Sunday, July 6, 2008

comp #9 - LATIN RHODES 2

'martinez' - monguito santamaria

'dinero' - L.T.G Exchange

'descarga yema ya' - clare fischer

Back to the 70s latin Fender Rhodes again!
For this ninth compilation in the rhodes series, we start off with some latin funk, move through a little boogaloo and then we're deep into the latin jazz. As always, I think this is the best evahh compilation in this series, and is your perfect summer companion.

Enjoy, dance and COMMENT !

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Simon666 said...

Hi, how are you?

Here's a tracklist :

01 Caminando – Eddie Palmieri
02 The Road to Love – Mandrill
03 Dinero – L.T.G Exchange
04 California – Azuquita
05 Headstrong – Agua Bella
06 Saoco – Gonazalez
07 Martinez – Monguito Santamaria
08 Blackman El Justiciero – Quinteplus
09 One For All - Mongo Santamaria
10 Little Ting - Ray Barretto
11 Afro Rican Suite Pt. I & II – Seguida
12 Sentido En Seis - Louie Bellson & Walfredo De Los Reyes
13 Descarga Yema Ya - Clare Fischer
14 Javilla - Louie Bellson & Walfredo De Los Reyes
15 Feel Like Making Love - Ricardo Marrero

katonah said...

took about 2 seconds of track7 to convince me to snag this.
time to fire up the cd burner !!

Economiewurm said...

I'm normally not really into Latin. But this compilation managed to make me set my prejudices aside. There are some very fine songs on this one, such as 6. Saoco and 1 Litle Ting.


analogged said...

Simon i've just taken some of your strata stuff but i really wanted to say congratulations on what is fast becoming my favourite blog online. The depth of research that goes into each lp is stunning and i'm learning things about records i thought i new loads about!

If you get the chance by the way mate can you drop me an email at jazzyhands @ hotmail .co .uk please, i've got something i think you might like.



Simon666 said...

Thanks for the good words guys.
Analogged, I'll email you now

Bird said...

Thanks for this one Simon. I love running into latin flavor like this. Just when you think you got everything something else comes up. Thanks for all the hard work and teaching us some new stuff.



cheeba said...

Oh man! I've been looking for that Clare Fischer track for 15 years!! I just started reading your blog a few months ago and so far these 2 latin rhodes comps are my faves.

You're one of the reasons I finally started a blog recently. I just posted Blue Mitchell's 1st LP for Mainstream with Walter Bishop, Jr. featured prominently on electric piano and think you'd like it:

Thanks again for keeping the bar high!

Simon666 said...

Thanks Umberto and Cheeba,
... and thanks for the Blue mitchell album Cheeba, really like it!

AMM said...

great comp as usual simon!

cheeba said...

Glad you like it Simon! BTW, this comp is getting heavy rotation in the household. That Quinteplus track is killing it! I need to track down their CD...

Simon666 said...

Hi Cheeba -
I grabbed that Quinteplus album from Soulseek years ago, but I just had a look around and am happy to say that you can get it at My Favourite Sound

cheeba said...

Looks like it's been reissued as I already checked MFS and it linked to ebay. All the links for it have been deleted it seems. I'll stick it in my wishlist for slsk, though...but I'll probably just order it online. Thanks for the tip!

Simon666 said...

hi Cheeba - the MFS post has an ebay link, but there's a download link in the comments.

cheeba said...

Boy do I feel silly! Thx again, Simon!

avocado kid said...


this is why you are my favourite blog!

Anonymous said...

Funky as hell! I'm doing my friend's wedding next week, and I think some of these tracks just made the cut!

Thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

This is some damn good stuff. Thanks.

Simon666 said...

Just target-marketing the latin fans at the blog to say that I've posted Eddie Palmieri's "Unfinished Masterpiece" (1974) in WAV and MP3, also with links to another 53 albums, come check it out ...
(Apologies to regular latin commenters - Cheeba and Avocado! - who get this a few times!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the links alive, and thanks for the sabor

Simon666 said...

Hi guys,
Come check out the long-awaited sequel compilation:
Latin Rhodes 3

Robert said...

wow,thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Track #10 does not properly unzip.

Simon666 said...

hi anonymous -
Just downloaded it and Track 10 is fine.
Try again

Simon666 said...

New comp up, 'LATIN RHODES 4'

Thanks as always for the comments and support :)