Saturday, September 27, 2008

Galapagos Duck - "St James" (1976)

Continuing the series of rare mid-70s Australian jazz albums (also see "Crossfire" from last week), this is the third album from Sydney-based band Galapagos Duck from 1975. Formed in 1969, they were initially the house band at "The Basement", the city's main jazz venue. I used to come across them in my teens, often playing at outdoor festivals. This album features guest woodwinds player Don Burrows, something of a stalwart in the jazz scene of the time. The album was produced by Horst Liepolt for his 44 Records label - Liepolt seems to have been behind most of the city's jazz releases, festivals and venues in the 60s and 70s.

It features the ubiquitous rhodes and wah-wah woodwinds of the period and has a good loose, live feel on most tracks, with little overdubbing. Strange mix of tracks as an overall album, though - sometimes it's riffing on contemporary forms, then suddenly lurches back to trad New Orleans, particularly when Burrows is on clarinet. Reading between the lines, this was a band that had to please many audiences to maintain a working lifestyle in a city that was just starting to develop a jazz scene that went beyond the apeing of classic forms - so there's still a bit of crowd-pleasing going on here. Nevertheless, enough good stuff here to make it worthwhile, and I like McNamara's work on keyboards in particular. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to Keith from the Midoztouch community forum for the rip and scans.


01. 'St James Infirmary' (Trad, arr. Galapagos Duck)
02. 'Flutin' ' (Galapagos Duck)
03. 'Ivory Moss' (Tom Hare, Chris Qua, Marty Mooney)
04. 'For Elizabeth'
(Galapagos Duck)
05. 'Hey Timbales' (Marty Mooney, Tom Hare, Chris Qua ) 
06. 'That Particular Model' (Paul McNamara)
07. 'What Am I Doing Here'
(Paul McNamara) 
08. 'Teo' (Paul McNamara) 
09. 'Mr Bojangles' (J. J. Walker)
10. 'Squeelers and Grunters'
(Galapagos Duck)


Tom Hare - trumpet, drums, saxaphones, flugelhorn

Don Burrows - clarinet, baritone sax, 5 key school flute, cabasa
Marty Mooney - tenor sax, flute, clarinet
Paul McNamara - electric piano, acoustic piano
Chris Qua - bass, bass violin, flugelhorn
Willie Qua - drums, flute, electric flute


44 Records
Catalogue number 6357 704
Recorded November-December 1975Produced by Horst Liepolt
Recorded and mixed by Ross Kirkland at the Earth Media Recording Company, Sydney.
Album design by Lorraine Hall
Photos by Terry Slyer Graphic Concept
Distributed in Australia by Phonogram Pty Ltd


Roguur said...

Great share, thanks!

Simon666 said...

no problems Roger, great to get a comment :)

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Interesting share! Thank you.

johnv said...

This looks fascinating, but I have no doubt that it will be a great listen thanks to your excellent taste Simon. Thanks for all the great work you do.

Anonymous said...

now this has to be good..

any chance you'd have Don Burrows The Tasman Connection (1976)?


Simon666 said...

I'm afraid not, my parents collected all the wrong Burrows records :)

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

hi Simon,
I like track 1 and above all track 8 "teo".
thank you!

Reza said...

Excellent , wondered when we were going toget some Don Burrows from you,I have a couple of his, That one with a waterfall on the front ...Australian Outback or something and one with S Libaek

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thanks for the post simon! also appreciate for upping it on mediafire for those who dont have rapidshare account.=)

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Thank you very much,I will give this a play tonight.

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kizza said...

Fantastic post!
I am Australian - and up until now have had very little exposure to 60s/70s Aussie jazz/funk - so I am overjoyed that you are expanding my horizons in this area!
Massive thanks to you sincerely!

Simon666 said...

No problems Kizza. there's not a HUGE amount of great stuff from there/then, but there's a few more I'm trying to dig up ..

- said...

nice samples, thanks for the rip

FadingIntoBlue said...

Cool - saw them live in Auckland in 1979 or so, have got Habitat and In Flight kicking around somewhere.

Simon666 said...

Hey guys,
Just posted some more Australian jazz - ”The Jazz Sound of the Don Burrows Quartet”

Simon666 said...

Hi Guys -
Just posted another Don Burrows album, this time it's "The Tasman Connection" from 1976 :

Simon666 said...

... which I believe you were after, All for the CTI ? :)

Simon666 said...

More Australian 70s jazz :

John Sangster – “Australia and all that Jazz – Vol 1” (1971), come check it out ☺

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Much appreciated.....

Thanks from Down Under

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Another one I was going to rip. Thanks for saving me the time.

duck said...

Simon666, thanks for this. these guys were around when I was playing Sydney clubs, very nice to hear this and it brings back memories. Also a Rhodes fan, I bought the 88 used for the Mahavishnu tour. Lucky me.

Sellino Films said...

I've got this on vinyl. Lol, how could you leave off "Teo"? It's got such late-era Vince Guaraldi/Charlie Brown cartoon sensibility starting the very second it begins, and such lovely Rhodes "noodling around" from the very first bar, I'm surprised you didn't leave a sample of it!

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