Wednesday, May 14, 2008

John Betsch Society - "Earth Blossom" (1974)

This is another great Strata-East spiritual jazz record that I originally uploaded to the "wants list" at the former El Reza blog. I love this album, it's kinda "free modal" if I'm allowed to put things like that .... But i'm tired, so Dr Wiki says :

"John Betsch (b. October 9, 1945, Jacksonville, Florida) is an American free jazz drummer. Betsch began on percussion at age nine, and attended Fisk University, Berklee College of Music and the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. After playing in organ trios, he released an album as a leader, Earth Blossom, in 1975. That year he moved to New York City, where he played with Marion Brown, Paul Jeffrey, Max Roach, Jeanne Lee and Henry Threadgill. Between 1977 and 1979 he joined Abdullah Ibrahim's ensemble, and from 1980 to 1982 he was with Archie Shepp's quartet. Following this he was a member of quartets led by Marty Cook."

Dusty Groove do their exclamation marks thang :

" A beautiful session of spiritual soul jazz -- and one of the rarer albums on the legendary Strata East label! The obscure combo is led by drummer/percussionist John Betsch -- and instrumentation includes guitar, piano, electric piano, and reeds -- all used with plenty of warm touches, and a few sharp edges -- all very much in the best Strata East mode of the time! The tracks have a soaring sort of sound -- similar to some of the Keno Duke material on the label, but also touched with some trippier edges too -- a great blend that really brings a lot of depth to the session, and which has made this one of our favorite Strata sides over the years."


Bass - Ed "Lump" Williams
Congas, Percussion - Phil Royster
Drums, Percussion - John Betsch
Flute, Saxophone - Billy Puett
Guitar - Jim Bridges
Piano, Electric Piano, Percussion - Bob Holmes


Producer - John Betsch
Released 1974 on Strata-East Records, N.Y.
Catalogue SES-19748
Recorded January 11, 1974 at Glaser Productions, Inc. Nashville Tenn.


01 'Ode to Ethiopia' (Holmes) - 4.32
02 'Earth Blossom' (Holmes) - 3.29
03 'Open Pastures' (Betsch, Holmes) - 4.30
04 'Song for an Untitled Lady' (Bridges) - 3.53
05 'Ra' (Puett) - 5.59
06 'Darling Doria' (Betsch) - 5.15
07 'Get up and Go' (Puett) - 6.41

Hope you enjoy this ...


Hunter said...

Respect for your great work. Keep on brother.

invisiblenigma said...

Thanks Simon! Another Nice One! Your really got a good thing Going. I love it.

h said...

Thanks a lot ! it seems very nice

Slidewell said...

Love this great Strata East stuff! All that rolling , clattering percussion, deep grooves and soaring solos. Thanks for this!

here's something you may enjoy: My own vinyl rip of Abdullah Ibrahim's Ekaya LP.Sorry, no rhodes on this one. :)

soulbrotha said...

Wow Simon. You pulling some great stuff. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so... It's not clear which track is which, even with the list provided, because they do not Unzip with track numbers 1-7. I got 5, two 7's, 8 - 10, and 12.
Can someone post the time along with the order of the tracks or something?
Sure would appreciate it.
Thanks for the music!

Simon666 said...

hi Anonymous, here you go


01 'Ode to Ethiopia' (Holmes) - 4.32

02 'Earth Blossom' (Holmes) - 3.29

03 'Open Pastures' (Betsch, Holmes) - 4.30

04 'Song for an Untitled Lady' (Bridges) - 3.53

05 'Ra' (Puett) - 5.59

06 'Darling Gloria' (Betsch) - 5.15

07 'Get up and Go' (Puett) - 6.41

Chris Ward said...

Thanks a lot for this and several of your other Strat East albums.

DannyBlue said...

Thank you

HMPZ said...

I would also like to say thank you!

Anonymous said...

..not'Darling Gloria' but 'Darling Doria'

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your posting!

I found the misspellings of 'Glaster Productions' and 'Darling Doria'

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry.
Glaser Productions is right.
I checked this album.

Simon666 said...

Thanks anonymous, 'Doria' corrected ..

Anonymous said...


while listening to Earth Blosssom

Shove your hands
through the holes
in the space of the world
and touch the soul at the bottom.
Be as gentle as do-right daddy
be as strong as good old mama love
and hold every thing with the faith
of a questioning child.

Shove your head through
the space in the wholes
of you bet your sweet life
and when you get inside
cock your eyes ace-deuce
and snatch a peek around.
Try not to stumble though
cause nobody wants to
fall over himself.

Shove your heart
through these sounds
in the space between your ears
but take care of your attention
for the flute will steal your breath
and the bass will mock the hip in your walk
the piano will circle chords around you
and the guitar will snag the ravels of your mind.

Shove your hands
through the holes
in the congas beating
and grab those quick cracks
and funky thick thunks
hanging rhythms deep down your guts
farther than your head will allow

Shove your soul
through the moments vibrating
of the crisp sizzling cymbals
and try for as long as your soul will allow
not to cry out surprised
when you crash into the spirit of Great God!

Philip M. Royster 2/15/74
Comissioned by The John Betsch Society

Rev. bIGhIG said...

Still up after all this time, cool!
Amen. brother.