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Herbie Hancock - Live at NDR Studios (1971)

(excerpt : first two minutes)

Herbie Hancock Bootleg #45 for the collection :

Well why not a 2nd post in a day for this blog's anniversary ?
Two hours and four minutes of Herbie Hancock and his Mwandishi band, recorded live on August 4th, 1971 at NDR Studios in Hamburg, Germany as a continuous take.

1970-71 saw a seismic change in Hancock's music - after finishing the "Fat Albert Rotunda" album at the end of 1969; his major recordings during 1970 were the Miles Davis albums "A Tribute to Jack Johnson" and "Live Evil", then his studio album "Mwandishi" was recorded on December 31st, 1970. Quite a way to spend New Year's Eve! This session comes eight months later.

In searching for information about this session, I can only see that it's changed hands between traders as a tape and then a 2 CD set for many years; and that the 50 min section of "Ostinato" has sometimes been sold in some places. My version is a Soulseek find @ 192kbps; and I thought it would be good to release this into the blogosphere.

Hope you enjoy it!
... and more Hancock bootlegs here.

TRACKLIST1. Toys (46:44)
2. Speak like a child (27:13)
3. Ostinato (50:36)


Herbie Hancock - fender rhodes, acoustic piano
Bennie Maupin - tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet
Billy Hart - drums
Buster Williams - bass
Julian Priester - trombone
Eddie Henderson - trumpet, flugelhorn


NDR Studios, Hamburg, Germany, August 4th 1971
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Mongo Santamaria - "A La Carte" (1978)

A year ago today
I started this blog with a rhodes compilation, and it's been a satisfying journey communicating with all of you folks ever since then. I want to thank all of my buddies - you know who you are - for the contributions, support, help and frequent comments that make it all worthwhile; as well as your own fantastic blogs that have allowed me to hear so much great music.

Still catching up to the some of the contributions down in the archives here, many of which don't appear elsewhere in blogland. Xerxes donated this great Mongo Santamaria album to the Mongo discography a while back, and I thought I'd bring it up to the top for your weekend dancing pleasure!

Sometimes thought of as a disco album more in the vein of albums like "Sofrito" and "Red Hot", this one's actually quite a smorgasboard of styles and is thus receiving labels here for latin, african, funk-soul, and disco - just check the range in the three previews here. After the funk efforts of "Afro-Indio" pushed him into some musical fusions, Santamaria was clearly in a period of broadening each of his bases here - in fact, a close look at his 70s work shows an almost constant vacillation between commercial latin-fusion and roots styles.

"A La Carte" is produced by Marty Sheller and William Allen, who are mostly responsible for the funk-latin fusions of his albums in this Vaya Records period. The adaptable Sheller started out as Santamaria's trumpet player, but after 1968 switched to arrangements, going on later to work with many other latin greats. Allen joined Mongo as bass player at the end of the 60s, taking on co-arrangement duties a few years before this album. He was also working a lot with Roy Ayers around this time on albums like "A Tear To A Smile" and "Vibrations", often contributing bass and arrangments, and did some great string arrangements on Sylvia Striplin's "Give Me Your Love" a few years after this.

Allen's compositions and arrangements of "Smiling Brown Eyes" and "Hey You Sexy Thing" fit the disco slots here, the latter being the best, replete with some unison vocals from Peggy Harris and Carol Woods and slap bass from Allen himself.

Flautist/arranger/composer Doug Harris contributes three numbers : "It Feels So Good" has a Mizells-meet-Bobbi-Humphrey feel; "Nada Mas" starts out as latin-jazz before the piano leads it back to latin, with Mongo letting loose on the congas; and the closer "Umbayalo" dives back to acoustic Afro-Cuban roots with an added vocal chorus.

William Allen's "Asika" (see preview at the top of the post) is a latin-jazz stormer that feels like some of the 70s New York-based funk-jazz-latin fusions that I particularly like. Arranger Marty Sheller puts together a great vocal version of Marcelino Guerra's Cuban number "Guajiro"; and finally "Bombora" is a cover of a 1970 Celia Cruz song.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this one. Give thanks to Xerxes and don't forget to check out the other Mongo albums.


1. 'Smiling Brown Eyes' - 5:08 - (William Allen)
2. 'Asika' - 3:20 - (William Allen)
3. 'Guajiro' - 5:09 - (Marcelino Guerra)
4. 'Hey, You Sexy Thing' - 4:15 - (William Alllen)
5. 'Bomboro' - 3:22 - (Zamora)
6. 'It Feels So Good' - 4:23 - (Doug Harris)
7. 'Teresa' - 2.32 - (Allen, Santamaria) 

8. 'Nada Masa' - 4:11 - (Doug Harris)
9. 'Umbalayeo' - 2:34 - (Doug Harris)


Percussion - Mongo Santamaria

Smiling Brown Eyes
Vocals - Carol Woods, Peggy Harris
Keyboards - Bill O'Connell
Trumpet - Mike DiMartino
Piano - Eddie Martinez
Lead Vocals - Héctor Aponte
Chorus Vocals - Papaito (Mario Muñoz Salazar)
Hey, You Sexy Thing
Vocals - Peggy Harris
Bass - William Allen
Lead and chorus Vocals - Héctor Aponte
Chorus Vocals - Papaito
Piano - Eddie Martinez
It Feels So Good
Flute - Doug Harris
Nada Masa
Flute - Doug Harris
Vocals - Héctor Aponte, Papaito, Olimpia Alfaro, Wilfredo "Moreno" Tejeda


Vaya Records JMVS-74
Released in 1978


Album donated by
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Bennie Maupin - Live In Berlin (2008)

'Prophet's Motif' excerpt

'Atma' excerpt

A great live date by ex-Headhunter Bennie Maupin recorded November 2008 at the Berlin JazzFest, donated by Upkerry14.

A very different, extended version of the "Walter Bishop Jr." track I posted a while back; some guest vocals from Hanka Chowaniec-Rybka (check the "Atma" preview above) and a good recording.

Download link below, more Bennie Maupin at this blog here.

Please thank Upkerry14 in the comments.

Bennie Maupin Quartet
Quasimodo, JazzFest Berlin, 7th November 2008


Bennie Maupin - reeds
Michal Tokaj - piano
Michal Baranski - bass
Lukasz Zyta- drums, percussion
guest: Hanka Chowaniec-Rybka, vocals (8, 9)


01. 'Walter Bishop jr.' 23:34
02. band intros 02:25
03. 'Message To Prez' 10:55
04. 'Tears' 08:00
05. 'Prophet's Motif' 05:42 (end missing)
06. 'Jewels In The Lotus' 16:59
07. 'Escondido' 14:06
08. 'Spirits Of The Tadras' 07:41
09. 'Atma' 07:18


Total Time : 1:36:07

source: DVB-S@256, 48kHz > raw data > ProjextX > mp3DirectCut > mp2 (lossy recording seeded in its original broadcast codec)


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Peter Herbolzheimer - "Live Im Onkel Pö" (1975)

 This one's for Orgy In Rhythm's Bacoso, the first chimp in space, and generous donor of many a fresh musical banana. In order to extend the viral blog spread of his ubiquitous catch-cry : I declare this irresistably funky, jazzy big band album to be all-killer-no-filler !

When he closed down OIR for a few months last year, Bacoso allowed Ish and myself to feature some of his extraordinary catalogue online, and one of my first "OIR Classic" posts was a summary of his seven Peter Herbolzheimer albums, to which he added an eighth for the occasion, "Touchdown".

More recently, Arkadin tracked down some MP3s of this album for Ish's goldmine requests thread, and I liked it so much that I tracked down the vinyl, freshly ripped here in WAV and MP3. So thanks to Arkadin and Ish as well for leading me here ...

As the title suggests, the opener "Corean Chick" references Chick Corea's early 70s Spanish chord structures, but way beyond that it's driven by a killer bassline and has this kicking, building brass arrangement by composer/arranger Peter Herbolzheimer.

Dieter Reith's bell-like rhodes anchors "P.M", which features trumpter Palle Mikkelborg on an extended solo that takes the Miles Davis - Eddie Henderson wah-wah trip before being faced by a wall of brass madness.

"That's Live" is a souljazz stormer that has an interesting chord-cluster sequence in the middle.

Side 2 opens with "The Catfish" - a later re-release of the album also used that title. It's the album's funk bomb, with an irresistable dual flute line over Dieter Reith's ARP bass, which turns into a nicely-tweaked funky synth solo over slap bass.

Reith's "Head-Egg" has the feel of one of those post-Headhunters albums by Bennie Maupin, Eddie Henderson or Hancock himself.

Horst Mühlbradt's "Peyotl" closes the album. The opening few minutes are built around rolling chord structures that recall some of those 70s New York jazz-latin fusions by people like Bobby Vince Paunetto, mixed with a dash of cop show mystery. After that it turns into an all-out latin banger, with a great trumpet solo by Benny Bailey leading the full pack over percussive pounding by Sabu Martinez, drummer Todd Canedy and Mühlbradt himself.
So yep, not a bad track in sight, hope you enjoy this one guys.


01. 'Corean Chick' (4:40)Composed and arranged by Peter Herbolzheimer
Solo : Ferdinand Povel (tenor saxaphone)

02. 'P.M.' (6:16)Composed and arranged by Peter HerbolzheimerSolo : Palle Mikkelborg (trumpet)
03. 'That's Live' (5:47)Composed and arranged by Jerry van Rooyen
Solo : Dieter Reith (rhodes); Jiggs Whigham (trombone)
04. 'The Catfish' (6:35)Composed and arranged by Peter Herbolzheimer
Solo : Dieter Reith (synthesiser)

05. 'Head-Egg' (5:40)Composed and arranged by Dieter Reith
Solo : Ferdinand Povel (sax) 

06. 'Peyotl' (4:45)Composed and arranged by Horst Mühlbradt
Solo : Benny Bailey (trumpet)


alto, soprano and tenor saxaphones, flute - Ferdinand Povel
baritone, soprano and tenor saxaphones, flute - James Towsey
bass - Bo Stief
congas, percussion - Sabu Martinez
drums - Todd Canedy
electric piano, clavinet, percussion - Horst Mühlbradt
fender rhodes, ARP synthesizer, string organ - Dieter Reith
trombone - Jiggs Whigham , Otto Bredl , Peter Herbolzheimer , Rudi Fuesers , Vincent Nilsson
trumpet - Ack Van Rooyen , Benny Bailey , Palle Mikkelborg , Ron Simmonds, Heinz Hobermann (tr 3 only).


Polydor Records, 1975
Catalogue # 2371 564
Producer - Peter Herbolzheimer
Recording and remix engineer - "Justus" Liebich
Assistants - Jürgen Arnold, Uwe Peters, Wolfgang Prey


Vinyl rip by Simon666
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