Monday, June 9, 2014

Various - 'Library Rhodes 3' - comp 19

'Feel It' - Siegfried Schwab - excerpt 

'Mais' - Oscar Rocchi - excerpt 

'Mr Funk' - Walter Murphy - excerpt 

'Five Plus Four' - Powerhouse - excerpt 

'False Start' - Powerhouse - excerpt 

'Sun-Kissed' - Roger Webb - excerpt 

Well hello, welcome back, it's been a while.

First thing I want to say is that I've just re-upped the whole damn blog back to 2008, as some kind soul destroyed my previous upload account. Hell for me, but good for you, so feel free to browse all the way back into the previous decade - it's all there ... for now at least.

As always, I love people to comment on the music and say hi, otherwise I may as well just keep it on my computer - so the best way to make me post more than once a year is to chat, and not lurk. This isn't an advertising-run download bonanza site, it's one person sharing music for conversation.

Today's share, Library Rhodes 3,  is a new compilation of library music featuring the ol' electric piano in a series of jazz, funk and bossa style tracks.  The last two volumes of this - Library Rhodes 1 (2010) and Library Rhodes 2 (2011) - were extremely popular, so I hope you enjoy this one as well.

Click the preview players above - they work, but take a few seconds to start.

The music comes from a range of library music labels. There are old favourites like KPM, De Wolfe, Themes International and Amphonic - but also a focus today on Italian library : Fonovideo, Music Scene etc, with a particular focus on composer Oscar Rocchi, both under his own name and his alias 'Chiarosi'. In iTunes, you'll find the names of the source albums for each track in the 'comments' column.

Enjoy it, explore the blog and have fun.
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See you soon.