Tuesday, June 24, 2008

never enough rhodes - comp #8 (brazil)

We're back to Brazil again for this eighth compilation in the rhodes series. Some jazz, some funk, a bit of samba and some amazing orchestration .. I'll let the previews talk for me today, but take my word for it that this one is hot, so give it a try!

.... and leave a comment - you know that we bloggers go crazy unless you do :) Even if just to say "Your cover design's improving a little".

Anyway, enjoy it.

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Simon666 said...

Here's a tracklist :

01 Albatroz - Ronie & Central Do Brasil
02 Tempos Atraz X – Azymuth
03 Beijo Partido - Aquarius
04 Vôo De Apolo - Antonio Adolfo
05 Bananeira - Joao Donato
06 Todo Amor Que Devora - Emilio Santiago
07 Estardalhaço - Bebeto Castilho
08 Maior é Deus - Trio Mocotó
09 Reza - Cal Tjader
10 Luiza - Beto Guedes
11 Assanhada - Antonio Adolfo
12 A vida em seus métodos diz calma - Di Melo
13 Swinga Sambaby - Trio Mocotó
14 Salve, Rainha – Claudia
15 Quero ver voce no baile - Paula Lima
16 Love and Aggression - Sergio Mendes
17 Pinnacle - Moacir Santos
18 Vera Cruz - Pete and Sheila Escovedo
19 Cascavel - Antonio Adolfo
20 Tacho (Mixing Pot) - Hermeto Pascoal
21 A riddle - Moacir Santos
22 Guezagui - Ed Motta

travis.bunn said...

Nice post, can't get enough of Brazil.

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

great simon!
I keep downloading and thanking you!!!

Simon666 said...

i appreciate it gianni, thanks to you (and travis) for commenting.

If you like track 4 "Beijo Partido" (cover of a Milton Nascimento track); grab the Aquarius album at Quimsy's Mumbo Jumbo

swboy said...

I love this one! :^)

swboy said...

By the way--have you seen this
(the item at the top of the page):

Simon666 said...

hey swboy, glad you like this one, as you know i've been a fan of your comps :)
Yes saw that one, thanks - great to see stuff coming out as a result of MPS-Love starting ...

avocado kid said...

right on! Looking forward to this one, your comps are great.

Economiewurm said...

I couldn't agree more. Your compilations are terrific. There are so many terrific songs on this one.

The Di Melo song is one of my all time Brazilian favourites (it is also on the indispensible Blue Brazil 2 compilation). The Antonio Adolfo songs are also great. And the Paula Lima song, WOW!!!

I'm still waiting, however, for some songs of my favourite female singers to be included in one of your Brazil compilations, like Elis Regina, Nara Leao or Claudette Soares. Any chance?

Looking forward to the next Brazil compilation. And keep up the good work. I'm always thrilled when there is a new post on your site.


swboy said...

I could do a comp like Jur is asking about. My interest tends to "contemporary traditional" rather than "worldbeat" ie.
with the accent on acoustic roots music.
my best--sw

Simon666 said...

Hi swboy -
Sounds good, drop me a mail here

swboy said...

I get "web page not found" clicking on that link. Can post the Rapidshare link here with list and picture. sw

Economiewurm said...

swboy, I would be very honoured if you could do such as compilation. There is so much great Brazilian music that could be included.

Back in the pre-internet days it was quite difficult to get your hands on Brazilian music in the Netherlands. I bought most of my music on vacation in Paris and Lisbon. Nowadays great Brazilian songs are all around the blogosphere. Sometimes I feel like a kid in a candy store not kowing what to taste first.

I'm really curious to hear your favourites, swboy.


Simon666 said...

Yes me too :)
Sorry if I wasn't clear swboy - I was just saying to contact me via email so we can work out how/when. Hear from you soon!

kenzo said...


JasonG said...

I really dig your comps. Great selections, smooth flow.

Simon666 said...

BRAZIL RHODES 3 is up now, come and check it ...

Simon666 said...

Hi guys,
Brazil Rhodes 4 is out now :


MWOoster said...

Great blog this, so much to discover!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for putting all of this together!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I know I'm slightly late but the link is down. Could you re-up please? Great comps from the ones I've listened to! Thanks in advance,

Simon666 said...



Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. All the best,