Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shamek Farrah & Sonelius Smith - "The World Of The Children" (1976, Strata-East)

First posted at "Orgy In Rhythm" in September 2006. Text by Bacoso. Re-post by permission.

Another great session of spiritual soul jazz and one of the rarest albums on Strata-East from 1976. Shamek Farrah's soulful alto is matched with the free spiritual piano of Sonelius Smith, for a totally memorable session that virtually defines the essence of the Strata East sound. The music is free, but not too free; lyrical, but never indulgent; and always turning over with a fresh sense of imagination, and a strident groove that's very much in the classic Strata East mode.

The highlight of this lp is the latin romp of the 10 minute title tune "World Of The Children", a real banger of the first order. David Murray also cut a fantastic version of this with his big band on "South of the Border" which i will post some day.

This rip is from the original vinyl @320 but it did actually make a cd release in Japan on Bomba which is now deleted.


Bass - Kiyoto Fujiwara, Milton Suggs
(track 3)
Drums - Freddie Wrenn
Percussion - Tony Waters
Piano - Sonelius Smith
Saxaphone - Shamek Farrah
Trumpet - Joseph Gardner

Recorded at Sound Ideas, April 1976


01 'The World Of The Children' (9:58)
02 'Conversation Piece' (6:28)
03 'Milt: A Bass Solo' (2:57)
04 'People Puttin People Through Changes' (7:17)
05 'Juluis' (5:22)

Also available by Shamek Farrah at 'Never Enough Rhodes' :
"First Impressions" (1974)
"La Dee La La (1980)


johnv said...

Thanks for making this and First Impressions available. I missed them the first time around.

I got back from vacation and was stunned to see that OIR had gone out of business. Really a shame--I had a lot of fun on that blog and got a chance to learn about a ton of excellent music that was new to me.

Thanks to you Simon for picking up the torch!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for breathing life back into the great Orgy in Rhythm!

Anonymous said...

listen to the drummer! he can´t play! in this track he is so out of time and hardly can keep the tempo, not to speak of the rhythm.

how can this be released?

taro nombei said...

Hi Simon,
Just browsing through some old posts, no particular reason, since I gratefully snapped this up first time round at OIR.
Anyway, I spotted this: the name of the bass player should be Kiyoto FUJIWARA. Here's his web site:
I'm guessing his name is misspelled on the actual album cover, although I've never seen the back.
Not that he can complain: on his web site he misspells 'Geoge Russell', 'Ran Blake' and even 'villege Gate'.
At least he gets Kenny Garrett right.

Simon666 said...

Thanks TN, fixed it up now.

JazzDoIt said...

Much much gratitude for this great record. It's the third time in a row that I am listening to... I love the introductions of all the tunes...

Have pleasant jazzy day

peskypesky said...

i've never heard of this artist before, but i'm looking forward to hearing his music. thank you!

Rev. bIGhIG said...

Still up for download - excellent! and thank you.
Been diggin' First Impressions,and now I've got this too.
Amen, bro'