Sunday, May 25, 2008

never enough rhodes - Latin Rhodes (comp #5)

'Clapham South' - Gonzalez

'Oracion' (The Prayer) - Ray Barretto

'San Juan 2000' - Pucho and his Latin Soul Brothers

Even though latin jazz is itself a hybrid form, the Fender Rhodes doesn't fit the form easily, because of the multiple roles that the acoustic piano usually takes. While the percussionists are crossing the rhythms from all directions, the acoustic piano often sits back and holds a repetitive "backbeat", acting as a percussive centre more than a tonal or harmonic leader .... except of course for a freak of nature like Eddie Palmieri, who just throws the distortion on the Rhodes, plays the organ with the other hand, and plays all the rhythmic, harmonic and percussive centre roles all at once !

So the presence of a rhodes piano in latin music tends to indicate all sorts of other experimentation, because it's not always just taking the acoustic piano role, as it sometimes does in other forms of 70s jazz. Although I've made a somewhat trad-looking cover image, this compilation explodes in all directions from latin. The players here are all pushing into other forms - latin-funk (Mongo Santamaria, Cabildos, Pucho); latin-jazz (most tracks); sometimes just exploring deeper into jazz forms (Ray Barretto, Gato Barbieri). The rhodes or wurlitzer pianos are just some of those new colours, and here they're often combined with an acoustic piano or a set of vibes within tracks.

Apart from all of those thoughts that have arisen while compiling - my main aim was to make you a HOT latin funky jazz compilation that you should, of course, play as loud as possible!

01 Clapham South – Gonzales
02 Yaina – Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers

03 Mambo Mongo - Mongo Santamaria
04 Borderland – Cabildos
05 gringo city - cal tjader
06 Kathy - Luis Gasca
07 A Taste Of Latin - Ricardo Marrero
08 The Other Road - Ray Barretto
09 El Sertao - Gato Barbieri
10 Habana Keynote – cabildos
11 El Muchacho - Cal Tjader
12 San Juan 2000 - Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers
13 Oracion (The Prayer) Ray Barretto
14 Forked Tongue - Mongo Santamaria.mp3
15 Chocolate Ice Cream - Eddie Palmieri

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AMM said...

many thanks simon!

Simon666 said...

Right, so I spelled "Gonzalez" wrong. If any of you are using the covers, I've corrected the version on the webpage, although the download version will still have the wrong "Gonzales" spelling.

Anyway lots of downloads but only one comment (thanks Alex!), let's hear from more of you :)

The Axeman said...

Man, I love homemade comps. Thanks for the time and work you put into this. It sounds cool. Keep 'em coming. Great place you got here!

My word verification is "tczsdxmm"
which looks like the phonetic representation of Joey Ramone saying "taxidermy."
It's not really significant, but it looks funny.

kenzo said...

thanks for these great compilations

Simon666 said...

Thanks for commenting guys.
Many more comps to come, so keep checking back

Unknown said...

hey simon
thanks for your great kindness, am loving the strata 2 east upgrade, it is up now at

loving yr blog too..

yr a star


Simon666 said...

hey john,
glad to help, eveyone should have that Strata East album :)

gazza23 said...

thanks for yet another superb selection-g

jaguar said...

Thanks for another great compilation.

Loved it.

Maro said...

Good Blog bro !!!

Nice compilation too !

Do you have the Sardaby album "Gail" ?

I'm searchin' it for a long time...

If you have the Frank Cunimondo albums, i'm interrested too...

Or may be the Ira Khris Band 'jazzanova'?

Thanks for your shares.


Simon666 said...

Thanks guys.

Maro, I have Sardaby and Cunimondo albums, will post soon
Don't have and don't know Ira Khris Band 'jazzanova' ...

Maro said...

Oh man !!

If you can post it, it would be wonderfull

I have some stuff to you, may be you have it : The Cabildos Three - Crossfire. A lot of Rhodes in it...

thx again


Simon666 said...

hey maro -
Sorry, I meant to say thanks earlier for the 'Cabildos' album. I actually already have it - you may have noticed that there's a few tracks from it on this compilation, but i'm sure other readers will appreciate the chance to download this!

Also as I posted in the other thread, I don't have the Cunimondo albums you are looking for.

And "Gail", of course, is up now here :

take care!

Anonymous said...

Just comin' back for more... The selection on no. 6 was excellent, and since I've become a Latin junkie as of late, I'm sure this one will be just as good. Keep it up mon frer.

Peace and blessings.

Simon666 said...

Cool, Vincent - hope u enjoy it.
Keep watching because i've got a KILLER big latin post coming up within the week, waiting for a friend to post an associated one :)

Simon666 said...

Hi guys,
Just wanted to let you know that LATIN RHODES 2 is now up.

Simon666 said...

Hi guys,
Come check out the long-awaited sequel compilation:
Latin Rhodes 3

Robert said...

I missed this,thank you Simon!!

L said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this comp - love all the other one's I've downloaded so looking forward to a listen. :)

Simon666 said...

Hope you enjoy it Leigh :)
Thanks also Robert and Louis for comments.

Simon666 said...

New comp up, 'LATIN RHODES 4'

Thanks as always for the comments and support :)

Alex F said...

Simon, can't thank you enough for this amazing blog. Top work

Simon666 said...

thanks Alex, glad you're enjoying it

Ken said...

Simon, it really sounds good. You're a man of exquisite taste.
Much appreciate your compilations from Japan.