Saturday, May 10, 2008

never enough rhodes - compilation #2


'Oda Para Mi Nina'

More 70s jazzy rhodes tracks with various south american hints here and there. Jorge Lopez Ruiz becomes the second Argentinian to guest on this blog with the beautiful opening track. Kinda cheating with Joe Zawinul, because he's clearly on a wurlitzer rather than a rhodes, but i think you've already gathered that this is not a site for purists :)

Another Norman Connors track, because although I'm trying to avoid the really obvious rhodes tracks, it's hard to have one of these comps without Herbie Hancock in there somewhere! And once again Dwele is the "special contemporary guest" amongst all these classic sounds.

click the pic below for more rhodes compilations


Simon666 said...

... and here's a tracklist

01 Oda Para Mi Nina - Jorge Lopez Ruiz 5
02 music is the key - Weldon Irvine
03 The Inner Source – George Duke
04 Bara-Bara – Joe Farrell
05 Cloudburst - Frank Strazzeri
06 The Soul Of A Village (Part 2) – Joe Zawinul
07 Gail - Michel Sardaby
08 guizos (bells) – hermeto pascoal
09 Quadrivium – Hadley Caliman
10 Carlos II – Norman Connors
11 Slipping into Darkness – Ramsey Lewis
12 Eglise – Roland Haynes
13 Aquelas Coisas Todas - Toninho Horta
14 He loves you – Seawind
15 A.N.G.E.L. (Interlude) – Dwele

Anonymous said...

Just came across your site. I'm a fender rhodes crackhead myself. Thanks for what you do.

Simon666 said...

Hi guys, comp #3 "The Rhodes In Brazil" is up now here (so more crack for you cliff!) :

AMM said...

brill comp simon!
many thanks man!

Simon666 said...

Thansks Alex, glad you enjoyed it.

Rhodes Compilation # 4 is now up, go here

Anonymous said...

Thanx for this wonderful compilation. My favourites are the Strazzeri en Zawinul songs. I'm looking forward to listening the other compilations.


Gildas 12 said...

Eglise !! Can I call you cherry-picker ?! You choose the nicest track of this rare LP !

Joe farrell, Nice choice indeed. Once shall not think to Mr Farrell for rhodes explaination...

Same idea comes to my mind with Nathan Davis If LP. Some very nice tracks

Try also Ramsey Love Notes: pure jazz with funky mood: un délice


jaybird said...

Hi its Kinebee.

I was wondering if you had

Jorge López Ruíz - Viejas Raíces II, De Las Colonias Del Río De La Plata Trova DA 5009 (Arg)(1976)

or Viejas Raíces I.

I just got a hold of De Prepo and would like to hear more of this guy!

De Prepo is killer! I'm going to post it here...

thanks! enjoy your summer.

Simon666 said...

Hi kinebee -
I've only got "De Prepo" on CD from whatmusic - and yes, great album!
I don't know those others, the only other album I know of his is Bronca Buenos Aires (1971)

Satchelmouth said...

Thanks again!

P.S Care to share some pics of your Rhodes?

Simon666 said...

Hi djangophile -
Glad you're enjoying the comps :)
I probably should qualify that description in that I don't own and ACTUAL rhodes, I play a software emulation called Lounge Lizard via an Axiom 49 keyboard - sounds great but not very photogenic! :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is awsome like thease compliations :)


Simon666 said...

Thanks Niklavs, glad you're enjoying them - I must do another one of these soon :)

hulaboy said...

Thank you, Simon!

Anonymous said...


That Hermeto Pascoal track!!!



Elias Yian said...

Excellent !!!!
Thanks for all...

Beck's Dark said...

I don't know what to say other than I'm humbled from such a fantastic group of music and people who know so much. I NEVER knew this stuff existed. All I can say is THANK YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Great compilation!

Thanks for the share!


Anonymous said...

That's great Simon. Thanks for posting the link.

Unknown said...

Hey man I've downloaded over ten albums including compilations from this site and I have got to say you have excellent taste in music, you remind me of myself :)