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Eight albums - Peter Herbolzheimer (1973-78)

Peter, after ingesting a few herbols

Over a two year period, Bacoso chronicled seven of funky big-band leader Peter Herbolzheimer's 70s albums. When I mentioned that I was going to do this series, he threw in an unposted eighth album, "Touchdown" from 1977.
(OIR regulars note : yes, something NEW here for you).

Herbolzheimer pushed the edges of what a "big band" could be - a trombonist, he wrote these scorching brass arrangements, but always had his eye on the other musicians, never seeing them in the traditional 'backing band' role that the configuration usually suggested. As he began to explore funk textures and rhythms, the bass and keyboards came to the front as often as the brass, with some tracks centred around Dieter Reith's searing hammond organs and punchy rhodes lines.

To my mind, he trod this line most successfully in the early 70s work - the songwriting is better, and the funk is always seen from a jazz perspective. When he pushed the "backing band" more to the fore in the later work and began to explore more fusion/rock/classical textures, something began to get lost in the balance. However, even in the later albums, there are always moments of beauty and subtleties of arrangement that make a listen worthwhile, particularly in the breadth of the sonic palette of brass section tones.

I'm presenting these in roughly chronological order. My picks are the first two here, "Wide Open" and particularly "Waitaminute", though the two live ones that follow those are pretty damn hot as well, and the others are worth checking out.

(Edit : Don't miss my later post of "Live Im Onkel Pö" (aka "Catfish")

Text after this by Bacoso, except where otherwise noted.
Personnel ripped from Discogs.

Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass
“WIDE OPEN” (1973)


'Frog Dance' excerpt

'Blue Dervish' excerpt

'Babo' excerpt

Wipe out LP from Herr Herbolzheimer and the gang. This one is a real slamming break beat driven hunk of funk especially on 'Frog Dance', 'That Ol' Bus Smell' and 'Babo'. And who's that on percussion - yes it's Sabu !

So put your lederhosen on, wax your moustache, get your trombone out and raise your beer stein to the great Peter Herbolzheimer and his Rhythm Combination and Brass - OOMPAH!

Frog Dance (5:15)
02 That Ol' Bus Smell (5:56)
03 Babo (4:14)
04 Nica's Dream (5:25)
05 Like A Soft Breeze (5:32)
06 Blue Dervish (5:57)
07 Cats (4:42)
08 Hi-Jack (6:09)

Bass - Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen
Conductor - Peter Herbolzheimer
Congas - Sabu Martinez
Drums - Tony Inzalaco
Electric Piano, Organ - Dieter Reith
Electric Piano, Percussion - Horst Mühlbradt
Engineer, Recorded By - Jan Audier
Guitar - Philip Catherine
Saxophone, Flute - Herb Geller
Trombone - Ake Persson , Jiggs Whigham , Peter Herbolzheimer (tracks 1,2,7),
Erik Van Lier (2.8) , Rudi Füsers
Trumpet - Ack Van Rooyen , Art Farmer , Palle Mikkleborg , Rick Kiefer

* Click back cover (above) for composition / arrangement / soloist credits
Recorded at Soundpush Studios, August 1973, Blaricum, Holland.
Produced by Peter Herbolzheimer.
MPS Records.
Catalog#: 15391

Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass

Ripped at 320 from the original vinyl.
DOWNLOAD 'Waitaminute' 

'Mr Clean' excerpt

The Teutonic titan of the trombone is back at Orgy in Rhythm with a banging big band session from 1973 from MPS. Featuring many of the usual suspects : Art Farmer, Dieter Reith, Nils Henning Orsted-Pederson, Palle Mikleborg, Tony Inzalacao and the great Sabu Martinez, this one is another all killer no filler masterpiece.

A banging version of Weldon Irvine's "Mr Clean", the sitar led "Wild Chick", the rippling conga/drum driven "Green Witch" and the fantastic title cut - this album is up there with "Wide Open" as the best thing RCB ever did. Highly Recommended.

Big thanks to Japan's finest Jazz-Nekko for providing a great cover shot.

01 Waitaminute (5:50)
02 Mr. Clean (4:22)
03 The Ballad Of The Sad Young Men (4:52)
04 Green Witch (5:14)
05 Wild Chick (5:00)
06 The Meaning Of The Blues (5:55)
07 Modus Vivendi (5:33)

Bass - Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen
Drums - Tony Inzalaco
Flute, Saxophone - Ferdinand Povel (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5) , Herb Geller (tracks: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7)
Guitar, Sitar - Sigfried Schwab
Percussion - Sabu Martinez
Piano, Organ - Dieter Reith
Piano, Percussion - Horst Mühlbradt
Trombone - Jiggs Whigham , Peter Herbolzheimer , Rudi Füsers
Trumpet - Rick Kiefer
Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Ack Van Rooyen , Art Farmer , Palle Mikkelborg

MPS Records Catalog#: 15387

MPS Rhythm Combination & Brass
“POWER PLAY” (1973)
Euro release as "My Kind Of Sunshine", MPS #15352


'Timbales Caliente' excerpt

A roaring monster of a big band set, this is the MPS Rhythm Combination and Brass arranged by, conducted by, and featuring Peter Herbolzheimer. Recorded live at Domicile in Munich in 1973, this was released by MPS in the USA as a single lp set, although the European issue was a double and called "My Kind Of Sunshine". It's never made a re-issue of any type and this post is ripped from the US issue.

Have a read of the sleeve notes below and get 'Timbales Caliente', 'What'd I Say', 'Senor Blues' or 'Wade in the Water' on at full blast - but be prepared to be blown out of your seat!

"This is the kind of orchestra which used to be called a power house band - it radiates power and vitality! Roaring brass, thunderous rhythms, a whole lot of different sounds - a real power house full of music. And presiding over it all, a man with a trombone, hair flowing over his collar - tough, sure of himself, a mountain of a man - PETER HERBOLZHEIMER. He is the boss, principal composer and arranger for an ensemble which is unlike anything else in the world. Four trumpets, three trombones, one man on saxaphone and flute and a rhythm section normally consisting of six. They play a kind of jazz which makes virtually all other big bands sound old fashioned and a brand of rock which the specialist groups can only dream of. The organ goes wild, the flute soars above the virtuoso accompaniment of the congas, the bongos, the rest of the percussion and the bass guitar; the ring of the trumpets carry the melody along - the overall effect is overwhelming. There are elements of rock and macumba, shades of gospel services and even voodoo rites, but the real idols here are figures like Bird and Diz and all the other gods of jazz world. When the improvisation begins there's no pop - just bop!"

01. Timbales Calientes - 7:00
02. Sunflower Chant - 7:43
03. Wade In The Water - 7:32
04. What'd I Say - 13:15
05. Senor Blues - 9:40

Recorded live at Domicile in Munich in 1973
Also released as "My Kind Of Sunshine", MPS #15352

The Rhythm Combination & Brass
also released as "Scenes", MPS 15425

'Sideways' excerpt

More full on big band ball busting business with Herr Herbolzheimer's Rhythm Combination & Brass ripping it up at Ronnie Scotts in May 1974.

Art Farmer, Dieter Reith, Philip Catherine, Kenny Wheeler, Palle Mikkleborg and the late, very great Sabu Martinez all appear in this incarnation of the RCB, and as always Herbolzheimer is at the controls producing, arranging and leading the band on trombone.

As usual this LP has a great set of covers, which include Weldon Irvine's "Mr Clean", Gillespie's "Con Alma" and Dieter Reith's Sidewinder inspired "Hoops". Herbolzheimer knocked out the rest of the compositions, which culminate in "Blues In My Shoes", an archetypal walking blues that postively impels the foot to tap and the fingers to snap. It starts lightly and quietly with organ and bass generating a lift, then, with a powerful press roll Kenny Clare moves in on the second chorus, on the third organ and electric piano swap fours, on the fourth the trombones roar in with the theme.... and so it goes, building relentlessly through seven choruses to a beautiful climax of shouting brass before Art Farmer enters with a coolly elegant four chorus solo. Ake Persson and Gunther Lenz follow, then the band take the tune out over three choruses, once again making exciting use of dynamics and providing a storming finish to a musically rewarding and exciting album.

Thanks to Magnum again for a nice bit of cropping on the cover photo - lovely job!

01 Mr. Clean (6:10)
02 Con Alma (4:10)
03 Sideways (5:10)
04 Hoops (5:00)
05 Scenes (5:15)
06 Don't Speak Now (4:28)
07 Blues In My Shoes (8:20)

Arranged By - Peter Herbolzheimer (tracks 1-3, 5-7)
Arranged By - Dieter Reith (track 4)
Bass - Günter Lenz (tracks 1, 3-7),
Jean Warland (track 2)
Congas, Percussion - Sabu Martinez
Drums - Kenny Clare
Electric Piano - Horst Mühlbradt (tracks 2, 3, 7)
Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Organ - Dieter Reith
Guitar - Philip Catherine
Percussion - Horst Mühlbradt
Recorded By, Engineer, Remix - Justus Liebich
Saxophone [Alto, Soprano], Flute - Ferdinand Povel
Trombone - Ake Persson , Jiggs Whigham , Peter Herbolzheimer , Rudi Füsers
Trumpet - Ack Van Rooyen , Art Farmer , Kenny Wheeler , Palle Mikkleborg , Ronnie Simmonds

Recorded live at Ronnie Scott's Club, London, May 1974
MPS Records Catalog#: 21 22284-5

also released as "Scenes", MPS 15425

The Galactic Light Orchestra

Bacoso says : Peter Herbolzheimer working as The Galactic Light Orchestra for Polydor from 1974. Review and line up lifted from - guessing the write up is probably a translation(!?)

Simon says ☺ : Perhaps they're satirising the "Power Play" liner notes??

"In essence, this album is a beautiful mixture of great themes from the classics, combined with the force and dynamism of one of the funkiest rhythm sections yet heard; the result is yours to judge and the rest assured that the album has had rave reviews across the world. The concept of this album is one of continual surprise, musical wizzardry and just sheer excitement. Peter Herbolzheimer and Jimmy Pratt have pulled together a well-known international line-up of top class musicians (including "The Concert and Symphony Strings of Cologne"). It is an album of moods and colours, incorporating the sweeping grace of Grieg with "Anitra's Dance", the peace of Schumann with "Falling Asleep", the majesty of Bach with "Air", and a host of surprises including melodies from Tschaikovsky, Borodin. "Galaxis" is one of the few albums that cannot be categorized, cannot be faulted and cannot be put aside. There are so few musical productions that can equally well appeal to a broad spectrum of age groups ; and when one does appear, as "Galaxis" has, it is surely an event."

01 'Falling Asleep' (4:18) - comp. Robert Schumann
02 'Anitras Dance' (3:15) - comp. Edvard Grieg
03 'Galactic Swan' (2:54) - comp. Tchaikovsky
04 'Ave Maria' (3:44) - comp. Franz Schubert
05 'Poem' (4:34) - comp. Zdenko Fibich
06 'Dance' (5:39) - comp. Alexander Borodin
07 'The Dance Of Death' (3:26) - comp. Edvard Grieg
08 'Prelude No. 20' (4:32) - comp. Frédéric Chopin
09 'Air' (2:55) - comp. Johann Sebastian Bach

Bass - Bo Stief , Günter Lenz , Jean Warland , Rob Langereis
Drums - Kenny Clare , Ronnie Stephenson , Todd Cannedy
Executive Producer - Jimmy Pratt
Guitar - Heinz Kästle , Philip Catherine , Rolf Kästle
Leader - Peter Herbolzheimer
Organ - Dieter Reith , Rob Franken
Percussion - Claudio Szenkar , Horst Mühlbrand , Jimmy Pratt , Peter Herbolzheimer , Sabu Martinez
Piano - Horst Mühlbrandt , Ingfried Hoffmann
Trombone - Jiggs Wigham , Manne Gätjens , Nick Hauk , Otto Brendl , Rudi Fuesers , Åke Persson
Trumpet - Ack van Rooyen , Art Farmer , Eddie Engels , Hans Thomas , Jupp Kreuser , Palle Mikkelborg , Rick Kiefer , Ron Simmonds
Woodwind - Ferdinand Povel , Herb Geller , James Towsey

Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass
“HIP WALK” (1976)



"Hip Walk" (1976) was the ninth album from Peter Herbolzheimer's Rhythm Combination and Brass and started a move into fusion territory.

A stellar European line up featuring Kenny Wheeler, Eef Albers, Dieter Reith, Palle Mikkleborg, Ack von Rooyen and the singer Ingar Rumpf (thankfully only on two tracks - "Superstition" and "Spirit") and a great selection of tunes including Hancock's "Butterfly", Adderley's "Jive Samba" and Dieter Reith's "Nerve Wrecker". The album really comes into it's own with the superb Herbolzheimer compositions "Wheeler's Choice", "Hip Walk" and "Neosho".

This was issued on Polydor Germany in 1976, and then made a re-issue on CD in 1997 on Repertoire from Germany which has now disappeared without trace. This post is ripped from the CD.

01. Hip Walk
02. Butterfly
03. Superstition
04. Wheeler's Choice
05. Stoned Cockattoo
06. Jive Samba
07. Spirit
08. Nerve Wrecker
09. Neosho

Trumpets - Kenny Wheeler, Ack Van Rooyen , Palle Mikkleborg
trombone - Jiggs Wigham
guitar - Eef Albers
keyboards - Dieter Reith, Rob Franken
sax, flute - Ferdinand Povel
vocals - Ingar Rumpf

Recorded July 1976 DGG Studios Hamburg

Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass
“TOUCHDOWN” (1977)


'Inka's Return' excerpt

Simon's review
One of the better later 70s LPs by Peter Herbolzheimer, with the brass and the rest of the band more integrated, even if not completely up to the standard of the early albums. Minimal guitar masturbation apart from the opening track "Timeline". Some good rhodes by Dieter Reith on "Inka's Return" and Chick Corea's "Spain". There's unusually restrained brass and wind work on "Antares", with Herbolzheimer stretching his harmonic language, having successfully distilled a few of the classical elements that were overblown on the "Galactic" album.

The two tracks with Don Adams on vocals are probably best avoided - the funk never really takes off on "Hi-Fly Angel", ditto for the strange-but-not-great cover of the Beatles "A Day in the Life
". Some fine bass playing from Bo Stief on "A Letter for RK" , which has a good groove to it and some subtle breathy trumpet work from (then) new recruit, Derek Watkins . In 1978, this album won the 'Pop International Award' at the grand German Record Awards on the Island of Sylt.

PERSONNEL (incomplete)
Vocals - Don Adams
Keyboards -
Dieter Reith
Trumpet - Derek Watkins
Woodwinds - Herb Geller
Trumpet - Ack Van Rooyen
Bass - Bo Stief
Drums - Alex Riel
Percussion - Nippy Noya

01 Timeline (3:48)
02 Spain (4:40)
03 A Day In The Life (6:41)
04 The Mixolydian Highlander (5:45)
05 Hi-Fly Angel (4:44)
06 Madcap (4:44)
07 Antares (5:11)
08 A Letter From R.K. (6:53)
09 Inka's Return (4:02)

Polydor Records
Catalog#: 2371 836

Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass
“I HEAR VOICES” (1978)

DOWNLOAD 'I HEAR VOICES' Ripped from the original vinyl @320

The return of the Teutonic Titan of the Trombone Herr Peter Herbolzheimer, this time accompanied by Sanne Salomonsen & The Voices on Polydor from 1978.

I have to say that as much as I am a fan of Herbolzheimer I am not greatly enamoured with this session - however, as the RC&B posts I have put up in the past have been massively popular with visitors to OIR, I thought it was only fair to let you make your own minds up. From a personal point of view I find the vocals too in yer face and as for guitarist Eef Albers ... well I'd like to stick his screeching rock guitar pyrotechnics up his oompah.

Still, this LP has it's moments, although if I never heard another version of 'Birdland' again I would not be too bothered. See what you think about it and leave your thoughts in the comments - after all, one man's meat is another man's poison - even so, some of this still smacks of arsenic to me !!!

01 I Hear Voices (5:36)
02 Feedback Brother (3:58)
03 November (6:04)
04 Birdland (6:13)
05 Save Me From The City (5:09)
06 Someday (3:50)
07 Time Out (4:15)
08 Din A3 (4:52)

Backing Vocals - Michael Elo , Micke Herbolzheimer , Peter Herbolzheimer , Sanne Salomonsen , Tamra Rosanes
Bass - Bo Stief
Drums - Alex Riel
Guitar - Eef Albers
Keyboards - Rob Franken
Marimba - Wolfgang Schlüter (track 3)
Percussion - Horst Mühlbrandt , Nippy Noya
Trombone - Bart van Lier , John English , Otto Bredl , Peter Herbolzheimer , Torolf Mølgaard
Trumpet - Ack van Rooyen , Allan Botschinsky , Bob Lanese , Derek Watkins , Jan Oosthof
Vocals - Sanne Salomonsen
Woodwind - Ferdinand Povel , Heinz von Hermann , Wilton Gaynair

(edit : Also, don't miss my later post of "Live Im Onkel Pö" aka "Catfish")


Simon666 said...

please comment on either the music, Herr Herbolzheimer's fashion or anything at all.

BGS said...

Mr H is one seriously funked up mofo! I first heard the stuff on one of the universal cd compilations about 12 years ago, and wow i havent stopped!

Recently purchased the new Universal/MPS studio sessions 4 disc set. well worth it.

Some absolutely classic clips on youtube:

Absolutely first class!

mr.gone said...

Thanks for this. I've got most of them either downloaded or on Vinyl, but didn't have Touchdown, so Great! There's still one album I've yet to see By PHRC&B, and I think the album's called 'On Fire'. It has a version of Earth, Wind & Fire's 'Serpentine Fire', so if anyone knows it's whereabouts that would be fantastic.


avocado kid said...

Great repost and glad to see Bacoso has not faded away completely!

Ever since "that ol' bus smell" on a comp I've been a fan.

Art Simon said...

Great Series, I didn't have the first two. I still love "My kind of Sunshine" one of my favorite tracks of all time. Some of the best B3 I've heard. Great Stuff, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful music! I got some records from Herbolzheimer a long time ago.It was a gift from my uncle.But i didn't know it better,i had no idea what the hell jazz is.I was a Black Sabbath...Deep Purple and so on freak.So i sold the records for cheap money.Shame on me!
Thank you for this wonderful gift !!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for a another fantastic Herbolzheimer !!! I'm so glad about it ! Have a nice day...steve

Anonymous said...

use an unlimited host like zshare again instead of crapidshare all the time... you got all this good stuff and we can only get like 1 or 2 an hour!....

Simon666 said...

Hi anonymous #3 -
I usually have zShare links as well, but for these "Orgy In Rhytms" posts I'm just using what Bacoso has supplied, because I really don't have time to re-up them all. Would be GREAT if some downloaders could do a re-up to Zshare, then I'll add a link. Can you do one ? :)

Simon666 said...

* watches anonymous #3 slowly slink off back to anonymousland*

Simon666 said...

hey mr.gone, it's called Bandfire (1981), will have to watch out for that one ...

Anonymous #2 . I'll have you know I used to play a mean lead guitar on "Black Night" when I was young :)

jaguar said...

Many thanks for these great LPs.

Jur said...

Absolute killer post.

Andy said...

Top stuff,makes my collection complete.Thank you.For those whingers rapidshare premium packs are very cheap,well worth it if you download heaps.For guys that post these great blogs.....................I salute u

misha said...

Thank you very much!
Absolutely classic!

culov said...

thanks simon!

this is a dope post... im really diggin the galactic light orchestra

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

I am just getting into Jazz, although I am not a beginner in music.

I am German and know one album produced by Herbolzheimer: Malcolm's Locks, on Bellaphon 1975.

I bought that in 1982 in Hamburg in a second-hand store, as I was collecting all things Liz Mitchell ever recorded. She was Magaron's girl-friend at that time and is heard in the backing vocals on that LP.

That LP was pretty funky, and I know it has been re-released in 1987 with a ridiculous phallic cover (no Liz there).

As far as I know, that LP has never been released on CD. Weird, I wonder why not.

If I could rip it, I would, but I have no record player in Amerika, where I am living now.

I am really happy to find this collection of Hamburg Jazz albums. Thank you so much!!

P.S. What?? Don Adams was singing for Herbolzheimer also? How small is the world... I know him from the Les Humphries Singers only.

About the links: zshare seems to be down right now, no file ever starts. The link might work, but its download window will never open. So forget about zshare.

Rapidshare is still pretty reliable.

And how can somebody complain about "only" getting one or two albums within an hour?? (We are talking "for free" here!)
How many albums can one listen to in one hour?
This complaint was ridiculous, to say the least...

Thanks again, I am very much looking forward to listen to these albums.

Simon666 said...

Hope you enjoy them!
Let us know if you ever get a chance to digitise the '75 album, curious about that one ...

Simon666 said...

Hi guys,
I’ve just ripped the 1975 Herbolzheimer album “Live Im Onkel Pö” album (aka “Catfish” in WAV and MP3, come get it here

ish said...

yeah, so I'm late to the party. thanks for touchdown.

balkanjeff said...

Found Peter Herbolzheimer a musical revelation, brilliantly powerful and grooving.

Simon666 said...

no problems balkanjeff, make sure you also grab "Live Im Onkel Pö" :

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

Hello again,

I sill have not had any possibility to rip the 1975 album of Malcom's Locks (see above comment from exactly a year ago), but today I have found something else that might delight you:

With your permission I also left a comment there, leaving links to this (your blog). So anybody who found one blog will see the link to the other. More Herbolzheimer for all! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Please can you re-up "Wide Open"? Thanks for all your work! - Lazune

Simon666 said...

"Wide Open" now has a new link in the post.

And thanks Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika for the link to the other album :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Simon666. I'll come back to comment on the music! Lazune

Simon666 said...

waiting on that comment lazune :)

Simon666 said...

RIP Peter Herbolzheimer , died on Saturday at the age of 74 in Köln ...

Simon666 said...,1518,686177,00.html

Punyaketu/Wolfgang Hoffmann said...

I just found out that Peter Herbolzheimer very recently died. I saw him and his big band since they started in the 70's when ever they played in Cologne. I very much loved the band, the man, his wonderful personality and, last not least, his music. His big band, though I am normally not one of the greatest big band fans, was always very close to my heart.

Since 1993 I have been living in the UK. Nowadays I am visiting Cologne very rarely. It is therefore intriguing for me personally that he died just after I had leaved Cologne. I had to organise my father's funeral, and Peter Herbolzheimer's Rhythm Combination & Brass was the only jazz band we ever saw together.

What adds for me to the great loss is that nowadays one can't see and hear that often any more a great trombonist, or big band for that matter. For all of this, and much more, he will always have a dear place in my musical heart.

Anonymous said...

@Simon666 It's simply extremely high grade jazz and I expect I'll enjoy it for a very long time. So sad to see the news just I discover this mans amazing music.


Buns O'Plenty said...

just discovering these albums now, thx simon666!

The Catfish said...

Only today I learn, through this blog, that Peter Herbolzheimer has passed away. This is very sad news to me. I discovered his music in the early 90s and have almost all of his LPs. Once I talked to him on the phone, asking about his musical arrangements. He was very friendly and helpful.

Anonymous said...

Anybody wishes to trade charts from him ?

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

what does that mean: to trade charts?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Power Play, but looks like the american issue is abridged, half of the tracks are missing.

A1 My Kind of Sunshine 15:13
A2 Timbales Calientes 7:00
B1 Sunflower Chant 7:43
B2 Wade in the Water 7:32
B3 Twelve in Eight 8:07
C1 Rockin' Chair 7:43
C2 What'd I Say 13:15
D1 El Soul Condor 10:37
D2 Senor Blues 9:40

tek said...

i've heard a couple tracks of PH's in some mixes that i really love but can't seem to find any full albums. the last year or so been really getting into european jazz. any chance for reups?

tek said...

heard a couple of PH's cuts on some mixes that i really dug but havent been able to land any albums. been getting into european jazz pretty heavy the last several months and would love to add these to my ears.. any chance of reups?

thank you

Simon666 said...

Hi tek -
All links are still active.
Rapidshare now limits the amount of "traffic" per day per account, so you'll just need to hit the links at a different time of day.

Anonymous said...

Hello Simon! I discovered Peter Helbolzheimer about one week ago and I fell in love with his music. Unfortunately his albums are QUITE IMPOSSIBLE TO BUY.
I'm unable to download all of the albums you uploaded here, except for "Wide Open".
"I Hear Voices" and "Hip Walk" are no longer downloadable since rapidshare says "file not found"; for the remaining albums (but not for waitaminute!!) rapidshare says "file owner's traffic exhausted". I've been trying for five days to download these album and I'm always receiving this message.
I need your help... There's no other way to listen to them! :-(

Simon666 said...

hi Michele -
There is a limited amount of bandwidth on all rapidshare accounts every day. You need to download at the changeover time , and you need to investigate what time that is in your country. There are hundreds of albums here, and I do not have time to re-upload them elsewhere, particular as there is never, ever a thankyou from anyone when I do. So some detective work needed on your part, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff.Thank you.

Sedaray said...

Found this page while looking up names from this wonderful online book by Ron Simmonds, who worked with Peter Herbolzheimer and others.
He was also a journalist and so tells entertaining stories about his jazz days.
Pick any random page and you will be hooked.
His website was taken over by national jazz archive, and there are lots of great articles, but my fav is Ron's Pages and Minstrel In Spain, both equally funny.

jean paul Pote974 said...

Thanxalot for these , nice discover to me ;)

Graja Groove said...

muitissimo obrigado de são paulo brasil

Daniel Silva said...

thanks! greetings from brazil

Guitarradeplastico your favorite musician said...

Great stuff.Thank you

Sedaray said...

I don't know if I was clear - the writer of this series of articles (they were in a magazine) is the trumpet player on several of these albums, so many of the stories are about this very band.