Friday, July 4, 2008

Brasil : Samba Bossa MPB (swboy mix)

Swboy used to do some great compilations over at El Reza's blog. In the comments for the Brazil Rhodes compilations here, reader Jur expressed a desire for a brasilian singer mix, and Swboy offered to provide, so here it is, and naturally it's a great one! Over to you swboy :

Swboy says :

Here's a mix of vocal music from Brasil featuring Samba, Bossa Nova and MPB (Música Popular Brasileira).

Samba (sung by Clara Nunes and Beth Carvalho here) has its roots in the early 20th century. It features vocal chorus call and response, percussion, and African, Native Indian, and Portugese influences, most famous now as carnival music. An earlier form, Choro, can be heard in Marisa Monte's track "Onde Andaras". The sound of a Brasilian tamborine (pandeiro) is often very present in Samba and Choro.

Bossa Nova, a "new wave" extension of Samba is best known from the early 1960s hit ''Girl from Ipanema'' by Tom Jobim. Bossa is represented in this collection by Jobim, Elis Regina and Rosa Passos, and often has a gentle jazz flavor. The softer and romantic sounds of 'Samba-Cancao' from the 1940s and 50s are the precursor to Bossa Nova.

The most recent music here is MPB (Brasilian popular music), a mix of styles influenced by the Beatles and other pop and rock music. Most of the MPB in this mix looks toward Bossa and Samba traditions, but the songs by Gilberto Gil, Margareth Menezes and Djavan have more overt Rock and R&B elements.



01 Clara Nunes - Tristeza Pe No Chao
02 Beth Carvalho - Traco De Uniao
03 Gal Costa - São Salvador
04 Caetano Veloso - Guarde Seu Conselho
05 Gilberto Gil - Maracatu Atômico
06 João Bosco - Coisa Feita
07 Virginia Rodriguez - Ojú Obá
08 Beth Carvalho - Goiabada Cascão
09 Luiz Caldas - Badauê
10 Elis Regina & Tom Jobim - Brigas Nunca Mais
11 Margareth Menezes - Até Rir O Mar
12 Marisa Monte - Onde Andaras
13 Simone - Reis e Rainhas do Maracatu
14 Fafa De Belem - Sem Companhia
15 Alcione - Ai, Paixão
16 Caetano Veloso - Qual E Baiana
17 Clara Nunes - Senhora das Candeias
18 BR6 - O Morro Não Tem Vez
19 Rosa Passos - Sorriu Para Mim
20 Djavan - Luz
21 Agepe - Deixa Eu Te Amar


Justice said...

Thnk you both!

Simon666 said...

it's a great comp swboy, thanks so much. I need this to get me through winter here :)

Reza said...

excellent as always cheers swboy :)

swboy said...

Thanks everyone!
Beautiful music from Brasil mmmmm.
Here are IMO the best commercial mixes (similar to this one) All tend to be available on used for about $3.00US:

"Brazilliance The Music of Rhythm" (RykoDisc) great...
"Beleza Tropical" & "O Samba"
these were assembled by David Byrne. Also great.
"Acoustic Brasil" and "Samba Bossa Nova" both on the Putumayo label.

Then there are "best of" collections. "the Best of Clara Nunes" on World Pacific may be out of print, but is so wonderful and vital, I am without words to describe.

Jur said...

I've just started downloading the compilation. Looks very promising. Can't wait to listen to it!

Doctor Okeh said...

Happy 4th Simon!!!

Simon666 said...

Thanks Doc!
It's my son Ioan's 7th birthday, so that's always a much bigger event here of course :)

Greg said...
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Jur said...

Hey swboy,

You have put together a great compilation. Thanks for that. The quality of this mix, makes me curious about your other mixes. I'm certainly gonna check them out.

There were only a few songs on this Brasil compilation which are in my own collection (Gosta, Gil, Simone, Regina, Nunes). I greatly enjoyed the songs by Veleso, Carvalho and Alcione. The killer track for me is the Djavan song. Very groovy and smooth. It even made me dance, what rarely happens :)

The Regina and Jobim song is from the "Elis and Tom" CD, which is one of my all time favourites. As a matter o fact, the famous "Aguas De Marco" song, which can be found on this CD, introduced me to Brazilian music. Since I heard this song, I fell in love with Regina's music, and later Brazilian music in general.

To all who are not familiar with Elis Regina, a great introduction to her work is the compilation "Fascination". On the internet most of her albums can be found on:

My favourite Brasil compilations are the Blue note compilation CD "Blue Brazil 2" and "Brazilica!. Vol. 2" IMHO, especially the second CD should be in each Brasil colllection. It is a magnificent blend of funk, jazz, samba, and MPB.

By the way, Simon, other great sites that focus on Brazilian music - and could be added to you bloglist (in addition to Loronix and Abracadabra) are:


[And of course my congratulations to you and your son.]

Anonymous said...

Serendipity. My niece was asking me for a Brasil compilation. You have saved me much time and also exposed me to some new voices (Agepe, Djavan to begin with). There is so much great music from Brasil. Dig in!

Marty aka Marty Mcfly said...


Keep up!

avocado kid said...

kool, thanks!

Shor said...

Samples sound awesome! wish i could download the whoel thing....

samara said...

Hi there,
is there any email I could contact you?
I am the girl in the picture and as far I am concerned I have not given any permission for you to have my picture in this BRASIL: SAMBA BOSSA MPB Cd.

Kind Regards,

Simon666 said...

Dear Samara -
Apologies from swboy and myself; he has now replaced the cover.
All the best,

dJR.Cade said...


Seaman :P said...

can't wait to hear this one!!!