Friday, April 13, 2012

Herbie Hancock Mwandishi live (1972)

Here are some fantastic videos of Herbie Hancock's Mwandishi band from 1972, performing "Water Torture", "Toys" and "Sleeping Giant".

French TV broadcast 1972

Herbie Hancock - Piano & Rhodes
Eddie Henderson - Trumpet
Julian Priester - Trombone
Bennie Maupin - Soprano Sax, Flute & Bass Clarinet
Buster Williams - Bass
Billy Hart - Drums

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Welcome Back Simon and many thanks for this gem !

Gildas said...

This is enough rare to be noticed. I think there are only 2-4 videos of Herbie from that fusion period:
- Mwandishi at Molde, 1971 (really nice; you can see the band arriving in town and checking things out..+ weird view of Molde Beach at the end...)
- PBS Soundstage 1974(sharing stage with Chick Corea): LEGENDARY ! CANNOT MISS !
- Maybe 2 others from 78. Cannot remember now. Check youtube

So now: Water Torture, Sleepy Giant and above all a nice jazzmonious-Mandishist version of Toys!

YESSSS!! It comes from INA. Here is the link if you want to buy some

I used to check this website every two months but 'got too much work since December.

All those lives are from public broadcasting at Studio 104 of Maison de la Radio. My dad used to go there and see Nina Simone, Miles Davis, Ahmad Jamal...lucky dude !

On the website, you can actually buy the video (very cheap less than 10 euros each). I got some Freddie Hubbard 1973 feat Georges Cables on rhodes (hell yeah !! and with a nice funky hat ! ), Dizzie 1970 (with ....Mike LONGO !!! HOURAh! though only on piano...), and also someone you may not know about: a french drummer called Bernard Lubbat. Here on rhodes (!!). Very interesting show, and outfits !! Crazy 70's

So let me warmfully thanks Dr Smooth

Gildas said...

HOLLY sh**:t I am just dreaming!!!

Japanese TV did a 2010 rebroadcast of the Bremen Concert !!AHHHHHHHHhRG God Help ME

Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters - Palm Grease (November 1974 Bremen, Germany @ Musikladen)

Merci Smooth

Gildas said...

Bremen : Smooth you must be happy now; you will be able to do a proper cover for the audio live you put here years ago.

Cause the actual cover is...well you know... nice yes, but...actually...

Bye, I need to burn a DVD now!!


Gildas said...

Bremen: suite et fin
As such, the entire 66 minute DVD is available for download:

sasha said...

Yup Simon this is as good as it gets circa. 1972..Many thanks friend..Never knew this existed..

Simon666 said...

Thanks for the comments guys and hello ;)
Gildas, I'm Simon - Smooth was the guy who used to have "My Jazz World" . THanks for the links!

taro nombei said...

Great Post, Simon!
I'm going to be giving these plenty of my time over the next days.

Gildas said...

My apology: of course Simon! I was so into my comment that I did not remember where I was !!

Simon: how I can forget. Always thought you were THE Simon from Big Cheese Records....


steve.d said...

A big thank you to Simon and Gildas for the info to INA,a real treasure of video footage,thanks so much fellas.

dominic said...

herbie is a genius, he revolutionised piano playing rhythmically in the way Bud Powell did melodically and Bill Evans did harmonically... toys is also one of his most underrated compositions

Newk said...

jahknee said...

As the only complete Mwandishi video available, this stuff is gold! Thanx so much for making this available!