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George Duke - "The Inner Source" (1971)

Throughout the 1970s, George Duke continually redefined the way people used electric pianos and other keyboards. Like Joe Zawinul, Duke was an 'early adopter' of the Fender Rhodes, and when he took Zawinul's place in the Cannonball Adderley Quintet - just before this album was recorded in 1971 - he ferociously explored the instrument's sonic possibilities, manipulating echoplex and ring-modulation effects as if they were additional instruments in themselves - check "Manya" and "Nigerian Numberuma" on this album for examples, or check "Circumference" on Adderley's "Black Messiah"

Frank Zappa pushed him onto synthesisers, and Duke went on to release a successful series of albums that neatly straddled jazz, funk, soul and pop, often incorporating Brazilian harmonic structures and musicians. While some jazz piano players in the 70s simply translated their style onto either the Rhodes or electronic keyboards, George Duke continued to look at each one as a new instrument, incorporating the new possibilities into his compositional structures.

1971's "The Inner Source" on the MPS label is my favourite album by him - it's all Rhodes, Wurlitzer, brass and colour. Duke's written an extensive discography of his own albums, so we'll let him talk for this :


" This is a double album that originally was to be released separately. SABA records folded and became MPS, which is why the first album was delayed. As a result, the powers that be decided to release them as a double LP. However, for the purposes of these personal liner notes, I'll treat them separately, as they were intended.

The name for my first MPS record was to be called "SOLUS". The year was 1971 and I had joined The Cannonball Adderley Quintet (replacing Joe Zawinul). Three months into my gig with Cannon, I recorded this LP. I had already begun to experiment with the Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos with Jean-Luc Ponty and Don Ellis, so I continued doing the same on this record. Joining me on this LP were John Heard bass, Dick Berk drums."


"The interesting thing to me is, looking back, I can really hear a lot of growth in my piano playing from "SOLUS", to the second LP, "THE INNER SOURCE". I almost sound like a different piano player more confident with definitely stronger musical ideas. It was recorded in December 1971. I had been with Cannon for about 10 months. Boy, did I learn a lot. It seems I was beginning to find my own musical voice!
Besides John and Dick, Armando Perazza joined us on percussion. He was living in San Francisco and playing with Santana. Also on the date were Jerome Richardson on saxes and flute; Luis Gasca on trumpet and flugelhorn; James Leary on bass for one tune.

I feel I should mention that on all my LP's for SABA and MPS, that Baldhard G. Falk is listed as producer. I want to clear this up once and for all. He did NOT produce these recordings musically. He did keep track of the budget, pay the bills, secure the LP covers, etc. He's a great music lover that gave me my first shot, never got in the way musically, and was always extremely supportive. He was one of the good guys that was also supportive outside the music arena, and my mother liked him too.

I should also mention that I played Trombone on all the horn tunes. Overdubbing is a wonderful thing! From what I remember, this was the last time I played trombone, at least on record. Oh well, ta ta!"

George Duke (inner sleeve pic)


01 Au-Right (3:27)
02 Love Reborn (7:25)
03 Peace (7:39)
04 So There You Go (5:18)
05 The Followers (5:15)
06 Solus (9:05)
07 Nigerian Numberuma (2:49)
08 My Soul (4:37)
09 The Inner Source (6:07)
10 Life (5:39)
11 Some Time Ago (5:00)
12 Feels So Good' (7:10)
13 Manya (3:26)
14 Sweet Bite (3:32)
15 Twenty-Five (4:54)
16 Always Constant (6:47)


Tracks 1-7 “SOLUS”

Piano, Electric Piano (Rhodes, Wurlitzer) - George Duke
Bass, Electric Bass - John Heard
Drums, Percussion - Dick Berk

Tracks 8-16 “THE INNER SOURCE”

Keyboards, Trombone, Conductor - George Duke
Congas - Armanda Peroza (tracks 8, 12)
Drums - Dick Berk (tracks 8, 12)
Electric Violin [Bass] - John Heard (tracks 8, 12)
Flugelhorn, Trumpet - Luis Gasca (tracks 8, 12)
Violin [Bass] - James Leary (track 15)
Saxophone [Tenor, Soprano], Flute - Jerome Richardson (tracks 8-9, 12, 16)

Producer - George Duke
(quoted on vinyl cover as Baldhard G. Falk, but see what George says above)

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Marcia Hines - 'You Gotta Let Go' (1975)

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I've now ripped this entire album,  go HERE instead if you want that.


Busy couple of days coming, DJing and stuff, here's a song for the weekend.


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Renée Geyer - "It's a Man's Man's World (1974)

This is the earliest Rénee Geyer album I've posted - it's her 2nd solo album, and comes before Ready to Deal in the chronology. "It's a Man's Man's World" is more infused with a classic RnB sound, with touches of blues, than her later more funk-soul influenced albums. Her cover of the James Brown song was a sizeable hit in her home country. Producer Tweed Harris, previously best known as a 60s soul musician, works here with a classic band setup augmented with orchestral and brass colourings. Not my favourite Geyer album, but some good tracks here - I like her cover of Isaac Hayes' "Do your Thing".



01. 'It's A Man's Man's World' - 3.34 (James Brown)
02. 'They Tell Me Of An Uncloudy Day' - 3.42 (Jackie Moore / Dave Crawford / Brad Shapiro)
03. 'Take Me Where You Took Me Last Night' - 3.53 (Dee Ervin / Lynne Farr)
04. 'Since I Fell For You' - 3.42 (Buddy Johnson)
05. 'What Do I Do On Sunday Morning' - 3.58 (Dennis Lambert / Brian Potter)
06. 'Love The Way You Love' - 3.15 (Mark Punch / Garry Paige)
07. 'Scarlet Ribbons' - 2.45 (Evelyn Danzig / Jack Segal)
08. 'Do Your Thing' - 3.44 (Isaac Hayes)
09. 'And I Love Him' - 5.14 (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
10. 'It's Been A Long Time' - 3.23 (Melvin Wilson / James Baker)
11. 'Mama's Little Girl' - 3.26 (Dennis Lambert / Brian Potter)
12. 'Once In A Lifetime Thing' - 3.33 (Jim Weatherly)
13. 'Feel Good' - 3.15 (Alan Ciner)


Renée Geyer: Vocals, Backing Vocals
Guitars: Phil Manning; Tim Gaze; Steve Murphy; Tony Naylor
Keyboards: Tweed Harris
Bass: Barry "Big Goose" Sullivan; Mike Kelly
Drums: Geoff Cox
Background Vocals: Julie McKenna; Wendy Reece; Bobby Bright; Mike Brady
(no, not that one)
Percussion: Gary Hyde


Producer, Arrangements: Tweed Harris
Engineers: Ian McKenzie; Ernie Rose
Recorded at Bill Armstrong Studios, Melbourne, Australia
Released 19th August 1974


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Exciting Daly-Wilson Big Band ft. Kerrie Biddell (1972)

Long title hey ?
Well, I was pretty excited when my dad took me to see this funky big band in 1972, the year this album was recorded.

As a ten-year-old, my two major impressions from the show were :

1. I wanted a wah wah pedal. Now. Right now.
But it was to be five long years until I got a wah wah pedal.

2. Singer Kerrie Biddell looked a bit like my mother.
Maybe she was my real mother, and dad was just trying to tell me ? ...

In any case, this is a pretty funky 70s big band, perhaps a little looser and dirtier than the european equivalents of the time.

Best known track is "Dirty Feet" sampled by rapper Mobb Deep in the track "Shook Ones Pt. II". It starts with a breakbeat from sampler heaven, goes into a big brass section then builds into a psych guitar meltdown.

"City Sounds" is like a mini soundtrack, big band soul working it's way into an almost "free" middle section with crazy wah wah and scraped piano strings, plus great work by Kerrie Biddell/"Mom" who brings things back to basics at the end.

"Three for One" is a little like the music from an imaginary 70s detective show, perhaps with shots of the main character joking with pretty girls around the water cooler at the police station, then we cut to the money shot of him taking aim with a fat gun at some bad guys / male competitors ...

The track "In Necessity" was on the "Dusty Fingers 8" compilation - all in all, there are plenty of killer tracks to go around, with only a few crap tracks at the end.


The Daly-Wilson Big Band existed from 1969-1983, formed by trombonist Ed Wilson and drummer Warren Daley. They went broke soon after this album was made, but were rescued by sponsorship from the Benson and Hedges cigarette company in 1973 - so this fiery album was also their last smoke-free one (I'm so sorry). They went on to make another three or four albums, adorned with B&H logos, that are not as fantastic as this one.


Musicians' biographies can be so boring. Rather than doing proper bios on these people, today we'll do a dirt-digging VH1 "Where are they now?" :

Kerrie Biddell
appeared in this 80s World War 2 movie, along with jazz great Don Burrows, presumably appearing in some sleazy bar scene.
Or she was my real mother. Or both.

Warren Daley is giving drum lessons in Perth, Australia. First lesson is apparently free! I think we should all call Warren up and ask him to play the Mobb Deep "Dirty Feet" breakbeat over the phone (his phone number is there, add 61-8 to call from other countries).

Ed Wilson sells brass arrangements to the police, the army and your local school - but hopefully he changes that shirt occasionally ...

Finally, it seems that trumpeter / bass player Dieter Vogt had a creative way of paying his tax back in the 70s. So what happened to Dieter after that ? Is it him playing viola on this rather beautiful Jazzanova track 30 years later, a lit Benson and Hedges cigarette nonchalantly hanging from his bow? Sadly no ... he's retired to nasty dixieland hell. And is hopefully paying his taxes.


01 "Limp Dropper" - 4:30(Ed Wilson)
02 "Dirty Feet" - 3:30(George Broadbeck)
03 "City Sounds" - 4:32(The Carsons)
04 "Col's Dilemma" - 5:05(The Carsons)
05 "In Necessity" - 2:25(Martin)
06 "Today" - 4:28(The Carsons)
07 "Three For All" - 6:24(Col Loughnan)
08 "On My Own" - 3:20(Ed Wilson)
09 "Do Me A Good Turn" - 4:41(Rhode)


Label: Elephant Records
Catalog#: ELA 7002
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Australia
Released: 1972
(Listed incorrectly at Discogs as 1975)
Engineer - Spencer Lee
Producer - Ed Wilson, Warren Daly
Vocals - Kerrie Biddell
(Can't seem to find musician's credits, sorry!)
Recorded at United Sound, Sydney, Australia


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never enough rhodes - Latin Rhodes (comp #5)

'Clapham South' - Gonzalez

'Oracion' (The Prayer) - Ray Barretto

'San Juan 2000' - Pucho and his Latin Soul Brothers

Even though latin jazz is itself a hybrid form, the Fender Rhodes doesn't fit the form easily, because of the multiple roles that the acoustic piano usually takes. While the percussionists are crossing the rhythms from all directions, the acoustic piano often sits back and holds a repetitive "backbeat", acting as a percussive centre more than a tonal or harmonic leader .... except of course for a freak of nature like Eddie Palmieri, who just throws the distortion on the Rhodes, plays the organ with the other hand, and plays all the rhythmic, harmonic and percussive centre roles all at once !

So the presence of a rhodes piano in latin music tends to indicate all sorts of other experimentation, because it's not always just taking the acoustic piano role, as it sometimes does in other forms of 70s jazz. Although I've made a somewhat trad-looking cover image, this compilation explodes in all directions from latin. The players here are all pushing into other forms - latin-funk (Mongo Santamaria, Cabildos, Pucho); latin-jazz (most tracks); sometimes just exploring deeper into jazz forms (Ray Barretto, Gato Barbieri). The rhodes or wurlitzer pianos are just some of those new colours, and here they're often combined with an acoustic piano or a set of vibes within tracks.

Apart from all of those thoughts that have arisen while compiling - my main aim was to make you a HOT latin funky jazz compilation that you should, of course, play as loud as possible!

01 Clapham South – Gonzales
02 Yaina – Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers

03 Mambo Mongo - Mongo Santamaria
04 Borderland – Cabildos
05 gringo city - cal tjader
06 Kathy - Luis Gasca
07 A Taste Of Latin - Ricardo Marrero
08 The Other Road - Ray Barretto
09 El Sertao - Gato Barbieri
10 Habana Keynote – cabildos
11 El Muchacho - Cal Tjader
12 San Juan 2000 - Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers
13 Oracion (The Prayer) Ray Barretto
14 Forked Tongue - Mongo Santamaria.mp3
15 Chocolate Ice Cream - Eddie Palmieri

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Renée Geyer - "Winner" (1978)

'I Miss You'

'Save Me'

'Apartment C & D'

One day soon we'll move on from Renée Geyer at this site, but some great things are appearing so we'll keep going for now :
Although her first U.S. release "Moving Along" (see previous post) had its troubles in the international market, there was enough interest for Polydor to fund the recording of a second album. Motown's Frank Wilson once again manned the console, however this time the Renée Geyer Band provided the rhythm section, ably supported by U.S. session players like Neil Larsen, Ernie Watts, Nate Morgan and the Tower Of Power horns (see credits below).

However, Geyer wasn't happy with either the mix or the promotion that Polydor were providing, and negotiated a release from her contract. She then brought the tapes home to Australia and remixed the album herself with the help of John Sayers and Christo Curtis. She toured the country promoting it, but neither the album nor the two singles released from it enjoyed the same success as previous releases.

One wonders whether Wilson's original mix of the album was more of the polished style that he applied to 1977's "Moving Along", but in any case, we've got a rawer final album here, more in the style of her 1975 album "Ready To Deal" (see previous post) with plenty of Rhodes, some good tracks and, of course, some great vocals.

Perhaps unhappy with its commercial failure, Renée herself has since referred to this album as "Loser", but she's being harsh : "I Miss You" stands out as a great piece of orchestrated jazzy soul, with even a bit of scatting; "Bad Side of the Blues" has a great vocal performance that precurses her later move into more blues-oriented territory; "Apartment C & D" is another one of those big production 70s soul numbers like "Stares and Whispers" on the previous album, with massive orchestration and some of the same writing team, and there's some good slow funk in "Save Me" and "Sweet Kisses". I put up a preview clip of "Money" at the previous "Rarities" post.

BIG BIG thanks to Micko from MidOzTouch for the 320 vinyl rip.


01. "Money (That's What I Want)" - 5.19 (Berry Gordy / Janie Bradford)
02. "I Miss You" - 4.50 (Melvin Robinson / Judy Wieder)
03. "Save Me" - 4.13 (Mark Punch / Garry Paige)
04. "Baby I'm the One" - 4.36 (Dee Erwin/Alexandra Brown)
05. "Baby Be Mine" - 3.46 (Jean Mc Clain)
06. "Sweet Kisses" - 6.28 (Mark Punch)
07. "The Magic is Still There" - 3.58 (Mark Punch / Garry Paige)
08. "Bad Side of the Blues" - 4.03 (John Finley / Katherine Ornelas)
09. "Apartment C & D" - 3.54 (John Footman / Judy Wieder / Ron Cederlund)
10. "I Don't Wanna Lose a Good Thing" - 3.50 (Jack Allen / Shelby Flint)


Renée Geyer: Vocals, Backing Vocals

Mark Punch: Guitar

Tim Partridge: Bass

Greg Tell: Drums


Guitars: Melvin Robinson

Piano, Clavinet, Synthesizer: Nate Morgan

Special Synthesizer Work: Michael Boddicker

Keyboards (Tracks 1,5): Neil Larsen

Saxophone: Ernie Watts

Horns (3,5,7): Tower Of Power Horns

Percussion: Jack Ashford; Frederick Lewis


Producer: Frank Wilson

Recorded at Crystal Sound Recording, Los Angeles, California

Mixing: John Sayers, Renée Geyer, Christo Curtis at Studio 301, Sydney, Australia

Horn Arrangements : Bruce Miller (Tower Of Power Horns)

String arangements : Bruce Miller, Sonny Burke, Jim Martin

Cover Illustration: Shane Conroy
Details from Wikipedia

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never enough rhodes - compilation #4

'Everybody Loves The Sunshine' - D'Angelo

'Superstition' - Ahmad Jamal

'Twenty Four' - Frank McComb

Continuing the series of Fender Rhodes jazz from the 70s, this time adding a few classics to the perhaps lesser known. Joe Zawinul's version of his composition "In a Silent Way" doesn't get enough play, and with the response to the live Herbie Hancock post, I thought I'd add his fantastic "Death Wish" theme.

Also two "special contemporary guests" this time - D'Angelo with his gorgeous downtempo take on Roy Ayers' "Everybody Loves The Sunshine", and Frank McComb with his almost-spooky channelling of Donny Hathaway in "Twenty Four".

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Renée Geyer - "Rarities E.P."

I was going to wait a little longer for another Renée Geyer post, but many of you seem to be into this stuff, so let's go! Some rarities here that I've packaged together as an EP.

I dug reasonably deeply to put this together, even going through her career as a backing vocalist for Troublefunk, Sting and Joe Cocker, none of which made the cut - I've stuck mainly to soulful 70s funky stuff ...


01. “IT'S A MAN'S MAN'S WORLD” (1974)

Renée's cover version of the James Brown classic, from her 1974 album of the same name. If you like this I'll post the album some time. (edit : album now posted).


02. “IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME” (1977)

The rarest find - this was recorded for a series of radio concerts in 1977 by 2JJ, a “youth-oriented” government-owned radio station, and released on a compilation album called “Long Live the Evolution”. Great slow track with rhodes and trumpet.


03. “BE THERE IN THE MORNING” (1976, alt. version)

7" single release, an entirely different version to the one that appears on the 1977 album "Moving Along". This one's rootsier and rhodesier (that's my new adjective, and i'm sticking to it).


04. "MONEY (THAT'S WHAT I WANT)" (1978)

This comes from the 2nd album she did in L.A with legendary Motown producer Frank Wilson. The album was called "Winner". Renée fought with Polydor Records, took the tapes back to Australia and remixed them, and the album bombed. Was it the hair ? For some reason, this track was tacked on to the end of one of her greatest hits collections, although it was not a single or a hit. I'll dig for the album. (edit : album now posted). 



"The Restless Years" was an appalling TV soap that was inflicted on the Australian public from 1977-81. The theme song was a candy floss drifting piano and vocal piece that run over shots of clouds, a la "Days Of Our Lives". In a strange twist of fate, the TV network paid Renée to record a slightly funky (in a "Love Boat" sorta way) version, which charted reasonably. One skip on this track.


(Drum n Bass mix,1999)

For her third Greatest Hits collection in 1999, her record company enlisted electronic producers to remix her songs on a bonus CD. Almost always a bad move! Have you heard the way those people murdered Curtis Mayfield's classics last year? Well anyway - I'm not a big drum'n'bass fan, but for some reason this remix by the UK duo "Pound System" grabbed me - as busy as it is, it somehow gives her voice plenty of space .. trust me on this one ...


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Renée Geyer Band - "Really Really Love You" (1976)

This is a live Renée Geyer album that comes between the previously-posted "Ready To Deal"(1975) and "Moving Along"(1977).

Apart from the band's own title track, and a version of the jazz standard "Masquerade", she covers contemporary soul/funk tracks by Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, the Temptations, Aretha Franklin (a duet of "It Only Happens" with Doug Williams), Sly Stone, and the Average White Band. Her cover of Watson's "Hard Head" has appeared on a few rare soul/funk compilations before.

In the "Moving Along" post I wrote about the initial perception in the USA radio market that she was an African-American singer - well, they clearly hadn't heard her speak before : her speaking voice is pure nasal Aussie suburban girl in the interactive crowd bits ...

Anyway it's her singing we're concerned with here, and this still comes from her great period. Enjoy!


01. Hard Head - 5.33 (Johnny Guitar" Watson)
02. Shakey Ground - 4.38 (Jeffrey Bowen / Edward Hazel / Al Boyd)
03. Person to Person - 4.08 (Average White Band)
04. It Only Happens (Duet with Doug Williams) - 4.18 (Mickey Denne / Ken Gold)
05. Booty - 5.06 (Sylvester Stewart)
06. Masquerade - 6.41 (Herb Magidson / Allie Wrubel)
07. Really Really Love You - 11.08 (Renée Geyer Band)

Renée Geyer Band

Renée Geyer: Vocals
John Pugh: Guitars
Mal Logan: Keyboards
Barry "Big Goose" Sullivan: Bass
Greg Tell: Drums
Russell Smith: Trumpet
Bruce Sandell: Saxophones
Miguel Carranza: Trombone
Doug Williams : backing vocals
Otis Kevinagh : backing vocals
Stanley Brown : backing vocals


Producers: Renée Geyer Band; Ern Rose
Engineer: Ernie Rose
Recorded at Dallas Brooks Hall, Melbourne, Australia
Cover Notes: Ian Meldrum
Cover Art / Concept: Ian McCausland & Colin Batrouney
Photography: David Parker


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Herbie Hancock - 53 live bootlegs

Live at @ Ultrasonic Recording Studios, Hempstead, NY , October 1st, 1973


01. Actual Proof (9.37)

02. Butterfly (12.47)

03. Sly (17.48)

04. Chameleon (15.41)

Herbie Hancock: keyboards
Bennie Maupin: reeds
Paul Jackson: bass
Mike Clark: drums

- We're in funky Headhunters territory here ....

Live at Boston, Ma. Jazz Workshop, USA, March 22, 1973


01. Hornets (43:00)
02. You'll know when you get there (20:11)

Herbie Hancock: Keyboards,Pianos
Buster Williams: Bass
Billy Hart: Drums
Benny Maupin: Reeds
Eddie Henderson: Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Julian Priester: Trombone
Dr. Pat Gleeson: Synths
"Scorch": Congas

"It was college vacation... i think the music is fantastic.
this will blow the minds of people expecting Herbie in his more pop or jazz modes. - 'Scorch' was a local guy who would sometimes sit in with visiting jazz groups. I dont know his real name or what happened to him. Dont expect the Headhunters on this, folks. This is all Sextant material. Its pretty out there, in the best possible way. Enjoy!

"Tape and transfer details :
WBCN FM>Sony R2R 7"reel @ 7.5ips No Dolby
MR>Akai 6X4000-D>Numark EQ>HHB CDR830 "

Live in Nice, France - July 21st, 1971 


01. You'll know when you get there / Toys (47:07)
02. Impro/Ostinato (19:13)

Herbie Hancock: Rhodes, Synth

Eddie Henderson: Trumpet

Julian Priester: Trombone

Bennie Maupin: Sax, Flute

Buster Williams: Bass

Billy Hart: Drums

- Once again, your more experimental, Mwandishi Herbie.

"Live at NDR Studios" (1971) also @ Never Enough Rhodes


1. Toys (46:44)
2. Speak like a child (27:13)
3. Ostinato (50:36)

Herbie Hancock - fender rhodes, acoustic piano
Bennie Maupin - tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet
Billy Hart - drums
Buster Williams - bass
Julian Priester - trombone
Eddie Henderson - trumpet, flugelhorn

NDR Studios , Germany, Aug 4th, 1971
Single file, 2 hrs 4 mins, 192kbps

Herbie Hancock, Piano &
 Electric Piano;
Eddie Henderson, Trumpet, Flugelhorn;
Julian Priester, Trombone;
Bennie Maupin, Tenor Sax, Flute, Bass Clarinet;
Buster Williams, Bass;
Billy Hart, Drums.

1. You Will Know When You Get There 12:30
2. Toys / Wiggle Waggle 24:07
3. Wiggle Waggle 3:51
4. Toys 8:59
5. Maiden Voyage 11:49
FM Broadcast


MP3 or WAV

Herbie Hancock-piano
Eddie Henderson-trumpet
Julian Priester: trombone
Bennie Maupin: sax,flute, bass clarinet
Buster Williams-bass
Billy Hart-drums

Maiden Voyage 12:31
Sleeping Giant 28:51
Sleeping Giant (continued) 4:12

Water Torture 19:47
Toys 25:47


Herbie Hancock (p, ky)
Julian Priester (tb)
Eddie Henderson (tp)
Bennie Maupin (ts, bcl, fl)
Buster Williams (b)
Billy Hart (d)

FM intro
You'll Know When You Get There
Water Torture
Maiden Voyage
FM recording

Herbie Hancock "Mwandishi"
Baker's Keyboard Lounge, Detroit, Michigan, USA
probably Oct. 8, 1972

MP3 download 
WAV files download 
1 - 2 - 3 -

Herbie Hancock "Mwandishi" - Fender Rhodes, Percussion
Bennie Maupin "Mwile" - Reeds, Percussion
Eddie Henderson "Mganga" - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Percussion
Julian Priester "Pepo" - Trombones, Percussion
Buster Williams "Mchezaji" - Double Bass, Electric Bass, Percussion
Billy Hart "Jabali" - Drums, Percussion
Patrick Gleeson - ARP 2600 Synthesizer, Percussion

01 Sleeping Giant Part 1 (14:18)
02 Sleeping Giant Part 2 (7:26)
03 Sleeping Giant Part 3 (7:14)
04 Sleeping Giant Part 4 (13:00)
05 Sleeping Giant Part 5 (14:14)
Time : 56min 15sec

Strata Concert Gallery Detroit, February 20, 1973 

1 -

Herbie Hancock - Fender Rhodes, Percussion
Bennie Maupin - Reeds, Percussion
Eddie Henderson - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Percussion
Julian Priester - Trombones, Percussion
Buster Williams - Double Bass, Electric Bass, Percussion
Billy Hart - Drums, Percussion
Patrick Gleeson - ARP 2600 Synthesizer, Percussion

1. Hidden Shadows 42:35
2. Firewater 19:54
CD 2
1. Revelation 24:45
2. You'll Know When You Get There 15.19

Live at The Boarding House, San Francisco 1974
elsewhere on this blog, click the link.

01. Improvisation / Maiden Voyage (14:57)
02. Maiden Voyage / Actual Proof (15:43)

Herbie Hancock - piano
Bennie Maupin - flute
Paul Jackson - electric bass
Mike Clark - drums

Recorded at The Boarding House, San Francisco, 1974

Herbie Hancock / Headhunters Live in Kansas City
16 October 1974


Bennie Maupin - reeds
Herbie Hancock - piano, keyboards
Paul Jackson - bass
Mike Clark - drums
Bill Summers - percussions


01. Palm grease
02. Vein melter
03. Butterfly
04. Watermelon Man
05. Spank-a-lee
06. Bill Summers solo percussions
07. Chameleon

Lineage: FM > n generation tape > Aiwa Tape Deck AD-WX828 > Audigy Soundblaster > HD > SoundForge 7.0 > CD Wave >FLAC Frontend (level 6)
LDB Special Series #28

Total time: 1:25:10
Radio broadcast
Excellent sound quality !!!
Format: FLAC

Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters
Live at Berlin Jazz Festival, Philharmomie, Berlin
November 3rd, 1974 


Palm Grease - 14:06
Sly - 15:25
Butterfly - 12:04
Spank-A-Lee - 8:32
Unknown - 7:17

Herbie Hancock & Headhunters
Live in Bremen
Nov. 6, 1974
@ Never Enough Rhodes

01. 'Butterfly' (15:30)
02. 'Spank-A-Lee' (6:48)
03. 'Chameleon' (16:46)

Herbie Hancock - keyboards
Bennie Maupin - reeds
Paul Jackson - bass
Mike Clark - drums
Bill Summers - percussion

wma convrted to 192kbps mp3

Omaha Music Hall, Nebraska, Nov 17, 1975


Herbie Hancock : Keys

Paul Jackson: bass
Mike Clark: Drums
Blackbyrd Mcknight: guitar
Bill Summers: percussion
Bennie Maupin: Reeds & Lyricon

Hang Up Your Hangs Up
Percussion Solo
Steppin' In It
Watermelon Man

Ivanhoe Theatre, Chicago, Feb 16, 1977
aka Hancock/Pastorius "Live Voyage" (1977) 


Recorded Live at the Ivanhoe Theater in Chicago on February 16, 1977

Herbie Hancock: keyboards
Jaco Pastorius: bass
Bennie Maupin: saxophones
James Levi: drums

1. Introduction (:42)
2. Chameleon (14:49) [H.Hancock, B.Maupin, P.Jackson, H.Mason]
3. Hang Up Your Hang Ups (14:44) [H.Hancock, P.Jackson]
4. Maiden Voyage (7:10) [Herbie Hancock]
5. It Remains To Be Seen (13:35) [David Curry]
6. People Music (7:31) [H.Hancock, P.Jackson, M.Ragin]

Herbie Hancock Quartet with Jaco Pastorius
Live at University of Illinois, Champaign, IL, USA
February 20th, 1977 



Herbie Hancock: Keys

Jaco Pastorious: Bass

Bennie Maupin: Saxes, lyricon

James Levi: Drums


Disc 1

01 Hang Up Your Hangups [+90cts] 15:51

02 Gentle Thoughts [+90cts] 12:12

03 It Remains to be Seen [+10cts] 12:53

Disc 2
04 JP Solo>Portrait of Tracy>Third Stone [+90cts] 7:58
05 Maiden Voyage [+90cts] 9:49
06 Chameleon (fade out) [+100cts] 13:22
07 Encore:Spider>Kuru [+75cts] 16:04

Total time : 88.12 min

Audience recording. Lineage: AUD>?>CDr from Trade>EAC>WAV>Track w/ CD Wave>FLAC

> wav > Soundforge 5: speed correction > flac lvl7 w/SBA (530 MB).

Sound quality: B (hissy).

Original provided by mr_mag.

Speed correction by flambay.

Format: FLAC

Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Sept 29, 1978


Fantastic soundboard quality ...

Herbie Hancock - Electric Piano, Keyboards
Bennie Maupin - Soprano & Tenor Saxophones
Webster Lewis - Keyboards
Paul Jackson - Bass
Bill Summers - Percussion
Alphonse Mouzon - Drums

1. Butterfly
2. Sunlight
3. I Thought It Was You
4. Chameleon
5. Shiftless Shuffle

Herbie Hancock, Carlos Santana Special Band
"Live Under the Sky" 
Denen Colosseum, Tokyo, July 22, 1981 


Herbie Hancock - keyboards
Carlos Santana - guitar
Ron Carter - bass
Tony Williams - drums
Wynton Marsalis - trumpet
David Margen - bass
Armando Peraza - percussion
Raul RekowW - percussion
Oresrs Vilato - percussion

1 Unknown Title
2 Quick Sketches
3 Spartacus
4 Watermelon Man - Evil Ways(Part 1)
5 Watermelon Man - Evil Ways(Part 2)
6 Round Midnight
7 Song For My Brother
8 Europe
9 Saturday Night

"VSOP 3 - Live in Athens" (1985) @ UBU ROI
(dead link) 

Thought I'd make a cover for this one :)

Freddie Hubbard - trumpet
Bobby Hutcherson - vibes
Herbie Hancock - piano, keyboards
Ron Carter - bass
Tony Williams - drums

1. Footprints (Wayne Shorter) 9:04 [inc, cuts in]
2. It's Only a Paper Moon (12:38)
3. Cantaloupe Island (Herbie Hancock) 16:37
4. Byrdlike (Freddie Hubbard) 16:30

1. Ann HH (1:28)
2. Sister Cheryl (Tony Williams) 15:05
3. Night and Day (Cole Porter) 14:08
4. Ann HH > Little Waltz (Ron Carter) 9:27
5. Maiden Voyage (Herbie Hancock) 20:59
6. Oleo (Sonny Rollins) 11:08

Live at Suntory Hall, Tokyo - 1987
This was at Dr Fusion's original blog ... gone gone gone ...

Michael Brecker - tenor saxophone
Herbie Hancock - piano
Ron Carter - bass
Tony Williams - drums


Disc One (45:49)
1. DJ Intro - 1:57
2. Dolphin Dance - 20:07
3. Opus 1.5 - 9:26
5. Just One of Those Things - 14:19

Disc Two (46:09)
1. DJ Intro - 1:34
2. Sister Cheryl - 13:02
3. Loose Change - 17:53
4. Maiden Voyage - 13:37

Source: FM Tokyo broadcast, "Golden Live Stage," hosted by Makoto Aoki
Lineage:-Master cass >Audiophile USB >Steinberg Clean >WAV > CD Wave>CDR >EAC >WAV >FLAC Frontend -Wavelab 4.0 and SoundForge 6.0 clean-up by Milesian >CD Wave >FLAC Frontend
Photo: Tony Williams

Live in Hamburg
Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany

October 23, 1988

@ Bogard's Jazztapes
(dead link) 


Herbie Hancock, p

Greg Osby, as & ss

Buster Williams, b

Al Foster, dr


1. Stella By Starlight

2. Footprints

3. Maiden Voyage

Herbie Hancock's Headhunters II
Live at Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland
July 19, 1989 [FLAC]
@ Dr Fusio
(dead link) 


Herbie Hancock - piano, keyboards

Bill Evans - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone

Wah Wah Watson - guitar

Darryl "The Munch" Jones - bass

Mino Cinelu - percussion

Leon Ndugu Chancler - drums

Chaka Khan* - vocals


Disc One (62:52):

1. Spider - 02:58

2. Swamp Rad pt. 1 - 14:45

3. Swamp Rad pt. 2 - 14:02

4. Butterfly - 13:12

5. Introductions - 04:18
6. The End of a Love Affair* - 07:19
7. You Got the Love* - 6:16

Disc Two (49:06):

1. Actual Proof - 17:39
2. Hang Up Your Hang Ups - 11:13
3. Chameleon - 20:12

Info :

Source: FM broadcast.

Lineage: FM >DAT >CDR (digital transfer) >EAC (secure) >Trader's Little Helper >FLAC. Thanks to Milesian.

Hancock & Metheny, Juan-Les-Pins, France 1990

@ Jazz Boot Experiment / alternate
(dead links) 

Herbie Hancock : Piano, Keyboards
Pat Metheny : Guitar
Dave Holland : Bass
Jack De Johnette : Drums

1. Cantaloupe Island (Start Missing)
2. The Batt
3. Parallel Realities
4. Eye Of The Hurricane

Length 49:10 min
MP3 @ 256 CBR

Herbie Hancock Quintet - 1992-07-02
Lugano, Switzerland
A Tribute To Miles Davis
@ T.U.B.E
(dead link) 


Wallace Roney,tp

Wayne Shorter,ts,ss

Herbie Hancock,p

Ron Carter,b

Tony Williams,dr


01 - So What (9:27)

02 - R.J. (6:16)

03 - Little One (10:23)

04 - Pinocchio (10:07)

05 - All Blues (12:06)

06 - Drum Solo (2:54)

07 - Elegy (11:15)

08 - Orbits - Paraphernalia (13:48)
09 - Eighty One - The Sorcerer (14:58)
10 - Pee Wee (8:36)
Playlist length: 1 hour 39 minutes 50 seconds (FM broadcast mp3@256)

Live in New York, 1993, unknown venue
@ Hook's Gems

1. I Love You

2. One Finger Snap

3. Maiden Voyage

4. ?

5. Cantaloupe Island

6. Just One Of Those Things


Herbie Hancock - piano

Jeff Littleton - bass

Gene Jackson - drums

@ Jazz Boot Experiment
(dead link) 

Herbie Hancock : Acoustic piano
Craig Handy : Tenor Saxophone
Dave Holland : Acoustic bass
Gene Jackson : Drums

Herbie Hancock and the New Standard All-Stars

Live in Europe

Stravinski Hall, Montreux

July 14, 1997

was at Smuggled Sounds, currently unavailable


New York Minute

Mercy Street

Thieves In The Temple

You've Got It Bad Girl

Love is Stronger Than Pride


Herbie Hancock (P.)

Michael Brecker (S.)

John Scofield (G.)

Dave Holland (Ac.B.)

Don Alias (Perc.)

Jack Dejohnette (Dr.)


MP3 @ 256 , source FM, Sound A+

(cover is here only)

Herbie Hancock (keyb)
Bennie Maupin (sax)
Paul Jackson (b)
Mike Clark (dr)
Bill Summers (perc)


1. Introduction of the band

2. Introductions continued

3. Skank It

4. Funk Hunter

5. Premonition

6. Bill Summers solo

7. Watermelon Man

8. Frankie and Kevin

9. Tiptoe

78 mins.

Herbie Hancock, piano
Eddie Henderson, trumpet
Eli Degibri, tenor sax
Ira Coleman, bass
Terry Lyne Carrington, drums
Cyro Baptista, percussion


1. Blueberry Rhyme

2. Medley: Fascinating Rhythm/ It Ain´t Necessarily So/ St. Louis Blues

3. One Finger Snap

Herbie Hancock, piano
Michael Brecker, tenor sax
Roy Hargrove, trumpet
George Mraz, bass
Willie Jones III, drums


1. The Sorcerer

2. Misstery

3. Naima

4. So What/ Impressions

5. D Trane

6. Transition

7. My Ship

8. Pinocchio

@ Bogard's Jazztapes
(dead link) 

Wayne Shorter, soprano saxophone
Herbie Hancock, piano


1. Sonrisa

2. Meridianne - a Wood Sylph

3. Footprints

4. Memory of Enchantment/ Maiden Voyage

5. Manhattan Lorelei

@ Smuggled Sounds
(dead link) 

Herbie Hancock - piano
Bobby Hutcherson - vibraphones
Scott Colley - bass
Terri Lyne Carrington - drums


Dolphin Dance

Virtual Hornets

Actual Proof


Little B's Poem


Source : FM, Bitrate : MP3 @ 224

Smuggled Sounds Note : "Most of the tracks are linked in a long medley, I have cut the tracks into 7 parts"

Herbie Hancock, piano
Dave Holland, bass
Jack DeJohnette, drums

1. One Finger Snap
2. Seventh D/ The Eye of the Hurricane
3. Dolphin Dance

There was another version at a dead blog that had extra tracks :
01. For All You Are
02. Seventh D - The Eye of the Hurricane
03. Pastel Rhapsody
04. Shadow Dance
05. One Finger Snap
06. Dolphin Dance
Lame, CBR 192, 115 MB

Live at the Barbican, London, June 2004
@ Smuggled Sounds
(dead link) 

Herbie Hancock,
Wayne Shorter
Dave Holland
Brian Blade

01 - Sonrisa
02 - Pathways
03 - Footprints
04 - Canteloupe Island

Lame, CBR 224, 105 MB

Live in Perugia, July 18, 2004
(dead link) 

Wayne Shorter - tenor & soprano sax
Brian Blade - drums
Dave Holland - bass
Herbie Hancock - piano


01. Sonrisa
02. Visitor from Somewhere, Visitor from Nowhere
03. Pathways

01. Memory of Enchantement
02. Prometheus Unbound
03. Cantaloupe Island


Perugia, Teatro Morlacchi
July 18, 2004
RAI RadioTre broadcast

Lineage: RAI Radio 3 broadcast > Sanyo FMT-3510L FM tuner > Audigy SoundBlaster > HD > Sound Forge 7.0 > CD Wave Editor >
FLAC Frontend (level 6)

AVO Session - Switzerland, November 10, 2006 @ Zona de Jazz 
(cover here only)
MUSICIANSHerbie Hancock - keyboards
Nathan East - bass, voice
Lionel Loueke - guitar, percussion, voice
Vinnie Colaiuta - drums


Actual Proof
Watermelon Man
Stitched Up
Maiden Voyage ***
Virgin Forest
Cantaloupe Island
Chameleon Parte 1
Chameleon Parte 2
Chameleon Parte 3


Herbie Hancock Avo Session
Messe Base, Suiza
10 Noviembre de 2006 .
Emitido el 27 de Enero de 2007 por el Canal Suizo SF DRS2.

Herbie Hancock Quintet
Britt Amphitheater, Jacksonville, OR, USA
June 18th, 2007 [FLAC]
@ Dr Fusion

(dead link) 


Herbie Hancock: Piano & keyboards
Nathan East : Bass
Lionel Loueke : Guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums


01. intro crowd
02. Butterfly > Actual Proof
03. Watermelon Man with seventeens
04. Stitched up
05. Virgin Forest
06. Maiden Voyage
07. I just called to say I love you
08. When Love comes to town
09. Cantaloupe Island
10. Band Introductions
11. (encore) - Chameleon (started from backstage)
12. Chameleon

Info :
A Lossless Legs GEMS Production . Recorded by: ArchivalAudio. Audience Recording. Master Info: 20' from stage dead center seated. Lineage: Rode NT-5's (hat rig) > MOTU Ultralite 24/44.1 > iBook G4 1.25mhz/1.2GB ram (via firewire) > AudioDesk 2.04
Transfer info: (raw SDII files opened into) Peak 4 (G4+) to track and perform fades saved as wave file - saved as 16 bit files - and regions exported .wav xACT v1.58 to FLAC (level 8) generate ffp and len output.

Herbie Hancock Quintet – “Live at Confederation Park”

Ottawa Jazz Festival, Ottawa, Canada

June 22nd, 2008 [FLAC]
GONE - was at Dr Fusion old blog

Herbie Hancock: Keys
Dave Holland: Bass
Chris Potter: Saxophone
Lionel Loueke: Guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums
Sonya Kitchell: Vocals
Amy Keys: Vocals

01 [07:27] Herbie Talks #1
02 [13:39] Actual Proof
03 [02:36] Herbie Talks #2
04 [07:15] River
05 [06:43] When Loves Come To Town
06 [01:16] Herbie Talks #3
07 [07:25] Edith and the Kingpin
08 [06:30] Bass Solo
09 [12:56] Piano Solo
10 [02:13] Herbie Talks #4
11 [06:17] All I Want
12 [07:19] A Song For You
13 [10:18] Guitar Solo
14 [14:51] Chameleon
15 [16:20] Encore 1
16 [10:50] Encore 2


Source: Mics: DSM-6S/M > PA-6LC3 > iHP-120(wav @ 4Source: Mics: DSM-6S/M > PA-6LC3 > iHP-120(wav @ 44.1 KHz 16 bit) Transfer: USB2 > Computer Hardrive > CD WAVE > FLAC (level 8) Recorded by: Zaid Khan/flipzoso Recording Notes: Recorded approx 12 feet from right stack (facing stage) with mics in hat about 6 feet off ground.

Live at Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, BC
June 20, 2008

Was @ DR FUSION old blog, now gone

The band:

Herbie Hancock: Keys
Dave Holland: Bass
Chris Potter: Saxophone
Lionel Loueke: Guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums
Sonya Kitchell: Vocals
Amy Keys: Vocals

Set list:
01. Herbie Intro
02. Actual Proof
03. River
04. When Love Comes To Town
05. Edith And The Kingpin
06. Bass Solo
07. Piano Solo
08. All I Want
09. Guitar Solo
10. Drum Solo
11. Cantaloupe Island

12. Chameleon
13. ?
14. ?

Tech :
Total time: 116.47 / Recorded by: kdj / Lineage: STC-11 > STC-9000 > iHP-120 > FLAC

Vienna, France , June 30th, 2008
@ T.U.B.E
(dead link) 

Herbie Hancock (piano, keyboards)
Chris Potter (tenor sax)
Dave Holland (double bass, el - bass)
Vinnie Colaiuta (drums)
Lionel Loueke (guitar, vocal)
Sonya Kitchell (vocal)
Amy Keys (vocal)
"The River of Possibilities Tour"

Set list:
01 - Introduction (3:29)
02 - Actual Proof (14:00)
03 - River (7:49)
04 - All I Want (5:55)
05 - When Love Comes to Town (8:53)
06 - Bass Intro (4:57)
07 - Maiden Voyage (15:14)
08 - A Song for You (8:19)
09 - Virgin Forest (11:20)
10 - Cantaloupe Island (16:37)
11 - Chameleon I (19:54)
12 - Chameleon II (10:13)

(TV broadcast DVD rip, mp3@256)

Live at JazzFest Berlin,

Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Berlin, Germany
9th November 2008
@ Bogard's Jazztapes

(dead link) 

Herbie Hancock, p
Terence Blanchard, tp
James Genus, b
Grégoire Maret, harmonica
Kendrick Scott, dr

01 intros 03:21
02 Actual Proof 10:34
03 Speak Like A Child - V (The Visitor) 29:16
04 Seven Teens 26:18
05 Chameleon 12:31

TT: 1:22:00
Format: Mp2
DVB-S@320, 48kHz > raw data > ProjextX > mp3DirectCut > mp2
(lossy recording seeded in its original broadcast codec)


Concentrates on Hancock's session work from 1965-70

Live recordings, including some of the shows above.

3. HERBIE HANCOCK 1975-1980
Live recordings.

At least ten more live 70s Herbie Hancock shows are to be found via torrent at Dime-A-Dozen. You need to create a (free) account there.

There are no file links here - db.etree is a database of live music bootlegs, including many Herbie Hancock shows, showing tracks and personnel. Users can leave messages seeking a particular show. Clicking the above link will take you to listings for all live Herbie Hancock bootlegs from 1966-2007.


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