Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"The Hanged Man" OST - Alan Tew / Bullet (1975)

As a followup to the "Library Rhodes" compilation from the other day, here's Alan Tew's 1975 soundtrack to the Yorkshire TV series "The Hanged Man". This has been around the blogs in a lower bit rate, but here it is in glorious FLAC or 320-mp3, take your choice ...

Several (if not all?) of these tracks were Tew's former library tracks renamed for the series and album release, and four of them actually appeared on the above-mentioned rhodes comp under the original titles - but here's the whole thing.

"Bullet" were a studio band. No exact info is available, but I've read elsewhere that it was likely to have been library legends Alan Parker, Barry Morgan, Les Hurdle on bass, and possibly Alan Hawkshaw on keys.

My files come from a now-deleted CD re-release from 1998, but I've grabbed the images from the original vinyl version from Discogs, 'cos it's a nicer cover, love the star heads. Enjoy.


  • 1. Contract Man
  • 2. G.B.H.
  • 3. Road Runner
  • 4. The Heist
  • 5. Duluth Blues
  • 6. The Spic
  • 7. Hanged Man
  • 8. Blue Panther
  • 9. Killer Hill
  • 10. Smokey Joe The Dreamer
  • 11. Gentle In The Night
  • 12. The Peterman
  • 13. Funky Bear
  • 14. Hanged Man

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Various - "Library Rhodes" (compilation 14)

"The Apartment"

"20 Mile High Swinger" (excerpt)

"The Fence" (excerpt)

"Black Light" (excerpt)

"Sidewalk" (excerpt)

"Running Fast" (excerpt)

The electric piano frenzy continues with 78 minutes of library goodness brought to you today, so make sure you return those overdue books and settle back for some Sunday sunshine.

If none of us read anymore, then at least we can listen to the library. I wrote a few paragraphs somewhere in another post about why I think we listen to library music, and there's something of a history here, but no need to analyse this weekend as we flow with some classics and favourites :

From Duncan Lamont's chilled opener "The Apartment" (of 'Sweeney' fame) we move into some flute-laden jazz funk territory for a few tracks, then move into some brazil soundalike tracks beginning with Andre Ceccarelli.

Alan Tew's "The Fence" and Stefano Torossi's classic "Fighting For Life" lead us through some wah wah and blaxpo near-tension, before John Cameron's "Half Remembered Daydream" takes us into the centre vocal section of the compilation : for six tracks you can practise your "woo woos", "bu-bu-bu-bu-buhs" and "da da das" - yes folks, welcome to vocalese language school.

Alan Hawkshaw and Brian Bennett pick up the pace as we head into an action section that never quite requires us to remove our seatbelts, before Stan Sulzmann and friends drop us down to some jazz, and then the final soft but still uneasy tones of our constant host Alan Tew.


  • 01 the apartment - duncan lamont
  • 02 money runner - alan tew
  • 03 gang progress - andre ceccarelli
  • 04 at risk - david lindup
  • 05 afro metropolis - john cameron
  • 06 undergroove - alan hawkshaw
  • 07 black light - alan parker
  • 08 bossa for my eet - andre ceccarelli
  • 09 virgin land - tony kinsey
  • 10 flute in five four - duncan lamont
  • 11 the fence (version a) - alan tew
  • 12 fighting for life - stefano torrosi
  • 13 the rub - alan tew
  • 14 half forgotten daydreams - john cameron
  • 15 husky birdsong - keith mansfield
  • 16 liquid sunshine- john cameron
  • 17 high diver - alan hawkshaw
  • 18 shout - daniel janin
  • 19 ski bird - alan hawkshaw
  • 20 mile high swinger - alan hawkshaw/brian bennett
  • 21 the rally - dennis farnon
  • 22 dindou no.1 - andre ceccarelli
  • 23 running fast - stefano torrosi
  • 24 theme hypnose - jannick top
  • 25 sojan - stan sulzmann
  • 26 sidewalk - frank ricotti/tony hymas/stan sulzmann
  • 27 nightwatch - alan tew
  • 28 the fence (version b) - alan tew
  • 29 eyes - alan tew
Thanks to my fellow bloggers everywhere for everything. I tend to heavily cull all the library stuff I collect, so it's hard to trace these all back - but I know that thanks should go, as ever, to Quimsy, Bacoso, Reza and many other masters of the known universe ...so please visit these people, talk to them ...

Please leave comments too, discussion and feedback means that I'm more than your slave, which means more posts :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Various - "Brazil Rhodes 3" (comp #13)

 "Bem Vinda" (excerpt)

 "Transamazonica" (excerpt)

 "Brazilian Skies" (excerpt)

 "Viramundo" (excerpt)

 "A Chamada" (excerpt)

"Previsao do Tempo" (excerpt)

Commiserations to our brazilian friends for the football - some consolation here in the form of twenty-three storming rhodes tracks from, or inspired by their great land.

A brief intro from the master, Hermeto Pascoal, leads us into some jazz-fused bangers from Som Imaginario, Antonio Adolfo, Marcos Resende and others.

O Quarteto's clustered vocal tones take us through some live Sergio Mendes and Brasil '77 into the middle section, fusing pop, funk and soul with Marcos Valle, Hyldon, Banda Black Rio and more.

The fusions of Azymuth and Headhunter Bill Summers (check that keyboard solo) leads us back to the atmospherics of Robertinho Silva and the deeper jazz of an uncharacteristically instrumental Ed Motta, before we finish with the beautiful melancholy of instrumental Marcos Valle and the amazing voice of Alaide Costa accompanied by Oscar Castro-Neves.

Enjoy the comp, check the previews above - all tracks @ 320kbps bar one or two - and leave a comment so that I know you're with me on this blogging trip ...

Big everlasting thanks to many blogs and bloggers for feeding my love of various brazilian musics over the last few years - including Quimsy, Ish, Bacoso, Reza, BC, Porco Rosso, Flabbergast, J Thyme, Bruxa, all the Gears crew, and many more, sorry if I've forgotten you ....

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