Monday, December 26, 2011

Various - "Library Rhodes 2" - comp. 15

"Grand Roque" - Maurice Vander - excerpt

"The Investigator" - Brian Bennett - excerpt

"Beverley Hills" - Steve Gray - excerpt

"Base Line" - Syd Dale - excerpt

Time for a post! This is a sequel to my 2010 "Library Rhodes" compilation which people seemed to enjoy. So once again, here's another electric piano journey through the library production music archives from the 1970s, drawing on labels like KPM, Bruton, Amphonic, Montparnasse, Bosworth, Impulse, Major, and Themes International.

Some copshow, some vibes, some jazz and some funk for the holidays ....
Link is in the comments, hope you enjoy this one.
Covers are higher quality in the download.

Here's a tracklist -

01 the fat man - syd dale
02 number one spy - syd dale
03 leisure - jeremy lubbock
04 beverley hills - steve gray
05 on the scent - james clarke
06 the investigator - brian bennett
07 night raider - vic flick
08 second cut - james clarke
09 papillion rouge - paolo zavallone
10 basse duettino - raymond Guilot
11 hocus pokus - walter murphy
12 don’t be cool jacky giordano
13 high checker - scope
14 stadio - the swingers
15 grand roque - maurice vander
16 e.s.b. - frank ricotti
17 fresh appeal - brian bennett
18 the open road - duncan lamont
19 exotica - ole jensen & his music
20 walkabout - david lindup
21 cross rolls - janko nilovic
22 award for achievement 3 - tony kinsey
23 drama montage - brian bennett
24 stop gap - dave gold
25 base line - syd dale
26 turbulence - wally asp
27 waiting game - james clarke
28 storytime - clive hicks

Also, more rhodes compilations here.


Simon666 said...

let me know what you think :)


...a really lysergic compilation....Thank You Sir and welcome back

Ian G said...

Supercool & A+ =Top of the class (couldn't do better)

Simon666 said...

Thanks Lysergic & Ian :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff, thanks!

mrG said...

Ooo ... what a nice post-Christmas present, a long long list of people I've never heard of before (mostly) playing a music I really really dig, what could be better?

boogieman said...

Hi mate, good to see you back in bizness!
Have a happy New Year!

LPR said...

A life sign! Hooray!

illiyat said...

This looks promising.
Thanks a lot!

Reza said...

blimey, a new post, getting as bad as me lol !

pd said...

illy yo!

Anonymous said...

This looks great! Nice to see you "back on the airwaves" again - love your blog. Happy holidays!
- A Walk In The Woods

jazzobsessive said...

Thanks Simon

From a sneaky preview this sounds really good.

Glad to see you posting again & thanks also for the Blogwatch-this is invaluable & the only way I check out new Blogland posts etc

Happy 2012 to you.

Simon666 said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Reza, i'm MUCH worse than you :)

Sun Zoo said...

Happy holidays to you Simon...I haven't listened to the selection yet but I trust your ear for quality. All the best in 2012!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. Strong compi without any negative outbursts - best wishes for 2012 and more dustyfingers to grap in the cases...

Anonymous said...

Love these tracks...thank you :)

Anonymous said...

What a surprise, great to see you back!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back!!!

Bender said...

Beautiful, just like the previous compilation. Thanks, Simon!

E-mile said...

hi Simon, still alive? [:-)
Very much, thank you...
May I take the opportunity here to wish you & yours a very happy, healty and wholesome 2012, be safe and well and all that jazz - long time no type, but I'm sure it's for the best and all that jazz [:-)
take care out there and have one on my behalve, cheers!
peace, E-mile

Muddy said...

This is a great mix. Thanks so much. Where do you find so much great music I've never heard, I ask rhetorically. There's no problem with the long lapses between new comps. It's always worth the wait.

Mr. Craig said...

Look at all these comments, aren't you a popular boy! And for good reason, great composers and great songs = a great mix.

synthonaplinth said...

Wonderful! You've outdone yourself with this post, Simon! Thanks very much!

Fred60 said...

Thanks for this great compilation!

Gildas said...

AGAIN ! You did it again !!

Sweet music for sweet persons!

Lots of tracks and artists almost unknown to me. At least i knew some of their label (KPM, Atmospheric, Tele Music)

As for my taste, James Clarke and Syd Dale stand out.

So I did some search and I wanted to feed you back

-Not much on James Clarke. Born in Gloucester, England in 1941.

-Syd Dale was a British pianist, composer, arranger and conductor.
Born: 20 May 1924, Died: 15 August 1994

Founder of the Amphonic Music Ltd. label, Dale was primarily a music composer for TV and film in the late 40′s.

This musical attitude was reflected in the work of the leading British composers and arrangers Syd invited to write for his company. Prestigious names such as Alan Hawkshaw, Keith Mansfield, Nick Ingman, Ronnie Hazlehurst, Les Reed and Tony Hatch, to mention only a few, all have credits within Amphonic’s library. Lesser-known (but equally gifted) composers such as Dick Doerschuck and James Clarke (a musical associate of Syd’s for some time) also made outstanding contributions.

The music they wrote for Amphonic is among the best of their work. (James Clarke’s Wild Elephants was famously used as the music for The Gap clothing store’s Khaki A Go-Go TV adverts a few years ago. The track was subsequently re-named Blow Up A Go-Go, in recognition of its success).

Musicians outside the UK provided music for the library, two notable examples being American composers Dick Hyman and Bill Loose. It was the combination of talent and a dedication to quality that helped to place Amphonic at the forefront of British library music.

Syd’s first job was as far removed from the world of music as it is possible to imagine. He started as an apprentice engineer at the confectionery giant Rowntrees, working in their chocolate factory, spending three years designing machines that fitted chocolates into boxes.

He was enthralled by the Big Band sounds that were popular at the time (1940s) and, deciding that he wanted to make music his career, spent as much time as possible studying arrangements and listening closely to the Big Bands. In 1945, with the war over, he left Rowntrees and became a member of various local bands including The Squadronaires and played in the style of the famous Ted Heath Big Band. Syd’s role was as pianist and arranger.
(suite at

Gildas said...

Here are some details about the songs for afficionados only

-Track 1 "The fat man" is from Dick Walter. LP's called Special Assignment. Amphonic label 1975(Amps 112). Produced by Syd Dale,

- On The Scent: LP Suspended Woodwind, KPM Music 1974 (KPM1143 )

James Clarke is born in Gloucester, England in 1941

KPM Music is a Famous British library record label founded in the late 60s

- Waiting Game: LP Mystery Movie, Themes International Music 1974
(UK,TIM 1015 )

- Second Cut: LP The Trendsetters. KPM Music1973 (KPM 1131)

- Stadio:LP Jazz Video (Musiche Di Farlocco), Rotary Records 1972 (Italy, R 1004)

- Basse Duettino: LP Basse Contre Basse, Tele Music 1976 (TM 3059)

Raymond Guiot is a french flutist .
In Groups:Pierre Michelot And His Orchestra, Raymond Guiot Et Son Orchestre

Tele Music is a french Library label founded by Roger Tokarz in 1968.

- Papillon Rouge, LP Musical Cocktail 1 & 2 / Musical Flashes, Bosworth Music 1976 (BLP 143)

- Base Line: LP Pictures in Sound. Amphonic Music Ltd. 1976
(AMPS 118 )

- Special Assignment. LP Special Assignment. Amphonic label 1975
(Amps 112)

- Cross Rolls. LP Pop Shopin. Date; 1975
Label : Editions Montparnasse 2000 – MP 71

Janko Nilović is a Montenegrin-French multi-instrumentalist and composer. Born May 20, 1941. French resident since 1960, French citizen since 1973

Happy 12 Music Loverz!!


Simon666 said...

Thanks for the comments guys :)
Gildas, thanks for the research. James Clarke's stuff for Themes International Music is nice too :

Gildas said...

Those library cats are so creative and prolific, indeed. Sometimes they may forget about the groove just because of their need for fresh diversity but that's alright.

Janko Nilovic is a perfect example. Sometimes too much nice noises together kills the sound (see LP "Rythmes Contemporains")

For more funky stuff, try his LP "Funky Tramway". There are certainly more like this but I had not time to dig into.

If someone can post a discography review, that would help!!


PS. Try to find the whole LP "Special Assignment". There are very sweet tracks in addition to the ones from Simon compilation. (sorry no link as I can't remember where I got it)

Feo1 said...

Really great!

JD Ryan said...

These library compilations are the best ones you put together, in my opinion. They are in constant play, and epitomize that 70's Rhodes vibe that I dig so much.

Please tell me there'll be a #3 in the works. Hell, give us a #4, too! Thanks!

Simon666 said...

Thanks for the comments guys!
Yes, #3 will be along at some stage ...

Anonymous said...

What do I think? I think I am completely blown away by your compilations. Out of the 9 or so I have downloaded, I think there was one tune that I disliked,Which should tell you EXACTLY what I think of your work here. it's FANTASTIC!
Don in Oregon

Pavel Khurlapov said...

Simon, thank you for this refined selection of compositions! Quality stuff.

mukahnlor said...

Simon, thanks for this wonderful comp!!!.

Unknown said...

Incredible work as always, Simon. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

RS link is dead, any chance for a re-upload please?

Simon666 said...

No, the link is not dead, try again.

Thanks others for comments!

Anonymous said...

thank you. you are a gift. thanks for opening my ears!

Markus said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. Thank you for opening my ears. Your blog is great!

highplainsdrifter said...

This comp meets our approval. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog. I'm not sure how I've missed it for this long! Your compilations looks terrific, but so many (...all) of the links appear to be broken. I'm sure I'd be but one of many who would be over the moon if you are ever able to find time to fix those links. In any case, thanks so much for your blog!!

Simon666 said...

Hi anonymous -

The Rapidshare links are working, including the one for this post.

Someone made a concerted attack on my mediafire account, making 63 simultaneous complaints, and it was closed down.

So, use the rapidshare links. Let me know which of those are dead, and i'll re-up.

Anonymous said...

such great work.. thanks

Anonymous said...

Cheers... good comp!

Unknown said...

Love this blog!! Much love xoxo

Anonymous said...

thanx a lot, mate

Fernando Giner R said...

I have no words to describe how much I like this and your blog! thanks for all the great recommendations a downloads! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

All the comps I've downloaded so far have been really great, thanks man!!

But this link has been marked illegal on rapidshare

Simon666 said...

Link replaced in post

Simon666 said...

Hey guys, just letting you know that 'Library Rhodes 3" is now up :

CMAN said...

oh my days!! el maestro!! i think i lost most of these when my hard drive crashed.. looking forward to rediscovering these!!

Simon666 said...

Hey Craig! Enjoy :)