Saturday, May 10, 2008

i heart john coltrane

I love John Coltrane, even if he looks like a 70s movie assassin in this pic. Do you love John Coltrane? All of these people love John Coltrane enough to have written tracks about him.
These are some of my favorite Coltrane tributes. Grab this compilation even if you've got some of them, especially if you haven't heard Carmello Garcia's hot latin jazz 7" single "Trane", or Clifford Jordan's beautiful "John Coltrane" (written by bassist Bill Lee), or Argentinian Alberto Favero's first movement of his orchestral "Suite Trane". Thanks again to the blogsphere - ileoxumare, Orgy In Rhythm, Office Naps and pharaohs-dance - for some of these tracks.

01. Primer Movimiento (from 'Suite Trane') - Alberto Favero
02. John Coltrane – Clifford Jordan
03. Searchin' the Trane - Bobby Hutcherson
04. Trane – Carmello Garcia
05. Prayer/Waltz For John Coltrane - John Klemmer
06. Spirits of Trane - Freddie Hubbard
07. One for Trane - Art Blakey
08. The Moontrane - Woody Shaw
09. Coltrane's View - Eddie Harris
10. Five for Trane - Sonny Fortune
11. Traces of Trane - Ensemble Al-Salaam
12. How Long Has Trane Been Gone - Jayne Cortez


Simon666 said...

It's quite amazing how many Coltrane tribute tracks there are ...
I just found another great comp at E-Mile's site, which you should check - he's got a great site :

katonah said...

coltrane. = god.

best wishes for the site simon

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

This is my first time visiting your site...I shall return!!!


Thanks Again!

Fd said...

Congratulations for your blog, Simon! Very good work! Thanks so much if my effort really was an inspiration for beginning your blog.
Best regards from Madrid, Spain.
Fede (

Simon666 said...

Thanks katonah, Fede and Badmeaninggood for dropping by :)

E-Mile came by today then went back to his blog and did ANOTHER great Coltrane Tribute compilation ... so now I'll have to do a fourth, or we'll have to have a dance-off or something ...
Anyway check his out, it's dope :

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

thanks simon.
I am gonna downloading it!

Jo/No said...

Hi there, I really enjoy your blog! I have one myself and just uploaded another nice tribute to Trane, Naosuke Miyamoto, over at

Check it out, it's absolutely lovely!

Btw: I gave my readers a hint of your comp. Hope they'll come running! ;-)

All the best!

E-mile said...

Hi Simon,
just tomorrow I DL-ed a great Nathan Davis album, from El Goog Ja on it (first track) is a song called Blues For Trane :-)
Helluva song (& album!)
peace, E-mile

Simon666 said...

Thanks jo/no and E-Mile for the tips!
Jo/Mo. i've added you to the blogroll.

chazz said...

Just thought I'd mention the great "John Coltrane" cut on Dwight Tribble (think Andy Bey Leon Thomas) on his S.Cal Horace Tappscot inspired scene on CD "Living Water".Great if you dig Tribe/Pharoahs sound.Also in same vein with some players who were in Pan Afrika Orchestra (Nimbus West-check clips) is Ghasem Batumuntu who's new Coltrane tiled spiritual jazz can be heard at CD Baby.Great stuff.

tapes gone loose said...

It probably doesn't count as a tribute, but let me also mention The Dream Syndicate's "John Coltrane Stereo Blues" which is one of their finest moments...