry). They went on to make another three or four albums, adorned with B&H logos, that are not as fantastic as this one.


Musicians' biographies can be so boring. Rather than doing proper bios on these people, today we'll do a dirt-digging VH1 "Where are they now?" :

Kerrie Biddell
appeared in this 80s World War 2 movie, along with jazz great Don Burrows, presumably appearing in some sleazy bar scene.
Or she was my real mother. Or both.

Warren Daley is giving drum lessons in Perth, Australia. First lesson is apparently free! I think we should all call Warren up and ask him to play the Mobb Deep "Dirty Feet" breakbeat over the phone (his phone number is there, add 61-8 to call from other countries).

Ed Wilson sells brass arrangements to the police, the army and your local school - but hopefully he changes that shirt occasionally ...

Finally, it seems that trumpeter / bass player Dieter Vogt had a creative way of paying his tax back in the 70s. So what happened to Dieter after that ? Is it him playing viola on this rather beautiful Jazzanova track 30 years later, a lit Benson and Hedges cigarette nonchalantly hanging from his bow? Sadly no ... he's retired to nasty dixieland hell. And is hopefully paying his taxes.


01 "Limp Dropper" - 4:30(Ed Wilson)
02 "Dirty Feet" - 3:30(George Broadbeck)
03 "City Sounds" - 4:32(The Carsons)
04 "Col's Dilemma" - 5:05(The Carsons)
05 "In Necessity" - 2:25(Martin)
06 "Today" - 4:28(The Carsons)
07 "Three For All" - 6:24(Col Loughnan)
08 "On My Own" - 3:20(Ed Wilson)
09 "Do Me A Good Turn" - 4:41(Rhode)


Label: Elephant Records
Catalog#: ELA 7002
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Australia
Released: 1972
(Listed incorrectly at Discogs as 1975)
Engineer - Spencer Lee
Producer - Ed Wilson, Warren Daly
Vocals - Kerrie Biddell
(Can't seem to find musician's credits, sorry!)
Recorded at United Sound, Sydney, Australia



soulbrotha said...

The sample tracks are sweet. Kind of reminds me of the funky songs you heard on Sesame Street back in the day.

Funky marc said...

Tight. I could really get down to this. All of your hard work is appreciated

John said...

I was going to pass on this but after listening to the samples I would have made a big mistake


Anonymous said...

Straight fire..........saw this album and passed it in the record store but this is awesome!!

Simon666 said...

yep. i think a lot of ppl are put off by the straight-looking white guys with the appalling haircuts on the cover ... but you have to listen to the MUSIC :)

chris said...

wow, this is a great album,.
thanks for the upload bro

love the break :D

much love


Gianni said...

thanks simon!

Michael Can't Sleep said...

Outstanding. Than you.

anyathar said...

thanks simon

anyathar said...

ha ha! reading that musicians dirt you posted too... if vogt owned all the musical equipment in June 1971, why did it take until "during the 1972 year" to realize it couldn't conveniently be fitted into his volkswagen "beetle" vehicle?!? would have been a pity to see him driving to gigs, huh? flugelhorns under the seats, basses and associated amplifying equipment strapped on the roof! :P good reading! thanks for the extra research simon!

Apani said...

Thank you for this. Just came across your site. Alot of good stuff! Keep up the good work.

Little Tony Negri said...


Jur said...

Again great stuff. I really dig this kind of big band jazz. Thanks man.

My only problem right now is finding the time to listen to all the amazing songs you've uploaded (stil have some Renee Geyer stuff to go).


THXjay said...

What a GREAT album!

Only just stumbled across your amazing site and will be trawling throught the archives soon :)


Simon666 said...

If anyone wants the vinyl, it's going tonight at Ebay, currently $US 9.99

BallforceOne said...

I'm lovin it!

Nick said...

wonderful. I usually avoid the "funky big band" beatbigger records, but I'm sold on the music samples. thank you, simon!

Mr. Wone said...

soulbrotha....... Sesame Street?

That was Electric Company that had that funky flavor like this.

Limp Dropper is a new phrase I'll use on somebody now after hearing this album.

Simon....... (noddin' head)

This is ridiculous.

Simon666 said...

Nothing wrong with Sesame Street :)
I did a subtle remix of "ManahManah" for my son's 2nd birthday some years back. Also, have you seen the incredible version of 'Superstition' that Stevie Wonder did there in '72 ?

Simon666 said...

Trying that 2nd link again - Superstition

Mr. Wone said...

My words are being eaten for dinner this evening followed by a nightcap of some George Duke.

I watched Sesame Street every day as a child but I believe I may have missed this ep. By far, one of the funkiest performances of Superstition I've seen from him.

Simon666 said...

pretty amazing hey ? It's like Stevie just wants to keep going and going ....

thecorrector said...

Thanks, Simon. This comment thread is more proof that the people need more Sesame Street music. Many styles, many styles...
See my blog for more details.

invisiblenigma said...

Nice Simon. Thanks For the Knowledge and the Music!

Claudio said...

Another great post...thanks, your blog is a big resource!

Jacko said...

I had started to think no one would ever post this one, and then you save the day. Great job. Thank you.

Ben said...

we love funky big bands! give us more! we love you!

culov said...

thanks brother

Simon666 said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Have now posted another Daly-Wilson Big Band album here

purple_Crayons said...

gracias! looking forward to this one

svend g said...

thanks. Been looking for that one for ages.

Michael said...

Thank you very much!
Great band!

tee said...

thanks for the time and energy from truck

Alexandre said...

Thanks a lot, Simon! I dreamed to find Daly-Wilson records since I have heard them on concert in Moscow in 1976 (as I remember). It was the best concert I ever heard. They played Bach, "Pictures at the exhibition" of Moussorgskiy, fantastic medley from Jesus Christ Superstar and many other things. Don't you know what was the reason they have disbanded?
By the way, they have at least one more album. Live concert. I've found only one track from it:
Thank you!

Kathryn said...


Simon666 said...

Thanks for the track Alexandre

DJ Kool JB said...

Don't wanna be eaten by the download, lol so thanks for this great album

Simon666 said...

A wise choice DJ Kool JB :)
Hope you enjoy it!

Henry said...

Simon666, btw do you know or know somebody that can rip any of Kerrie Biddell's LP albums? I wanted to checkout her self-titled album to see how it sounds. After listening the record she did with the DWBB, I felt I need to hear some of her music. Just getting into her for a moment.

Simon666 said...

Here's three for you Henry :)

Anonymous said...

Shit hot! Hats off to you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just put bid on ebay for this but I don't think I'm going to win. So Thank you!!

davemel said...

Thank you for your blog. I know both Warren Daly & Ed Wilson personally. Warren does not live in Perth or give drum lessons. He actually lives in Sydney.
Daly-Wilson existed from 1969 - 1983 with the exception of 1972 when they were in recess.
Benson & Hedges revived them in 1973 resulting in a double gold album, "On Tour".
Chronological list of albums:-
1970 - "Live at the Cellblock"

1971 - "Featuring Kerrie Biddell"
1973 - "Daly-Wilson On Tour"
1975 - "Daly-Wilson Featuring Marcia Hines"
1977 - "Daly-Wilson in Australia 77" recorded in Aust in 1976 but released in 77.
1978 - "Too Good for a One Night Stand".
1979 - "The Best of Daly-Wilson" - a double album.
1982 - Compiliation album "Big & Brassy".
They also did a number of TV Specials and toured the Soviet Union in 1975 playing to 100,000 people. This Tour was filmed by the ABC.
Their concerts were awesome, thanks for the blog and the memories.

Simon666 said...

thanks for stopping by davemel, and for the info :) Corrected the band's dates to 69-83 in the post. the Marcia Hines DWBB album is on this blog somewhere too ...

Alexandre said...

2 Davemel
Thank you for DWBB discography. But there's some mistakes in your post. The "On tour" LP album is not double. It contains one LP. They really did few concerts in Moscow, but they played in little concert hall with total capacity up to 1300 persons ( some photo of this concert hall you can see here). I'm not sure their tour to Moscow was in 1975. I supose, it was in 1976. I had an opportunity to speak a few words to Mr. Warren Daly, because my dad was the man who initiated their tour to Moscow and he managed all their tour from soviet side that time (he loved them very much). If you have contact with mr Daly say him hello from his moscow friend Alexey's son, please. DWBB remains my favorite band since their fantastic concerts, but it's just impossible to find their records. So thanks a lot for links with their music!

davemel said...

2 Alexandre

Thank you for your message. I know of your Father from the TV Documentary of DWBB in Russia.
In regards to the "On Tour" album - YES it is a single record, but "double gold" refers to the amount of records sold in Australia, awarding the album the "double gold" status.
The Tour was definitely in 1975, I have much memorabilia regarding the band. I talk to Warren Daly regularly and will say hello on behalf of you and your Father.
Sorry for any confusion.
Take care.

Alexandre said...

2 Davemel
It's just fantastic for me what you're writing! Never heard about TV Documentary of DWBB in Russia! Is it possible to have o copy of this? I ask you very much, please, let me know about this! My father died in April 1992. By that time there was not any private video recorders in Soviet Union, so me and my mother do not have any records with my Dad. Davemel, please, may I ask you to contact with me over my e-mail: ?
Simon, I'm sorry that I use your blog! Really sorry!

Simon666 said...

hey alexandre, no problem at all using this blog to find out info , and I hope Davemel can get the video to you :)
Davemel, would LOVE to see it too if at all possible :)

Anonymous said...

Loving this album thank you so much!

spacemark said...

Great big band. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Can anybody supply me two tracks from The Exciting Daly Wilson Band Album?
I want "Limp Dropper" and "Do Me a Good Turn" email address is

DJ Kool JB said...

link is dead now :(

Simon666 said...

new link :

DJ Kool JB said...

Simon666, you are indeed a great dude, thanx for the immediate attention and work for the re-up!! You've made the loss of my external a bit more easy to take now that i've replaced this classic album.

Nicko said...

Unbelievable the download is still active! Hats off to Simon.

I have done my bit of crate archaeology in the op shops, but sadly often with restraint.

Now I hit a site like this and regret...I am sure I must have passed over DWBB at some time. Only fractionally off the radar, although most recently if I saw KB on it I would have gone on her name as she is a sweet singer.

If I knew they were accountants playing 'creative' 1970s big band shit, rather then boring big band shit, then any and all would have been snatched.

(Overseas now. Can't do it in Vietnam so easily - collectibles like old VN jazz albums etc are very hard to find and/or not cheap for a stinge either as they are sought after.)

Simon666 said...

Glad you found it, Nicko :)

Jr. Williams said...

What was THE BEST Jazz Big Band? ?
Big Big Bands by FinnyCapp